Affirmations - which ones do YOU use?


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Affirmations are said to be a powerful tool if we use them regularly.

Has anyone had success with them?

I often think that if I act like a 'slim' person I may eventually become one.

So I might say out loud 10 times "I will act /behave like a slim person" and hopefully this will help me to make choices that a slim person might make.

For example, stop eating when I've had enough (rather than feeling obliged to eat everything on the plate anyway).

What does anyone else think?

I guess it's like everything else, we have to keep doing it everyday or the power of suggestion will decrease.

I think it's the way forward for me anyway, once I'm back eating food again!

I'd love to hear of your ideas of suitable or inspiring affirmations to add to my own.
Hiya Amanda

I am a firm believer in affirmations and use them regularly....will post more on that later!!

Hope you don;t mind but am moving this thread into the Bring Your Head Inside Forum where it will fit more comfortably...
Be my guest ...

I wasn't sure where to put the thread, but after I'd posted I did think that I could have put it somewhere more appropriate.

A good friend of mine reminded me the other day of 'Strong Like Bull' - I learnt it at the Paul McKenna seminar earlier in the year and it totally helps ;)