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Alcohol when on CD. Will I die???

I am Day 4 of CD and doing well. However I have a big family wedding on saturday 23rd July and it will be difficult to be tea total.
I am planning to have a few vodka and diet coke's (zero carbs), which I know is not adviseable but I have to be realistic.
I am reading articles on this forum that say if you are in Ketosis and drink alcohol you could actually go unconscious and die....Surely things aren't that drastic....Sure I'll temporarily go out of Ketosis but death???? Really ???:cry:
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LOL!! I've never drunk while in ketosis, so can't answer from my own experience. I had a friend who did though and only had a glass of wine or two, and she was really badly affected by it. She said she had to be taken home and was really ill and didn't know where she was and was terrified as she felt so awful. It's been enough to keep me away from my favourite tipple of red wine.....;)
You wont necessarily get knocked out of ketosis but you may well end up in hospital, a number of people on here have had alcohol when in ketosis and have passed out, been very ill and some have actually ended up in hospital

Its just not worth it. It would be far safer to knock yourself out of ketosis, the day of the wedding, enjoy your day and get back on track the next day - or ofcourse just stick to soft drinks.
speaking from a medical point of view.... its like drinking on a completely empty stomach when you havent drank in a year! you will find if affects you very differently then it did when not in ketosis. so take it steady :)


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The diet coke will knock you out of ketosis anyway! I'd knock yourself out the night before with a little meal, eat and drink sensibly on day of the wedding and get right back on it next day. Better that that having a drink, feeling horrendous and then spoiling the day. Thats my plan for tomorrow. I know I've knocked myself out as I don't have the raging thirst i get when in ketosis


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Few people are actually affected by Diet coke in terms of knocking themselves out of ketosis..... the very first time I did CD I lost 7 stone and drank 1L of diet coke every day!

However I would advise that you have a small meal with a few complex carbs included to slow the absorption of alcohol.... As your liver has no gycogen back up absorption will be v v fast and you will feel very drunk very quickly... after only one or two drinks!

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