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  1. catz_marr

    catz_marr Full Member

    Im sure this has been posted about a million times but I couldn't find anything much using the search bar.

    Im only on day 3 of attack and feeling strong and motivated, so this is a little bit of future planning here!!
    At what stage can I have an alcoholic drink and what should I choose? I have a lot of weddings coming up in the next few weeks and other social events and don't want to miss out but at the same time do not want to undo my efforts!

    Thanks in advance!

    Catz xx
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  3. Shelly_Belly

    Shelly_Belly Full Member

    Technically you're not supposed to have any alcohol until you start having celebration meals in the Consolidation stage, but like you, I can't put my life on hold until I get to goal weight, so the best thing to do is to drink the Dukan friendliest that you can.

    Stay away from wine and fruit juice cocktails as they are packed with sugar, and beer because it contains sugar, but also wheat so you get even more carbs.
    The best thing to go for is vodka or rum with diet coke, or gin with slimline tonic. Basically clear spirits with sugarfree drinks.

    Beware - when I drink, and it might be the same with you, all of my will power goes straight out of the window!
    Also low-carb hangovers can be tough to handle.

    As a result, I actually made the decision only to drink very rarely during cruise, but I was easily drinking 5 times a week before ! :eek:
  4. catz_marr

    catz_marr Full Member

    Im a massive fan of vodka and diet coke generally and so im hoping I will be able to limit damages on this basis - ive got a clear weekend this weekend coming so no worries there and im generally a weekend only drinker (but I do tend to go hell-for-leather on said weekends!!!!!!!) xx
  5. I quite like slimline tonic on its own..... Just fantasising there is a massive vodka in it! ..... I wonder how long my will power will last! Xxx
  6. tryin again

    tryin again Full Member

    Vodka diet coke has never affected my weightloss on dukan, however the hangover after more than 3 is just awful. It also gives me a very upset stomach (vodka belly) the next day!
  7. catz_marr

    catz_marr Full Member

    I thought Sunday was my last day.......... i was a poorly girl and am just about shaking my hangover.....!!!x

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