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All of my excuses.

I have discovered that I have a skill in talking myself out of achieving the things i desire most when the going gets tough. If you could get an degree in creative excuses i would have one.:eek:
So here are all of my excuses I have been hiding behind when it comes to weight loss for the bright light of day to scrutinise.
1 -I take medication which increases my appetite
2- i can so easily put weight back on fast by bingeing
3- I feel to big for swimming costume
4- I wobble at the gym
5- my hips are naturally huge so i'll never be thin anyway.
Actually that's about it, I thought I had hundreds!!
Anyway from now on I'm putting the excuses behind me. I WILL reach my target weight.
Hi to everyone out there, this is my first post:D
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well done :) good luck! xxx
i make excuses for myself all the time. i really need to stop doing this and just discover the wil-power within me. i know i can do it as i have done it b4 i have just gotta find it again.
i am going to set myself mini monthly goals and that way the excuses i come up with will hopefully sound pathetic when i have such a small time to reach these mini goals.
haha... my first excuse of today was oh what a lovely day it is for a nice long walk.... but i have my washing and ironing to do.... then i thort to myself the washing and ironing will b therewhen i get back.
putting my trainers on now, im off out!!
I actually don't agree with that at all. Losing weight is difficult. There are lots of obsticals that get chucked at people every day. Wether it be busy lifestyles, single mums not having any time to go to the gym and life revolves are your children, social lives can get in the way aswell. All my friends are skinny and love going out clubbing every weekend, drinking lots and having meals, picnics, bbqs etc. It is very difficult to remain focused if you don't have a good support network either. Im not having a go at you just pointing out that not everyone finds it that easy.

a good way to work out if you are making excuses is to take the reason you cant do something, then imagine someone offered you £10,000 if you could jump that hurdle.

For example a blind person could never learn to drive whatever the reward

But if you could lose weight for 10k in spite of whatever the obstacles, then they are excuses.
I actually don't agree with that at all. Losing weight is difficult. There are lots of obsticals that get chucked at people every day.

I agree that many people do find it difficult - Darien in what ways is it easy for you? There is no point posting that it's easy without being more specific. I hardly drink, but it's no use telling an alcoholic that teetotal is easy.

I do believe that I can overcome how I see these obstacles - in the end I can choose to beat them or not. It may take a loooong time but i have just come to the realisation that if I stay stuck in the "I'm a compulsive eater" self image, I'll always be there.

I am working on summoning the feelings of when I felt in control of my eating. I bought this small plastic ball with glitter in (sounds cheap and nasty, is actually really relaxing) that I keep in my bag and look at when I feel down and sort of zone in and instruct myself to bring up the positive feelings.

This is something that takes a while but definitely worth having a go at. My ball is secret and only for me, when I feel bad.

I hope this might help ... I have let my addiction drive the bus far too many years - now I'm taking control.
I heard it's a good idea to have your targets as if they are true now - so instead of 'I will be skinny' try this "It's 2012, I'm in Florida and I am skinny"...I think the idea is that if your target is phrased in the future, it's always out of reach. (Your subconscious doesn't understand logic like 2012 arriving)...make sense?
I find that I have excuses for exercise! Like "I won't look nice in my tracksuit bottoms" and feeling self-conscious exercising at a slower rate than I was previously at.

But the excuses vanished when I reminded myself that: I can get physically fit again (I did it once, I can do it again! :) ).. In a way, losing weight again is easier because I know which pitfalls to avoid etc.

I agree that social occasions can be a bit of a challenge when losing weight but two words will help you out big time: portion control.
Have two alcoholic drinks, then stop. Eat off a side plate at a bbq and don't have second servings. When in doubt in a restaurant, order chicken salad without the dressing, croutons.. All restaurants seem to serve chicken salad. It is definitely my fallback option when eating out. Also, drink loads of water too and have tea/coffee instead of dessert.

At a bbq, stick to salad. Without the dressing/ketchup etc. Without the bread etc. Eat a good meal earlier on in the day so you're not hungry.

If you're having a kind of fattening thing in a restaurant, eat half of it and leave the other half behind!

In clubs, diet coke is your friend. Just keep sipping on it after you've drunk your two alcoholic drinks. If anyone asks why you're drinking so much diet coke, just say that you like the taste or that you mix vodka in it (most people will back off then!) Don't say you're on a diet cos then everyone will try to feed you up/drink you up. This is just my experience of things but hope it helps! x
I find it helps to sit down like glitzz did and list your excuses, not to feel bad but to realistically work out how you can tackle thhem. When my 5 yr old tantrums I often calm him down by giving him a choice - no swimming today but would you like a bike ride or the cinema instead?

can you do this to yourself? eg no pud but would you like some coffee (always an indulgence, it peps me up) or to buy a tashy mag on the way home?

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