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  1. scooter

    scooter Gold Member

    Hi my dukan friends - right I've made a decision and I need some advice please!!!
    Right I started dukan July 2011 and got to target in July 2012 - my total weight loss was 7 stone - since July I have been doing conso (well doing it the way I can cope with it!!) the way I'm doing it - well after gradually lowering myself into it! I started by just having veg every day apart from pp thurs - after a few weeks I added the bread and a few weeks later the cheese and the fruit - I am now having a meal a week with whole wheat pasta and i have a cheese toastie every night, veg every day but thurs and I eat as much fruit as I want throughout the day and do a pp thurs every week - I know what I am doing with my fruit is technically wrong but I have not had any gala meals in conso (mainly cos I know I won't be able to get back on the diet after loosening the reins!!) so I find having as much fruit as I want balances out and I'm still at target - anyway after all that waffling here is the question!! - I'm going out in may for a birthday 80s night disco and I know to have a good time, get dressed up and have a good boogie I will need to include alcohol - my tipple is gin!! - now I've not touched alcohol since starting dukan (which is over 18 months) and I've read horror stories on here about dukan and alcohol!! Do I need to break myself in gently or are the horror stories only when in ketosis - which I surely won't be in now I'm on conso or am I?? I don't want to go out on the night and have a drink and be really ill :-( so I would welcome your advice dukaneers xx it will be quite daunting tasting it for the first time in such a long time - bit like when I first had bread in conso!!! Thanking you in advance xx
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  3. GrumpyWino

    GrumpyWino Full Member

    Why don't you have a few drinks sooner to find out? I found going low carb meant my tolerance dropped a bit and hangovers seem a little worse. (Although I rarely drink too excess anyway) But then, I didn't go 18 months without a drink, at most maybe two months....I am rather partial to my plonk!
  4. scooter

    scooter Gold Member

    I thought about that - I'm just abit nervous about having it (god never thought I'd hear myself say that about alcohol lol :) !!). My tipple is gin but wine wise I like lambrini - yes I know I'm a cheap night out lol ;-) !!!!!
  5. GrumpyWino

    GrumpyWino Full Member

    Have a few drinks at home. Hide your mobile, switch off the Internet, put water and bucket by your bed!!! I'm joking, but why not have a tipple or two at home to ease your way back? Then you can relax and enjoy the big night out
  6. Paulinegin

    Paulinegin Gold Member

    Hi Scooter

    I would have a Gala day - eat what you want to soak up the gin - have a brilliant night and plan to do nothing the next day (except get straight back onto your version of Conso) :D

    P x

    PS - very impressive Dukan journey missus! 7 stones? Wowser :D
  7. scooter

    scooter Gold Member

    I daren't have a gala day P!! Not had one since starting dukan!! It would open the flood gates I know it would and I would be on a downward slide back to my heaviest!! Wish I could trust myself but I can't - I know tasting foods I've not had for so long would awake my binging demons!! It would not be the one gala that would be the problem for me it would be getting back in control again :-( which I know I would struggle with
  8. scooter

    scooter Gold Member

    Ha ha - sounds like a good plan grumpy wino!! I sound like a recovering alcoholic rather than a recovering binge eater!! ;-)
  9. Neonic

    Neonic Full Member

    Anyone who can go 18 months without alcohol is a saint in my eyes. I've only had 3 glasses of wine so far this year and I thought that was amazing.

    If I was you I'd make sure I had some pasta that day to line your stomach. I'm sure you'll only need one maybe 2 drinks to get you up dancing now.
  10. sarafvrm

    sarafvrm Gold Member

    Have a drink (or 3) but be very careful because you'll get drunk very quickly having not drunk for so long. DEFINITELY don't go at it like you would have done before or you will just keel over. And don't worry about the food, the alcohol will probably completely suppress your appetite x
  11. Sunbeam MC

