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Aircraft seats?


To infinity and beyond!

Not sure if this is the right forum for this question, as but you CDers are usually so helpful, thought you might help.

I am going on holiday to Spain in less than three weeks, last year I had to ask for a seat belt extension and swore it would never happen again. However after CDS (Cambridge Diet Struggling) I am nearly 2 stone heavier than last year!!
Obviously it would need a miracle to happen in the next couple of weeks, but has anybody ever had trouble squeezing into a airline seat? What will happen if I can't fit in?
Any advice would be great.

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The Diet Guy
It was getting stuck in an airline seat and cutting my legs to get myself in that made me lose the weight in the first place.

They will do an extension to the belt so ask for that when you get on and you could also ask whether they can upgrade you free of charge when you check in to a larger seat if that helps, if not then at least ask for more leg room so you can stand if it becomes too uncomfortable, also if you are travelling with other then get them to sit either side so they can put the arm rests up when you are flying so you won't be "wedged" in.

Don't wear clothing that is too tight as that will just make the feeling worse and make sure you keep cool by drinking water and also the air nozzle.

During the flight make sure you go to the loo a lot (to keep active!) and also walk around the plane as much as you can.

Wear flight socks as well in case of any DVT problems and generally look after yourself.

Hi Hun!

I myself came back from holiday a month ago and i needed a extension belt too, (wont be this time next yr). Icemoose has given good advise. On the way there i was quite lucky that there were some empty seats so i managed to move (so have a nosey around after the plan has boarded, if there are empty seats im sure the cabin crew wouldnt mind u moving) but on the way back from holz it was fully packed.

Like icemoose said, if you are sitting next to people get them to out the arm rests up and definatly get up and move around so you dont get cramp. Try not to stress about it too much hun, you will be off the plane within a few hours xxxx


To infinity and beyond!

Thanks both for the replies. I just feel annoyed with myself, as I swore last year, it would not happen again. I have had nearly 12 months to sort myself out and it has not happened. I will try and sit in the middle of my two youngest (slim) sons, however it is not really fair on them to be crushed by their heffer of a mother.

We have booked a 7 day pass for Port Aventura while we are there, but will have to avoid any rides where they pull the bars down, for fear they may not pull down!

I have decided with a fortnight to go, not to attempt SS anymore, but to carefully calorie count, which I can continue while away (have done this previously) Then look at CD on my return.

Thanks again for replies.


To infinity and beyond!
Just to let you know, just back from hols and although I weigh heavier than last year, the belt this time fitted with ease, so a great worry off my mind.
Just goes to show there is no uniformity with aircraft seats, but Iberia get the thumbs up for catering for larger folk :)
Hi Hollycat..
tAirlines are my field lol - I'm cabin crew... if you need the extension belt you wont be allowed to sit anywhere with extra leg room as these are usually exit seats, and you are not allowed issue extension belts to passengers sitting there.
There maybe some seats that are on the aircraft that have a bit extra space that may not be near an exit but these are hard to get as they are usually given to disabled passengers who have have problems with limb (bending legs etc...)
Putting the arm rests up is a good idea however dont forget they need to stay down for take off and landing.
Use the air vents... walk about, drinks lots of water and take an asprin before u get on (thins ur blood) and use flight socks if u can.
I know airline seats are not the most comfertable anyway but maybe what people have suggested on here will help.
Oh and if your calorie counting.... DONT EAT AIRLINE FOOD!! lol a typical airline small portion contains nearly 1,000 cals!!!!! (hence me being on SS)
LMAO! I didn't know that they were that many calories!!

Saying that suppose they are usually pasta, white bread rolls, butter and chockie puddings (mmm!)

My 8 year old son says his favourite food is Airline food!! I mean come on!! It's ok but not that good.....
ah yes Mike but there is something very wonderful about opening all those little packets!!

Yes its the smell of 1000 cals hitting your body all at once... i used to eat all the spare passenger meals, we used to have competitions to see who could eat the most... obviously i won, and thats why im week 2 of SS lol
Hope you had a great time on hols:D, and happy to hear that seat was ok. I would definatly agree about how different airlines have different seats.

When i went on holiday earlier this yr with BA, one thing i did like is that they put the size/measurements of their aircraft seats on the website.

Welcome Back xx

Just to let you know, just back from hols and although I weigh heavier than last year, the belt this time fitted with ease, so a great worry off my mind.
Just goes to show there is no uniformity with aircraft seats, but Iberia get the thumbs up for catering for larger folk :)

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