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Alpen light bars no longer a HE(B) and instead 3.5 syns?!!

I wish they would confirm it. My friend thinks its just coz sales of their hifi bars are going down...so they are tellin us alpen bars no longer count. But they are 3.5syns if not used as a HE...so i might be eating 6 syns a day and dont realise it! xx


No not true at all, they are still a HEB. They have ALWAYS been 3.5syns each, but only IF NOT used as part of the HEB allowance.

Same way that Weetabix is a HEB, but each biscuit is about 3 syns if you are synning it.

E.G a HI-FI bar is 5.5- 6 syns but its doesn't mean its not a HE.
:eek::eek::eek::eek: i really hope thats not true coz i love them and often eat 2 or more a day:eek:

i reckon your right about them worrying about their hifi bars and the fact that obviously people will prefer to have 2 alpen lights over 1 hifi bar so maybe their sales are suffering:rolleyes:

surely if none of the ingredients change in the bar then they cant just say that its not a HEb anymore:confused:


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There was confusion a few months ago because Alpen (cereal) was no longer a HEB but some consultants were misinforming their members that it was Alpen Lights - Maybe it the same here

And IIRR alpen lights are 3 syns each?
If it's still a HEb on the website then it's still a HEb. Don't know why you were told that. Curious...


So why are they telling ppl at meetings they are no longer considered a HE? Is it just coz they want the sales of the HIFI bars to go up? lol xx
So far, it's only your friends meeting thats told her its not a HE.

I'm not saying your friend is wrong, but, on the fact that quite a few of us are just back from meetings where nothing was mentioned, and that they are still a HE on the website, would suggest there's maybe a breakdown in communication somewhere. That might be between the Counsellor and someone else, or another member and your friend. I just don't know.

If they were on the hard sell for Hi-Fi's they wouldn't ban one product like Alpen lights, they would ban them all. After all if I tell you that Alpen lights are no longer a HE, but the Asda fruits bars are, oh and the Fibre plus bars are, is that really going to help my sales of Hi-Fi bars?

Sorry if this comes across a bit ratty or anything but I've a banging sore head this morning and not really being too coherent yet.
There was confusion a few months ago because Alpen (cereal) was no longer a HEB but some consultants were misinforming their members that it was Alpen Lights - Maybe it the same here

And IIRR alpen lights are 3 syns each?

I talked with my C about Alpen Lights last week as a HE and it was fine.

And yes, I too thought they were 3 syns, not 3.5.


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Had WI last night and my C didn't say anything. In fact she mentioned how much she likes them and uses them as Hex B!

Being cynical I'd say sales of Hi Fi bars are down at that particular club.
On reading lots of posts on here over the last eight months or so, I'm getting really annoyed at what seems to be an overall lack of knowledge from quite a few consultants, supposedly experts on this plan.

This is the latest example of a consultant giving out wrong advice, and I really wish more minimins members would go on to become SW consultants, as the membership here really seems to know the SW plan back to front, and would be able to make a difference to people's lives in a class face to face, which some consultants are apparently failing to do, whether they are ill-trained, rude or simply lacking enough interest to know enough about the plan and their customers.

Rant over :eek:
I was gonna say it better not be as I was literally just picking bits of summer fruit alpen light out of my teeth!! lol!! ah well.. im sure it will be fine.. i'd go with the website lol
I wonder how much of this is hearsay/chinese whispers/mis-hearing?
Perhaps your friends didn't hear correctly? Perhaps the consultant said something about alpen bars and not alpen lights as the alpen bars used to be a HEX.
I don't go with the sales of hi-fi bars being down either!

On the SW website they are all listed as 3 syns and still down as a HEX. I know sometimes SW website is a bit behind but they are always just a phone call away if clarification is required!!
I was just about to say about chinese whispers Jaylou! It's rife in most groups but I say only listen to your consultant! I've lost count of the times I've seen threads on here because someone in group told them something and it had cost them dearly syn wise or they've not had something they really wanted.
You know what?

Even if they DID decide all of a sudden to take them off the list - I would ignore it. They have been absolutely fine thus far and unless they just changed the recipe to a lard coating, there is no reason to think they wouldnt still be. It may well be a hi-fi sales thing, but then perhaps they should look to create something like a Hi-Fi Lite that you can have two of, rather than just fearmongering about their rivals?

All purely speculatively, of course!
Could it be that your friend's consultant said that if you only have one alpen light then you shouldn't really count it as a HEB as it is not enough fiber alone and should really count the 3 syns and have a full healthy extra,

They are definitely still a Healthy extra and too my knowledge SW is not worried about the sales of hifi bars or they would never have made alternatives available.


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