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after effects of a meal out

G: 12st2lb
I had a birthday this week and ate out twice; once in an Indian restaurant and once in a bistro. I made the best choices I could but relaxed my own strict rules a bit. I did manage to refuse alcohol (if possible always drive the car wherever you go!)

Even with moderate choices,I know that the food had more fat, oil, sugar and salt than I have eaten in months. Consequently, I had quite an upset tummy -2nd day now. Has anyone else experienced this or do you think it's probably a bug?

It will put me off eating out in I while- I know that. Any advice appreciated.
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Hi sweetie ;)

I find if I've been really strict & 100% that fatty food can make me feel awful, usually makes my skin go haywire & I get really dehydrated as well.

It could be the shock to the system or a bug - it's hard to tell. Just keep your fluids up & take care of yourself :) Hope you feel better.

After 2 weeks on SW EE i went out and had a burger, chips, pepper sauce and a pint. The next morning i woke up with what i can only describe as a massive hangover. I felt groggy didnt want to get out of bed took me 3 or 4 hours to shake it :)

I vote for for the shock to the system idea. Just drink loads of water and you will be back to normal within a day or two :) Feel better.
G: 12st2lb
Thanks Charli

I feel much better now thank goodness.I met another slimmingworlder today and she said that fatty food makes her a bit queasy for a day or so. All the more reason to be good and stick to the plan eh?

I get weighed tomorrow and this will hopefully mean that 2 meals out won't have done any damage.

All the best
Sheila x
S: 16st7lb G: 12st0lb
How much insentive is that though? Feeling unwell cos of a meal that was full of nasty fat!
I used to love mcdonalds! I bet I wont love it in a few months after sticking to this for a good few months!! xx
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i had a mad weekend last weekend consisting of take outs chocolate crisps vodka .. the works!.. ive not ate like that for just over two months.. well the first few days this week i really suffered with an upset tummy.. its made me realise how much my body has got used to eating proper food no junk...
i wont be having a binge like that again!!!
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:confused: This is kinda putting me off a baguette with chicken, bacon bbq sauce and cheese. Had promised myself this as a treat with a friend next Friday night. Now I might stick to the plan :( Just doesn't seem as much fun
I feel exactly the same...... Even if I have one little thing it makes my stomach do sonersaults, it's a food hangover! Guess we have to stay away from the fat!

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