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Also, having a really bad week :(

I have been doing sw for 9 weeks and have lost 9 lbs a steady loss of 1lb a week which for me is great, as weight loss has always been really slow... but as long as I see the scales go down, I seem to be able to stick to it quite easily and it just felt amazing.

Then last week was * week and I had battled with my food cravings and managed to win and stick to it using my syns.

But when i weighed this week, the scales tell me that I have gained 4 lbs :eek:, is that even possible in a week :confused: ... I have no idea how. It's got me really really down and the last couple of days I have reverted back to my old emotional eating pattern ... which I know isn't the solution, but it's all just driving me crazy!:cry:

Sorry for the rant :sigh:
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Nojo on the YoYo
no no no no no no no no no! it's all WATER hun! * week is rubbish, you may have even grazed a little without thinking. I'm in it now, and I feel like crap!

Hop back on your plan before the slope gets too steep!
Good advise from Vixxster. I have to really try hard at this diet lark (sorry plan) but im reaping the rewards now its taken ages to lose - think of the great feeling you get when the scales show a loss nothing better!
Official, I weigh in on Mondays.

Thanks Vixxter, I hope it is just water weight. I just kind off thought it would of come off by now. a 1 or 2 lb gain i could deal with, but 4 lb was just scarey lol xx

Oh well, must think positive and hope weigh in on monday is better....
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I can easily gain anything from 1/2lb to 4lbs on * week sometimes. It drives me mad at the time but there is usually a pay off the following week! Chin up keep on going and see what next week comes from.


Mad old Bat with Attitude
Past all that (thank goodness!) but you can't eat enough calories to put on 4 lbs of fat in a week (unless you are extremely talented at the stuff my face stakes!) That's an extra 14,000 cals! So it has to be water, unless you can tell us different! :eek: So relax, stick to the plan and you'll be back to normal next week xx
Thanks, I really appreciate the encouragement. I will hold out till monday, and will keep to plan for rest of week and see what happens.

Thanks to all

Zara (Atchonblimp) xx :)


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