    Sunbeam MC Member

    I also have your same fears Scooter! I haven't had a glass of wine since I started and am now terrified to have a glass in case I start wanting a drink every night !
    Like u I'm doing my own version of Conso! I'm eating 3 apples per week!
    My weight is fluctuating -sometimes like today, I put on 500 gms because of the vegetables yesterday n I do get down in the dumps!!
    Maybe u have some advice for me!!
    Have a nice Sunday xx
  12. sididd

    sididd Gold Member

    Ok...............the local bad girl hear. I was a wine drinker prior to Dukan and never had a drink for 14 weeks I turned down night outs and partys. But there was the part I couldnt turn down and I was terrified because of the horror stories I had read but didnt knowwhat to drink, then my bestie said to try her g& slimline tonic and it tasted v v nice. I sipped it like it was going to kill me and waited for the collape, baging headache etc, but hey ho nothing......zilch. I without faill have my Saturday tipple and I'M SO BUSY ON A sATURDAY i EAT VERY little and I have no after effects at all, I get Happy but not silly drunk. I know everyones different and agree maybe have a couple inhouse to see what the effect is on you. Scooter your weight loss is fantastic and I know your shy but you should post your before and after pics xxx
  13. scooter

    scooter Gold Member

    Thank you guys for all your advice xxx right I will have a breaking in session - like a couple on a night a week or so before to see how I fare!! I could probably get leg less on just the fumes as its been so long lol !!!! Good to hear you drank gin on cruise sidd and was ok - I remember reading the horror stories on here about alcohol and cruise and it frightened me enough to keep me well clear!! I will not still be in ketosis will I now that I'm on conso?? !! - never did really understand the ketosis bit!!! You know me sidd - shy!!! Am i allowed to post headless photos then?? Nearly put topless but that would've been taken the wrong way ha ha !!!!!!!!
    Thanks for all your help guys xxx
  14. scooter

    scooter Gold Member

    Sunbeam - I think the way I do conso is a bit naughty - I eat as much fruit as I want during a day - which is only usually oranges, strawberries or melon - but because I don't have gala meals I think it evens itself out - my weight fluctuates between being up to 3lbs above target to being 3lbs under but I'm happy with that and I feel in control doing it this way xx I always have my bread and cheese but its always for supper never during the day and I have as many veg as I fancy. And even though I did cruise for a year doing alternative pp/pv (and I can honestly say after the first couple of months which were tough I found the other ten easy) I can't believe how hard I find pp thurs on conso!!
  15. sididd

    sididd Gold Member

    hahaha headless or topless lol your loss is amazing scoot xxx
  16. Supertonic

    Supertonic Full Member

    I think going that long without any wine at all is brilliant! Afraid the longest I managed is around 4 weeks.... So I'm not qualified to tell you how to start back on the juice. But if it were me, I'd make sure I had something to eat with it, and I'd have maybe a glass of wine with a meal to kick off with just to re-educate the system. No more mind, just enough to taste. Actually to be honest that's all I have most of the time anyway, since I only like to sup with food.
    Amazing loss, well done!
  17. ooKayleeoo

    ooKayleeoo New Member

  18. scooter

    scooter Gold Member

    Thank you all so much for your advice - decision made!! Gonna have a small glass this coming weekend and see how I get on!!
  19. Maintainer

    Maintainer ** Chief WITCH **

    Lovely to see you again Scooter, and to hear you're still at target. I've read all the good advice and tips above and would just add one thing myself. You don't have to have a drink! As a serial dieter, before Dukan too, I soon learnt that I far preferred to eat my food calories rather than drink them, and nothing has changed for me in that regard!

    I can still enjoy myself too! My sister likes her tipple, and recently lost 4 stone on SW (with weekend gin + slim lines) and now drinks far less. Because she has more confidence in herself.

    We're all different and, as with your self devised "Conso", do what feels right for you! As I once retorted to a half drunk guy who just wouldn't accept that I didn't want my glass topped up endlessly: "I'm interesting enough without it!". That shut him up!

  20. scooter

    scooter Gold Member

    Hi maintainer - yes I totally agree I've always preferred to eat calories rather than drink them! On other diets I've done in the past I would much rather save points or calories for food rather than drink - that's why I managed to do dukan for the last 18 months without touching any alcohol - it doesn't really bother me - the last two Christmases I wouldn't have minded a drink as everyone else was having a drink but I wasn't that bothered - it's just this fancy dress disco I'm going to because I'm quite reserved I know without a tipple inside me I will be sat there in my fancy dress costume not dancing feeling silly but with a drink inside me I will be up dancing having fun!! I'm not going to continue drinking after that night it will be just a one off but I didn't want to have a drink on that night for the first time in 18 months and then be really ill as my body didnt know what had hit it!! :) I won't be in ketosis at all whilst on conso will i? (dont really understand much about it ) I've read on here drinking whilst in ketosis = very ill - thanks xx :)
  21. sididd

    sididd Gold Member

    Morning Scooter, how did it go? did you dicide not to drink? And did you have a good nigh???? lol questions, questions questions xxx

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