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All the way to the finish line...

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Hi all,

So here I am, ready to get back on the CD wagon. Fully recovered from sinusitis and conjunctivitis thanks to the antibiotics.

Anyway, that was then. This is now. Official start date tomorrow. SS+ as before, seeing my CDC tomorrow so will post the damage.

I wanted to start a new thread tonight so that I can be fully prepared to spill my ramblings as of tomorrow.... I fully intend to do SS+ all the way down to 9.7 or possibly 9. My last weigh in was 10.9, wonder what tomorrows weigh in will say....?.... Watch this space.

I need to remember all the motivation I had before. And I am just going to do this and not even think about it, just get it done and get the weight off. It's not forever, I should be able to do this in 6-7 weeks. That's no time at all.....

I hope you are all doing great, it keeps me motivated to know that others are going through the same thing!

Stay strong all... See you in the morning!!
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S: 0st11.6lb C: 0st11.6lb G: 0st10.1lb Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Thanks guys, in a weird way I'm kinda excited about tomorrow, and I'm not even doing that final night binge thing, I had a salad for dinner and a pear. I might live to regret that when I'm hungry tomorrow.

Bring on day 1!!
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And day one begins.... Gonna go for a swim and have my first shake before I start work....
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Swim done, feel great. First shake down the hatch.....

I feel good. Apart from one thing..... I'm an ex smoker, and starting to think that maybe I should allow myself to smoke through this diet. But I know that at the end I will just feel crap for going back to it.... Why is addiction so hard to crack?!!
Its horrible the way our minds work, your dealing with one area so another starts to be a problem! Try not to smoke though hun like you said your only going to feel bad x
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Thanks Mrs H, I'm going to try and keep busy. But I'd rather smoke than eat at the moment.

So, the weigh in.... I gained 3lbs in my week off but I am not at all bothered by that, simply because it's totm this week and I had 3 litres of water today so I'm expecting the first few lbs to drop quickly.

My + meal was tofu and 2 sticks of celery. I was a tofu virgin until today, I put it in a pan with some water and Chinese five spice and half a beef stock, just let the water thicken, was like having it with a sauce..... Gonna have my final shake with eastenders.

Only had 2 coffees which is a bloody miracle for me!! Gonna have one now though.

Hope you're all having fab days!!


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Hey I start day 1 Tom as well .we have similar stats feeling really motivated to get going and crack this .... Bring it on... Good
Luck .. Keep us posted on how you are doing over the next few days x
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Thanks Divstar.... That's my motto!!!

Welcome Pretika, I'll certainly keep posting my ramblings.... Good luck for tomorrow, keep me posted, feel free to rant!

I'm feeling a little hungry now, gonna have a glass of water and just go bed, up for a swim tomorrow...
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Day 2..... Feeling ok, (it's very early) gonna go for a swim and have plenty of water. Gonna be at a networking event today for work, which means I'll be surrounded by food. Would be ok if I was alone, but my colleague is gonna be there and may sy something.... Ahh well, I'll cross that bridge when I come to it....


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Hey good luck for today - keep drinking plenty of water - I sometimes have sparkling water when I am out with customers - it somehow helps me keep off the food !! X


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I started yday and randomly fell off the wagon when I wasn't even struggling. Goin cdc today and gonna begin ton I think. How u gettin on, did u get weighed wi cdc? Jude.
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Hey Pretika, hope you've had a good day, I find fizzy water helps, also has an almost sweet taste to it.

Puddinpie, it's strange how we end up doing things and not really understanding why. I've done that where I'll eat even though I'm not hungry, I even smoked today when I had already acknowledged I didn't want to! *hangs head*.... Anyway, you can do this. Straight back on the horse!

As for me. Well. I'm still 3lbs up thanks to my 10 days off plan. My CDC was totally cool, she completely got that I was ill and on 3 different meds so knew I had to eat otherwise I'd have ended up doubling over in pain, or worse with a stomach ulcer! But today has been ok, was at a conference which included lunch and biscuits, I was very good and didn't cave at all, lots of people were asking why I wasn't eating and I just lied and said I did eat... I did do one thing that was a tiny bit off plan, I had a glass of water which had an orange slice in it, well the orange slice was in the jug, but there was no other water available so I just went for it. I doubt it'll do any damage, but just had to confess!

I am hungry today, it's only day 2 so that's to be expected. I have one more shake left to have and I'm gonna scoff that after I've finished posting.

If I can just get through tomorrow and into ketosis I'll be officially on the home run! I have another conference on Thursday which is gonna be another one I'll have to get a no eating excuse for, but I'm not gonna let a room of strangers stand in my way!!

Hope you're all having successful days!



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Well done for sticking to your plan !!!
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Day 3 is upon me! Jumped on the scales (I cheat all the time with that) and woohoo, I'm back to where I was before I got ill. Yaay!!

So I've just gotta have another 100% day today and I should officially be in ketosis. Just realised last night that I've got just over 5 weeks till I go on holiday! So there's something for me to aim for!.... In just a handful of weeks and my CD journey is over forever!!!.....

Hope you all have a great day!!! X
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Hi all,

So. Day 3 is over!.... How was today for you guys? I hope it's been a gooden?!

I have been so busy today that I have only just stopped to reflect.... It's been a pretty good day, I think ketosis is here, I went for a swim this morning at 6:30 and didn't have my first shake until about 11:30.... I haven't felt hungry at all today, haven't been at all tempted to come off plan either..... This is all very odd for me as the first week usually brings the desire to chew off my right arm!!!

Day 4 tomorrow! Bring it on!... It might be a little tough as I am going to be at a conference and no doubt surrounded by food, but then I did just go and see a mate and watch her and her partner eat dinner and that didn't bother me much. ........ Seriously, have no idea who I am right now, this is almost (dare I say it) too easy...... Ok. I need to stop before I jinx myself!

Anyway, there is one bad thing!!! Can I stop peeing?..... Not good when u work a job that doesn't allow regular access to 'facilities' ..... May consider a temporary catheter.

Right. Bed time... Well a few more posts an then bed

Good luck for tomorrow guys.

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Morning all. So it's day 4 and I have been in such a rush this morning I downed a shake and that's all... I usually like to get about a litre of water down me' before that first shake. Never mind, I'm travelling quite a bit today so probably best if I don't drink too much.

Anyway, I'm just doing this, I'm not going to complicate it, think about it, or consider it depriving myself... I'm going to enjoy this journey.

Cheated and got on the scales this morning (I do it every morning), no change since yesterday but it is totm so let's see what happens next week. If I can get at least 3 lbs off a week then I'll be at my goal in 5.5 weeks! Can't wait for Mondays weigh in!!

Have a great day all...