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Aimees Food diary


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Hello i have just joined on here today. been doing SW for about 5 weeks now.

Tuesday - EE
Breakfast - 2 slices of wholemeal toast with extra light cheese spread (HEa&b)

Lunch - spud with low fat cottage cheese. Muller light

Dinner - Home made quiche - 6 syns for the cheese.

Evening treat - rowntree jelly sachet and muller light - 2syns

total for the day 8 syns
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ended up with 10 syns yesterday as i had an options too.

Wedneday - EE
breakfast - cup of tea, no sugar with splash of skimmed milk.
Trimmed bacon, beans and 2 poached eggs - free

lunch will be - half a tin of ravioli (2 syns) and 2 slices of wholemeal toast (HEX)

Dinner wil be - Jacket potatoe with beans and 2 slices of half fat cheese (hex).

Mini goal for the day....drink 2 litres of water.

Also have a jelly setting in the fridge (2 syns) and a muller light in the freezer which ill probs have this evening.


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change of plan....had 1 litre of water already so im not hungry enough to have lunch before work. So im taking a ham and cottage cheese sandwhich instead (HEX) and an apple and banana


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yesterday i had 6.5 syns in total.

b - weetabix and skimmed milk (HEX a and b) with banana. cup of tea
s - will be an apple
lunch - not sure yet
dinner - carbonara - 10syns


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Fridays plan...
B - boiled eggs and soldiers (hex)
s - fruit
l - jacket spud and cottage cheese
d - gammon, eggs and beans
evening - muller light, options hot choc and probably a treat to make up some syns!!

mini target for the day....wear my pedometre all day and walk 15,000 steps.


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sunday - my first red day

breakfast - bacon and scrambled eggs quorn sausages
lunch - 2 slices of WH bread (hex B) with laughing cow light (hexA) and ham
Dinner - Gammon, eggs and 100g baked beans (4syns)

Snacks - fruit/yoghurt/2 x alpen light bar (HEX b)

had jacket spud and cottage cheese for dinner so changed it to a mix 2 match day. both targets completed

mini targets for the day....walk 16,000 steps and drink 2L of fluid
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monday - ee

breakfast- apple, banana, chopped with vanilla WW yog on top. Alpen light (HEB)

lunch - jacket spud with cottage cheese.

dinner - spaghetti with bacon,mushroom, and laughing cow cheese traiangles (HEA)

syns - 14 1.5 crumpets with butter (8) and options(2) and half a pack of wotsits (4) its * week and i just want to gorge on food
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Tuesday - red
b - 2 hard boiled eggs, apple and banana, half a litre of water
lunch - ham and laughing cow sandwhich (hex A and B)
dinner - SW quiche with bacon, onion and ham and cheese (hex a) and new potatoes (hex B)

had 13.5 syns
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Weds plan - ee
b - fruit and yoghurt, 500ml cold water
l - spud with cottage cheese
d - gammon, eggs and potatoes
As usual will save my syns for evening times when i like an options and a few biccies if i can.

mini targets for the day - walk 17,000 steps and drink 500ml water before each meal

had 14 syns and completed mini targets
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Friday - ee
b - choppeed fruit and yoghurt
snack - 1 alpen light bar (half hex b)
lunch - 1 slice of bread (half hex b), beans and cheese (hex A)
dinner - cod in butter sauce x2 (3syns), potatoes and mushy peas

mini target for the day - drink 2 litres of water and stay under 10 syns


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Sunday - Red day(going to try to do red/green days this week)
breakfast - weetabix, milk and banana (hex a and b)
lunch - ham, cottage cheese and a hard boiled egg, 2 low fat crackers - 2 syns
snack - yoghurts, fruit
dinner - ham and bacon SW quiche (hex a for cheese) with potato (hex b)

mini targets for the day - stay under 6 syns to make up for Saturday and to run for an hour


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monday - green
breakfast - 500ml water, yoghurt and fruit
snack - alpen light bar
lunch - 500ml water, pasta n sauce 2.5 syns
snack -2nd alpen light
dinner - baked spud with beans and cheese from hex a

target for the day - Walk everywhere! (should cover about 6 miles at least with just doing the basic nursery runs etc)


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tuesday - ee
breakfast - yoghurt/fruit/water
lunch - ham and cottage cheese sandwich (hex b)
dinner - home made lasagne and baby pots (white sauce from HEX a) and 10 syns
thursday (had a week off for my birthday and have been away)
red day
breakfast - weetabix and milk (hex a and b)
lunch - cottage cheese, ham and hard boiled egg, muller light and banana
dinner - ham, bacon and onion and cheese (hex a) sw quiche with baby new potatoes (hex b)
friday - extra easy
breakfast - alpen light bar, chopped fruit and yoghurt (half hex b)
lunch - ham, cottage cheese, boiled egg, laghing cow extra light x3 (half hex a)
dinner - cottage pie with extra lean mince
monday - EE
breakfast - 2 weetabix and milk (hex a and b)
lunch - jacket spud and cottage cheese
dinner - chicken wrapped in bacon topped with melted cheese (6 syns) and baby new pots

mini target for the day - walk for 2 hours and drink 2 litres of water
sunday oct 4th - green
breakfast - readybrek with skimmed milk and banana (hex b and some of a)
lunch - egg mayo sandwhich (hex b and 1 syn)
slice of SW choc cake and squirty cream - 3.5syn
dinner - tomato pasta and sauce with cheese (hex a)
evening treat - merangue with strawbs, banana and shape yog - 2.5 syns
Mondays plan - red
breakfast - fruit and shape yog
lunch - egg and bacon sandwhich (hex b)
dinner - 2 low fat sausages (2syns), eggs and SW chips (hex b)
snack - LC cheese triangles wrapped in ham (hex a)
desert - SW choc cake with squirty cream - 3.5 syns
evening treat - merangue, fruit and yog - 2.5syns

total - 8 syns
Tuesdays plan - red
breakfast - magic porridge and some strawberrys (hex b)
lunch- 2 sausages, eggs and bacon - 2 syns
snacks - 6 lc triangle wrapped in ham as and when i fancy it (hex a)
dinner - chicken breast wrapped in bacon with LC traingle in the middle with garlic and parsley, new potatoes (hex b)
evening treat - merangue with fruit and yog and squirty cream - 3.5syns

total syns - 5.5
weds plan - ee
breakfast - 5 mixed fruits covered in shape yog
snack - chicken noodle mugshot
late lunch before work- 3 fish fingers (6syns), mash and beans
late dinner after work - 2 weetabix with banana (hex a and b)

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