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after goal...


chunky chick :-)
S: 15st6lb C: 14st10lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 32.3 Loss: 0st10lb(4.63%)
anyone got to goal and still now happy with their body?

i have lost just over 4st in the last year and once i get back to goal i am 100% sure i dont want to go any lower (have had people commenting that i started looking to thin in the face) but my body is still a mess!

ive had 3 big babies in 5yrs, 9lb, 9lb1 and 11lb 4!! my stomach is stretched and like a deflated balloon :-( dont really know where to go from here?

any advice?

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I TOTALLY know what you mean, I haven't had kids but a used to have a huge big fat stomach. I also lost about 4 stone a few years back and got to under my target weight, infact I was a couple of pounds under 9st (oh the good old days) Anyway I felt the exact same! I felt as if my body was still the same shape just shrunken down and at that time I defiantely could afford to lose anymore! I don't know if there is an answer?? I going to try my best to go to the gym as much as possible this time round and see if that helps. I'm kinda resigned to the fact that I may be stuck with this body shape for good even though it might be a thinner version. I'd be interested to know what others think too??
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I have been at goal now for nearly 1 year (it will be 1 year on the 20th of June), and although I have kept on losing weight after goal I have been maintaining steadily for quite a while. What I have noticed is that yes, you do get some loose "skin" when you reach goal. That is mostly because you lose a lot of muscle mass while dieting and you don't lose enough fat quickly enough, so that the fat hangs out a bit from the reduced muscle mass. What you see as "loose skin" is in reality excess fat still attached to your skin: your skin is at its thickest on the talon and at its thinnest at your eye-lid. hence, it's impossible that what you see on your stomach is skin.

What you have to do to get rid of the flab is keep on exercise and maintain your weight stable. This will increase your muscle mass slowly and decrease your fat level slowly, helping you getting rid of the flab.

in one year of maintaining I have seen the flab on my belly and legs decreasing steadily. It's not gone yet, but I can see the difference, and although I have put on 3 or 4 lbs in the last few months, my clothes are more comfortable, which means that I have lost fat. I am confident that very soon that fat will disappear completely and when that will happen, I won't have any more loose skin.

the reason why most flab doesn't go away straight away is because it's almost always a VERY OLD layer of fat, which is more difficult to get rid of. It's like the last, very last bit of "savings" that you would have in your savings account and which you don't want to get rid of even in financial difficulty because it's your "security blanket". That's your body's security blanket and it takes time, a long time of financial difficulties before your body gets rid of that flab, £1 a time!


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oh my god 11lb 4.i thought my last baby was big at 9lb15:)


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Get in that gym :) i bet you look amazing!! well from what i can see on your profile pic you look fantastic!!!!

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