Hey guys,

Tomorrow night I am treating myself to a well deserved night out. Its my brothers (who currently lives abroard) engagement do and he is flying back to the UK today especially for the party. I know you will all tell me not to have a drink but this is very important to me as I will not be able to attend the actual wedding.

So, I will be having a couple of drinks but Im just wondering what is best to have?

Thanks in advance

Bobby xxx
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If you must drink vodka and diet coke is the least likely to knock you out of ketosis - dependant on how many you have! Intersperse with glasses of water - and beware you will get drunk quicker and easier and the side effects are worse!!!


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and be prepared for the hell that comes with being knocked out of ketosis :(

I went out with hubby to celebrate his promotion...thought i'd be ok if i only drank and didnt eat. getting knocked out of ketosis made me soooo hungry and i spent the following 4 days eating.

hope u can find it easier to get back on the wagon
enjoy the party!!!


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In all honesty........really don't have it.....look at my pictures and see what happened when I did!!!

Is it reeeeeeeeeally essential you HAVE to have a drink? I really see no reason why anyone should have to have a drink when you don't need it.

It's your choice, but I really can't recommend anything since it does more harm than good.

I've been to an engagement party (hubby is to be best man) and a birthday party and haven't had any alcohol. I really didn't feel like I was missing out that much and no hangover the next day!! Actually I found it quite amusing watching everyone else get drunk..very entertaining!

I've also got a wedding next weekend which I'm going to resist the urge to drink at...

I know that's not what you want to hear. I would have thought that before you have any alcoholic drinks you'd better eat 1st..Wouldn't be good for your without anything in your stomach. Personally I wouldn go but not drink but I suppose you have to make you're own choices.

Hope you have a fab time whatever you do. xxx

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Completely agree with the gist of the comments. A couple of Vodkas and coke Zero's really isn't going to make your evening. Its about the company and having a laugh and being with people you care about. If the shoe was on the other foot and your Brother was trying to lose weight would you want him to drink?

I have had a good few nights out on sparkling water and have felt so good the following day not for just not having a hangover but consistant losing 3/4lbs a week. I have had the odd tipple the last couple of weeks and its made life really difficult. Its much easier to say on a fast-moving wagon than it is to try and get back on it!

I am sure you will make the choice thats right for you.


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Hi Bobby,

This is a struggling point for me too. I am envious of those of you who have posted that you've had just as good a night, or even better as there is no hangover to contend with after but this is never the case for me. :jelous:

If it's just a chatting night out with couple of friends I can manage it but when it's big night out or a party and there will be lots of mingling to do I just don't have the confidence to go it alone! I feel self concious and get tongue tied and as a result just don't come home feeling that I've had a great night.

My usual tipple is brandy and diet coke, my CDC said that if I switched to vodka and diet coke instead I wouldn't come out of ketosis (or at least it wouldn't be so hard to get back in). So for special occasions I do indulge - this is on the understanding that I draw a line under and don't let it spill into the next day.I think biggest cause of damage to me in the past has been the result of feeding my hangover the day after (and beleive me it was always VERY HUNGRY!).

I don't do it very often - and make sure I space out by a minimum 3 or 4 weeks so that I don't let it become a habit.

I do eat a meal before I go out if I am going to drink (as scared of passing out and making a fool of self!) chicken and veg type of thing - but confess that my reslove has cracked on a couple of occasions and some chips or a bit of buffet food may have jumped into my mouth while my willpower was busy taking a swim in vodka!

I have stayed the same, put on half a pound and lost 2lb on the weeks I have drank but always got back on track the following week when the inevitable post alcohol water retention died down.

I know this wouldn't work for everyone as some people find it impossible to get back on track once they have cheated. And beleive me I know how that feels (although these were not alcohol related falling off the wagons!) it feels like some kind of spell has been broken.

This method has worked ok for me so far but I think only because I have strict rules in place for it..

* NO last minute decisions to drink allowed like "oh stuff the water get me a double vodka I've had a bad day" only when planned in advance so that I have made grown up decision and am still in control!

* NO macdonalds breakfast the next day! (or anything else for that matter!)

* NO eating while I am out (ok so this one hasn't always been a complete success!)

It does make me feel a bit ashamed to admit that I am dependant on booze to enjoy a night out - but we can be honest on minimins - so here I go...

MY NAME IS YO-YO AND I AM ALCOHOL DEPENDENT! (during nights out when mingling/dancing/meeting new people are on the agenda!)

Hope you can get back on the straight and narrow afterwards bobby. Have a great night!

yo-yo x
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Well done on getting back on track after a night out. I think the reason that I don't drink it because i am scared that I won't be able to control myself. If I drink I want to eat... I'm lucky that the 2 nights out that I have had have been with people I know. But you ARE right. Alcohol does make you more sociable. It does with me too but I decided that even if I don't have as good a night as I'd have liked, I think of all the fantastic nights out that I'll have once I'm at target, wearing what I want and feeling nice and slim.

I feel completely that everyone is different and we all have to do what we have to do to get us through this. If that means having a drink on a night out then so be long as you are strong like you are..Don't think I would be.

The wedding I'm going to next weekend will be a test for me. I won't know that many people. I'm worried about the meal. I have asked for chicken salad instead...everyones interpretation on a chicken salad is different though...Who knows what will be on the plate! Also..toasting the bride and groom with water?? I just wonder if I can be as strong as I'm trying to be! It IS reassuring though that you manage to get back on track if I'm not as angelic as I should be hopefully I'll be able to get straight back on CD next day too.