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All or nothing (mandys diary)

Well, ive came to a realisation. Again ive been playing at the diet "oh i have a day out, lets have a picnic", "its my mums birthday, i can eat at the meal"...uget the drift.

Its shocking....im actually making excuses to myself...but who am i kidding, im playing at it. I have 2 months supply left and i'll be damned if im wasting them. I want to be on my way to size 12's by xmas.

SOOOO ive finally told all my friends and family about the diet (only a few knew), ive binned all the "temptation" from the cupboard and from now on will only buy food for my son...nothing for me.

And yet again ive binned the scales. If im doing this i NEED to do it properly

So, i got weighed today at my mums. Im 264lbs (put on a couple over this week thru sheer cheating), and today im gettin the last "binge" thoughts out of my head.

Tomorrow is a new day, a new start, to a new me. Ive said this before, but i have to mean it this time...theres no alternative!

i will get weighed every monday at my mums (gives me an added kick up the butt knowing someone else is weighing me).....and there will be no excuses from now on. This is it.

Roll on tomorrow for a fantastic DAY 1 :D
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Well done babystar xx
S: 23st8lb C: 23st1lb G: 13st8lb BMI: 50.6 Loss: 0st7lb(2.12%)
lol add a third person to your restart! I have had an awful week ..... keep nibbling and have had a carb blow out yesterday. Anyway I am all ready for a new week which starts tomorrow
Good luck Sharon. I knowwhat u mean. Ive been craving carbs this week so much. What i so wanted was a batchelors pasta n sauce (cheese n brocolli kind) with sweetcorn mixed thru...how random is that....i never normally even eat them! and i did have it.....LOL. Some of my other sins included a chinese, a kit kat chunky....the list goes on. I had a nerve even havin my shake in the morning cos by noon the diet was out the window most days. Admission over....defo fresh start tomorrow. Had a no carb day today to prepare myself for startign again tomorrow. Its not easy eh...but got to be done! xx


Amusing Title.
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i love it, fresh start fresh diary x
S: 23st8lb C: 23st1lb G: 13st8lb BMI: 50.6 Loss: 0st7lb(2.12%)
yep no more bloody chinese for me! grrrrrr
Thanks everyone for the extra motivation boost i needed!

Goin to bed now, ready to face tomorrow head on....its going to be tough for the next few days so bear with me until day 5 when i start to feel human again lol. Stocked up on headache pills and flavoured water to see me thru the hard few days ahead and make them that little bit easier hehe. I warned my mum that i have prebooked "crabbit witch" days from now til Friday....so not to worry if im a nightmare til after then haha. Ah, never mind, hopefully be all snuggled into my lovely warm Ketosis blankie by Saturday....something to look forward to. Honestly, it is like a comfort blankie (im not insane.....honest)

Goodnight xxxxx


Grumpy Old Git
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It's the only way to do it.....once the playing about starts it's the slippery slope to bingeing and weight gain...:(

Now where did I hide that Bacon Buttie...:rolleyes:


Rebel without a calorie
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You can do it Mandy. Hope today's not too bad for you. I was grumpy by late afternoon yesterday but stuck with it 100% and this morning the carb headache has started :( I need my blankie!


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Hi Babystar

Could have been me writing - I know all about playing at it! After the last 6 months of trying to fool myself but not succeeding I started yesterday. Only on Day 2 but fingers crossed I'll have a good day.

One benefit already is that I haven't had indigestion! I've stuffed so much the last few months (even when I've not been hungry) that everyday I've felt so ill with indigestion that I've lived on Zantac. my stomach is probably shot to pieces with it!

But, none today, and in my book that's already a result.

Hope weighing at you mums helps and that you soon start to see the pounds fall away.

I know exactly what you mean about the Zantac, it was my dessert for most meals before I lost weight - and it has gone completely now :D another great incentive folks!

Hope your blankies all arrive quickly
Bren xx

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