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*Almost SYN-FREE* home-made soft cheese - in any flavour you like!

I can't believe I've never come across this before! It's absolutely fab and so low in syns its insane! :eek:

This whole pat of soft cheese is only 1.5 syns and tastes fab!

Its a middle eastern cheese made from strained yoghurt. It's fab! And so easy! You just mix some flavours and salt into your yoghurt and put it in the fridge in a lined sieve overnight - next morning you have cheese! And you can put whatever flavourings, spices, herbs etc you want in it. It's like a soft cheese such as Philadelphia but creamy and crumbly... kind of a cross between a soft cheese spread and a dry-er goat's cheese or Feta or something. Kinda like Boursin! :drool:

The original recipe asked for full fat yoghurt so I wasnt sure low fat would be any good but gave it a go anyway with Total 2%. Its so easy!

- Low-fat Greek yoghurt (I used 500g Total 2%)
- Salt
- Spices/flavourings of your choice
- A muslin cloth, a bowl, a sieve/colander, a small plate and a full jar/tin to weigh it all down

- Mix 1/2 tsp of salt per 500g yoghurt and whatever flavourings you fancy
(I used 500g Total 2% (1.5 syns), with 1 tsp freshly ground cumin seeds, 2 tsp dried chillies and a bit of freshly ground pepper. I'd use more spices next time but this is the first time I've done it).

- Get a muslin cloth, rinse, squeeze dry and line a sieve or colander with it. Place the sieve in a bowl to collect the whey. Then spoon your yoghurt mix in and fold over the top of the muslin:

- Now get a plate or bowl small enough to press down within the sieve, lay it on top and put a full jar or tin of something on top. (It doesnt have to be all that heavy, 400g is plenty).

- Pop it in the fridge for at least 12h, preferably overnight or even longer, depending how firm you want your cheese:

- (You can occasionally go and give it a squeeze to make sure whey is coming out. I only did this once and tbh mine is so firm & dry I dont think it needed it!)

- And voila! Just take it out of the cloth and you have soft cheese!

I'm having some of it on a warm lentil & rice salad with slow roast spicy tomatoes tonight, but you could use it on crispbread, with pasta, all sorts I imagine! You could mash it up and add garlic, herbs, lemon zest... the possibilities are endless!

Some of the flavours suggested in the book I've got include:
coriander or cumin seeds, dried chilli, chopped herbs, lemon zest, vanilla seeds, sugar, dried apricots (not all together! :D ) and there are loads more versions of it on the web if you google for labne recipes!

Ill definitely be trying this again with other flavourings! Next time garlic, a little lemon, and lashings of black pepper I think! :drool:

Yumtastic and only 1.5 syns for the whole lot with Total 2%. I dont know what it'd be like with fat free Total? Definitely worth finding out tho! :)
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Omg !?! I make my own yogurt from skimmed UHT and starter no fat yogurt,I wonder whether it would work with that?

I shall give it a go,although space in my fridge is usually sparse :(

Thanks x
Omg !?! I make my own yogurt from skimmed UHT and starter no fat yogurt,I wonder whether it would work with that?

I shall give it a go,although space in my fridge is usually sparse :(

Thanks x
You don't actually have to keep it in the fridge, as long as its a fairly cool place thats fine. The recipe just said "a cool place" but my flat is small and pretty warm, I dont have an outside so I left it in the fridge. In this version they just say to hang it from a door knob with some string and put a bowl underneath to catch the drips! :D Thats a bit too rustic for me :rolleyes:
Haven't got a muslim cloth - but think i need to buy one.
Sounds fab
Thanks Ermintrude


Really likes to cook
Nice one Ermintrude!
Haven't got a muslim cloth - but think i need to buy one.
Sounds fab
Thanks Ermintrude
Anything'll do, my mum used to strain stuff through a pair of tights when I was little! :D Just something with holes small enough to keep the yoghurt in but let the whey out :)


Is a crunchy mama!
Oh boy Ermintrude!! Can't wait to try this!!!! Imagine adding in some roasted red peppers and finely chopped black olives... :drool:
All gone now, yummo! :) Just made another batch with garlic, pepper and a touch of lemon, we'll see what its like tomorrow! :)
I'm giving this a go. I am a cheese o holic.

I hope my husband doesn't like it. He seems to like my home made versions of everything and I spend chuffing hours in the kitechn now pmsl
Oooh i have lots of old tights. Guess what i'm gonna do
Can't wait x
Well its sat in the v cold conservatory now. used % total as thats all i had in (mixed wi garlic, chili, & lots of black pepper)
Oooh hope it works
Have just done my Tescos order and added plenty of 2 % Total! I can't wait to try this - I have seen it in the past on sites and can't believe I haven't thought of trying it. Well done Ermintrude! :superwoman:
After seeing your photo wasnt sure whether to expect a recipe or a knitting pattern !

Will def. make this, would be lovely mixed with bacon to stuff a loaded skin potato.
Woop woop it worked with % total -
Syn free Cream cheese
I added a bit too much chili to mine but im so excited it worked.
I've just done some with some 0% greek yog from Asda. It's got salt, garlic and chilli powder and is out in out pantry. :)

*looks forward to morning*

I have plans for it with a hEB pitta..
I havent tried my second one yet, I didnt squeeze this one out as the last one was quite dry but checked it out last night and it was still pretty watery so gave it a good squeeze and left it in there a bit longer. Might give it a go for lunch today :)
My hubby just tried it and thinks its amazing.
Requested i make this again & again and never buy the shop one again
Roaring success me thinks x

He's joining SW in new year - so guess what he'll be living on!

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