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Against all odds...


Guess who's back...?
Hi -

Firstly, hello everyone. A few of you may remember me, but I would have thought the vast majority are newbies (to me at least!)...

I have been a diet nightmare since finishing (well, dropping off) LL in Feb 2009. I moved onto Slimming World, then Diet Chef, then low carb, then Slimming World again, then Diet Chef etc etc... the motivation kicked in a few times when I probably would have been in the right mind set to start LL again, and get the last few stone off - but I was going out with a guy who was very anti the whole thing (for someone of my current weight - thought it was too extreme. He never knew me at my biggest, so he just saw a size 14/16 person and thought I should go to the gym more, eat less, yada yada. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't make him understand I was a 'work in progress', and not a naturally 'average sized' girl.) Anyway...

We broke up at the end of Feb and I decided not to let anyone dictate to me what I should do for me. I spoke to my LLC who agreed to let me do Foundation again - with a group of new starters. Quite unorthadox to do this rather than Returners, but I didn't like the fact that the Returners group was so changeable, people dropping out left right and centre. I loved the security of being in Foundation and supporting each other each week. Building bonds etc...

So, "Anna Of Very Little Willpower 2009" has transformed into "I Will Do This v.2 2010".

I'm on day four today and still feeling the odd hunger pang - but I know that any day now I will kick into ketosis and the rest will be plain sailing. I haven't had any desire to eat... not had to stop myself from thinking about food once, haven't had any cravings etc... I am in the zone. FINALLY!

Anyway - the plan is to lose my last couple of stone. I was 12st 9lbs at my first weigh in and I'd like to get to 10st. I started my group in the last joining week (3rd), so should finish at the same time as them, with any luck.

Will be on these boards as and when I can - probably not as much as the last time around because I have a very hectic job these days and I have no time to slack off (says she, writing this while at work on possibly the busiest day of the year for the company!!!!!)...

Be good to know how all the oldies are getting on... i.e. those I knew from Anna v.1 ;)

ONWARDS AND DOWNWARDS - catch you all soon,

Anna xx
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Hey Anna!!! Lovely to see you - your new man sounds just lovely! I like an understanding man when it comes to weight stuff - they are few and far between!!

Well done on getting back into the zone! I've tried to get back on the wagon lots of times (currently trying Exante as it's cheaper and I can't afford to do LL - wish I could though, as I do prefer it). I've just ordered my next lot of packs that arrived today so I need to stop messing about and just get on with it. I want to lose 2.5 stone! That's pretty scary when you write it down. My chatterbox is almost hoarse and wish it would shut up!!!

Tell me...how did you get back in the zone??

Loads of love and hugs chicken!


Hi Anna!
I'm struggling too - (Hi Poppy!!)
I will get back there tho...
Im glad things are going well on the romance front - good luck with getting to goal
daisy x


Silver Member
Hello Anna
Lovely to meet you, sending you oodles of luck for cracking your work in progress and realising the finished Anna!

Looks like "2010 Anna" has her head in the right place, and what a huge bonus of finding a brand new guy who understands and supports you too!

It can be difficult to convince new people in your life of the path you are on as, like you said, they only see/know you as you are now and don't know the "work in progress" you have achieved so far.

I know you'll make it all the way this time! :)
Hey Daisy!! Have been wondering how you are getting on - I think someone needs to lock us in a room for a couple of weeks to get us started then we'd be good wouldn't we?!
PoppySparkle said:
Hey Daisy!! Have been wondering how you are getting on - I think someone needs to lock us in a room for a couple of weeks to get us started then we'd be good wouldn't we?!
You two are welcome to come and be locked up at my place any time ;) :flirt2::p

Deal!!! LOL!!!

Pete, you wouldn't want to lock me up as I'd be proper hard work climbing the walls for wine and food! My food addict tendencies have really surfaced again unfortunately - I've got 2 stone+ to lose, and I said I'd never put it on again.....

You are looking great in your pics by the way!


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Hi Anna

Freaky - I'm on day 4 of my restart too and have also decided that this is the time I finish this once and for all. Think we've been down the Nerris/India, SW, Dietchef etc etc thing at similar times :rolleyes:

I'm on Exante this time simply and soley coz it's the cheapest of the VLCDs and I can get it delivered (new job, little time)

Your new fella sounds like a real sweetheart - that's gonna take the pressure off

Good luck and I'll see you at the finish line

Nice to see you back Anna. I guess we're all works in progress aren't we?

I too have put on a bit (approx 2 stone) and I'm maintaining ok for the time being (albeit at more than where I'm comfortable though). Trying to get my "game head" back on and make a decision on the best way forward for me.

Looking forward to hearing about how you get on and I agree, the new fella does sound like a real sweetheart :)
Hi Anna

I remember you from v1 too. I got to goal in November - and now need to relose 2.5 stone :sigh:. I 'lost it' on RTM at Christmas and have lost it proper big time. Tried to refocus once and got through 10 days before an airline sabotaged me, old habits worse than ever. I am running loads now tho and have a 3 mile run on the 21st for sport relief. My aim is to run the whole distance - something I would never have believed was possible even a few months ago. I will have another go for sure, but will restart after diving this weekend.

You will get there. I will get back there :flirt2:.

lol pete and poppy
perhaps we need a mass lock in with anna and westie too!

i'm off to oxford this weekend for a girly weekend - after that its time to get back in the zone, i reckon there's just time before its summer - i desperately need to be able to get back into last years shorts etc!
Out of interest Daisy - what is the total you want to lose?? I'm sure it's far less than my 2+ stone...we need to come up with a plan starting Monday I think (even though I know that's wrong and I should be starting now!!).
i'm not sure - my scales have no battery and i haven't been weighed for a few weeks. I think I am about 9.12 now. at my lowest i was 8.6.

i think i would like to get back to 8.10 maybe 8.13 so about a stone and a bit.

yes, a plan would be good - i will meet you over in the maintenance section on monday!!

daisy x
It's a date....

Have a good weekend with the girls first mind!

Can i join you gals pls? I am away for the weekend so Monday a good start day. I want to get back to 140lbs.
of course!
see you on monday :)
Hey ladies and Pete - you've got a good supportive group here, a nice mix of old and new and a lot of people who know that it can be done.
Sounds like you are all in the zone and you have got time to make a big difference before the summery weather arrives and the flesh needs to be bared.
Good to see you again Anna and Poppy.


Guess who's back...?
This is brilliant that we are all back (in a kinda bittersweet way)...

So nice to hear from you all.

I'm writing on my iPod so apologies for shortness... will respond properly later when I am at my pc... But arghhhh!! Struggling!!

I'm on day six and while I know I must be in ketosis, my hunger pangs have just kicked in. I have been fine all week... even in first few days - not a hunger pang or craving in sight. Now I am salivating for things and tummy rumbling constantly. SHUT UP TUMMY!

The last couple of days have been a bit bad... Only managed 3 packs on Thursday and yesterday was the same. In fact yesterday I had two, one shake one bar, then felt really sick and woozy so had another bar. I know this is wrong but it was so late and the idea of a shake made me nauseous... in the end I only had three in the end yesterday too- dammit!!

All this "new relationship" stuff is really putting me off my stride. I know I need four, firstly to lose properly and also for nutrition.., I think I'm going to have to set reminders on my phone!

Ok, thumb going numb. Just a quickie... opinions on the chilli con carne??? Not tried it yet- bit scared... X
chilli con carne was a welcome choice after a long time on just veg soups and bars! :p

I found the texture and taste welcoming. It's also easy to make in an office or out and about where you don't need a blender.

Give it a try! It might be that 4th pack that you are needing. xx :)

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