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~*Ally's Dukan Diary*~

Hi everyone :sign0144:

I'm Ally. I've not started a diary until now I suppose because I felt a bit shy :eek:

But I'm here now to join you lovely ladies!! :)

A bit of background.....

I started dukan in early July and have really enjoyed it. I've lost one stone in total since then and want to lose one more stone. :fingerscrossed:

Up until now I've been happy losing it slowly. Already a stone has made such a difference to my appearance (I'm tall with small boobs and any extra weight makes me look tubby and boyish).

Lately though I'd become complacent. I wasn't keeping my tolerated items in check, I was eating too much dairy as comfort food and was cheating on exercise. Basically I wasn't doing myself any favours. :sigh2:

To top it off a friend visited from overseas and I abandoned dukan while she was here.

So....I've decided to do 3 days of attack to kickstart me back into dukan. I'm saying goodbye to my relaxed attitude. I want to lose the final stone and get onto consolidation....by my 26th birthday in October. :bday:

Changes I will make...:whoopass:

  • No tolerated items for a week, lots of protein, plenty of water...just good old-fashioned back to basics dukan.
  • I'm going to go running twice a week. I used to go for regular 4-5 mile runs but I gave it up for a year while I was busy studying for my air traffic control exams. I'm going to build back up s-l-o-w-l-y!
  • I've also been going to burlesque dance classes - so much fun! Can't wait to treat myself to a new corset when I've reached goal.
  • I'm going to try more of the recipes on here. I bought a microwavable egg pocher and omelette maker to keep my eggs interesting. I also digged out a george foremans from the back of the cupboard (it was left behind by the previous tenant) and got to say I have been loving it. It gives chicken a lovely moist, chargrilled taste like you get at Harvester.
Looking forward to sharing my journey with you ladies :cool:

Ally x
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Welcome. You sound really well prepared and raring to go. The fact you lost a stone shows you know how to do it. Burlesque dancing is a new one on me. Those beautiful corsets would tempt me, might have a look to see if anything like that is done around here. ;)
Thank you. I'm really enjoying the burlesque dancing. You should definitely see if there's something like it in your area! I was worried it would be cheesy but it's really not. The routine we are learning at the minute is from the Burlesque movie Christina Aguilera was in, the song she sings in the opening scene when she decides to leave her bar.
8th sept

B skipped (had no food in the house so off to the supermarket I went)
L savoury galette, mackerel and quark pate
D 2 chicken breasts, onion, poached egg, 125g cottage cheese
S 125g FF nat yoghurt

9th sept

B Dukan biscuits
L 1Y 4W omelette, mackerel and quark pate
D turkey and tofu, onion, 125g cottage cheese
S 125g FF nat yoghurt
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Well since I last posted I've lost 6lbs and managed to lose the weight I put back on when I went off-dukan for a bit. I guess it was mostly water.

Feeling back into the swing of things now and slowing reintroducing tolerated items eg. sugar free jelly but I'm going to keep a close eye on them.

I'm enjoying making frozen yoghurts using my new flavourings that came through the post yesterday (coconut, banana, rose and cherry). I can quite happily eat natural yoghurt plain though, I've always loved the kind of bitter taste.

I went shopping with some girlfriends yesterday and it was suggested we get some food afterwards. I was hoping the group would take my suggestion for nandos but we ended up at a new American style diner. I ordered a plain beefburger with onions no chips and sidesalad and managed to not eat the bun without attracting too much attention. I resisted the huge colourful milkshakes the other girls ordered and stuck to diet coke. The desert menu looked amazing but I told myself "one day soon I'll be able to treat myself to desert".

Trying on clothes during the shopping trip was amazing. I actually didn't buy anything but still had a great time just trying things on and checking myself out in the mirror lol.

I'm hoping I'll see a 1lb loss by the end of the week as that will be a mini milestone for me (11 and a half stone).


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