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Alcohol consumption on Atkins

Oh dear!

I just found a short post on the Exante forum regarding the amount Atkinsers drink. There is a perception, rightly or wrongly, that we 'almost promote' excessive drinking.


I do not think there was any malice at all in the critical post, not at all; rather it was an observation arrived at by reading posts made over time by regulars here.

I have posted a response that I hope will distinguish between what Atkinsers 'should' be doing (lol!) and what many sometimes actually do. No need to comment further on that part.

Heaven help us from the scrutiny of others! We are laid bare in the cold light of day, weighed, and found wanting.

However I thought it worth mentioning here because to be honest there are times, it seems, when many would appear to be setting a bad example (trying not to laugh).

So I emphasised the fact that we are human and like other humans on weight reduction plans we often fall short of perfection. Even so there is a serious health concern underlying this issue.

Just wonder what others think?
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All of my passed out in a corner states have been pre atkins.... so have my broken bones :eek:

i'm actually quite sensible when i drink now and that is all i have to say on the subject of alcohol :p
I dont think anyone thinks Atkins in any way promotes 'heavy' drinking but I think there is confusion when its seen that alcohol is allowed on Atkins and its not allowed on any VLCD. The confusion has arisen because people dont realise that the rules still apply when youre in ketosis on Atkins, I think that and only that has been whats caused the mix up.

The thread you found it in was people pointing out quite rightly the fact that drinking in ketosis, is downright dangerous. Obviously for people not on Atkins theyre not familiar with the various stages. On the surface it looks like Atkins is a ketosis diet, just like Exante and CD. You can see peoples point in a way 'how come theyre allowed and were not' ;) Its understandable theres confusion about it but your post has definitely helped clear it up :)
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Oh dear!

There is a perception, rightly or wrongly, that we 'almost promote' excessive drinking.

I never said excessive!

This all came about because I assumed starlight was moderating the thread when she told someone not to advise drinking, (having read it again I think she was actually just giving her view) and I had wondered why you all didn't have the same sticky.

I meant nothing by it and certainly wasn't calling you all raving alkies. :D

I read your forum daily because I think once I've finished exante I'll be moving on to Atkins.

While I'm here though, do you drink in moderation after induction but while still in ketosis?



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I've got nothing to add - but just wanted to say that this is an interesting thread ... I'm not a big drinker - my drinking days seem to have almost sunk into oblivion... I just wish my eating addiction had gone the same way! :)
I was 6 months on TFR on Exante and never touched a drop, before that I could drink like a water buffalo.............put many people under the table lol. These days am on higher carbs trying to maintain and do drink, sometimes more than others, I go out a lot but don't always drink cos I am driving, but I cannot drink anywhere near as much as I used to and I think that is because there is so much less of me to absorb it. The other thing is I now seem to realise when I am getting to the bad stage and seem to be able to pull back whereas before I never did and usually ended up throwing up, so I think that maybe I have learned more to control my drinking and enjoy it when I do have it but not to the point of oblivion which is where I used to visit regularly.

So - in essence - if you are on induction (and likely, but not always in ketosis) avoid the demon drink, it really is not good for you.

The higher you go up the carb ladder then you can start introducing it back into your diet but beware the side effects, munchies, lack of willpower and all that ****, because it is more than likely going to bite you on the bum at some point.
Most people find that drinking even that bit too regularly causes stalls and even regains. High numbers of calories and also weakened resolve - the booze removes inhibition and your good intentions can go out of the window! I found that drinking was making me hungry and I would almost always end up eating the wrong things and (at the time) not even caring! Dangerous ha ha.


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Agree girly girl - if you add lowered inhibitions to the increased hunger (alcohol causes blood sugar to drop) then it really can make a (negative) difference!!

This has been an interesting topic - have been doing some reasearch which i will post up shortly - need the pc though as ipad useless for this!;)


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Yes really interesting!

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