after xmas cd starters thread!!!


Back again!
Well done for starting straight after Christmas. The first few days until ketosis kicks in are the worst. Just keep drinking your water, take paracetamol if necessary and know that in a few days time you should be in the warm welcoming arms of ketosis - gets much easier then.

Take care


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i am back on CD from today, had a week of couldnt keep refusing food lol week i know , but back on the waggon cant wait to see all this weight drop


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I started this morning with good intentions, fell off wagon by evening, just dug out my shakes for tomorrow and got my water waiting for me, I'm back up on that wagon tomorrow with no intention of falling off as I'm now sick of eating. Good luck to everyone else starting now or getting back on it.


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I'm hoping to start next week. I have been on Lighter Life and have lost 44 lbs but cost forces me to change. I am looking forward to starting CD, I have my information pack so hopefully will be starting next Tuesday/Wednesday.


Hey Every1!

Im all new to this aswell, so this is my 1st post! Ive just started the Cambridge Diet, i thought if i dnt start now then i never will. Im sick of wasting time.

Ive got exactly 3 stone to loose. Anymore will be a bonus!! Also its my birthday in April so hopefully if i can stick to this then i will be @ my goal for my bday!!



Happy New Yearrr! Let it be a good one!

SOoo how are all the new starters getting on?!!?



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Back on track for me tomorrow. Just darent get weighed but know I am around 17 stone 10. Will do a week and then get weighed. I usually lose 10-14lb in the first week (yes I am a serial restarter!) Need to get down to 12 stone at least. 11 would be nice but 12 fab.
I want another baby and my 5 year old daughter really wants a baby too! I feel really bad because I know my weight is hindering me especially as I have PCOS but I just can't seem to stop binge eating.

I will try again in the morning so good luck to all you restarters!


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Hi Everybody

Yesterday I restarted CD after a two break for the Christmas. I must admit though, I am finding it alot harder to stick to it. I've been nibbling as I feel hungry. I did not have this when I started for the first time in October.

I am hoping that when I go back to work on Thursday I will be able to maintain the 3 meals and get straight back on track.



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Good luck everyone. I only just restarted yesterday but I'm hoping to be at goal by the end of next month!!!:D


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Zareena! :eek: Great to have you back, have surely been missed!!! :D


I'm starting tomorrow too! Visited my CC today, so have a week's worth of supplies. Been reading this website for a while, and decided start a diet back in November, but thought there was no way I could make it through Christmas, so delayed it by a couple of months.

Gave up alcohol the week before christmas. I figured it best not to shock the body too much all in one go!

Sounds like the first few days are the worst, but we'll see.


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Good luck to all the first-timers and restarters!

I restarted this morning and have got about 3 or 4 stone to gt to goal (don't dare go near the scales since my three week Crimbo break so I don't know exactly how much - will get weighed in couple of weeks when I've managed some damage repair!)

Wishing you all well - THINK PINK!! ;)


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Good luck to everyone starting or re-starting CD after the Xmas/New Year break.

This time last year I had never even heard of CD (or any VLCD come to that!) although I must have tried every other diet around in the last 20 years or so - and probably made up a few of my own too along the way.

I started my CD journey on 24th February last year with over 8 stone to lose (I was almost 19 stone at my heaviest). Although I was desperate to lose weight, deep down I don't think I really expected CD to be anymore successful than any other diet I'd ever done - but I was so thrilled to lose 11 lbs in my first week that I just kept going .. until I reached my target weight of 10 st 7 lbs about a month ago.

I can't say it was plain sailing all the way, and there were many times when I wasn't sure I could stick it out - but I did, and all I can say now is that if one of the world's worst-ever dieters (me!) can do it, I truly believe anyone can! :)