Alternative to CD bars?????


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Hi guys!

I've got a question for you - I'm on CD maintenance and am now down to only 1 CD bar a day. Was wondering if anyone could recommend a good alternative (calorie-wise) to a CD bar (they're 172 cals). My CDC says that I have to still have 1200 cals a day, but with just 1 CD pack :confused:

Any ideas would be gratefully appreciated!!! :D

Sarah x
Hiya Sarah

Not sure what you are looking for here ???

When on Cambridge 1200 you have 2 CD packs a day of which one of them can be a bar ??????

Hi Icemoose,

I'm now coming off CD, as in I only have 2 weeks left seeing my CDC, and she's trying to get me to cut down on the number of packs I have each day. I was on 2 CD packs last week and am on only 1 this week. She says because of my frame, size etc, I should stick to 1200 cals and not move up anymore. Obviously the 1200 cals includes 2 CD packs, but because I'm on 1 I need a healthy alternative to my 2nd bar.

I'm confusing myself, so hope you can make something out of it!!??

Sarah x
Mmmmm ok!! If you are doing the Cambridge 1200 then it must be 2 Cambridge packs as it isn't just the calories you need but all the vitamins, minerals and proteins to look after you.

Can you ask your counsellor for 2 packs a day while on 1200 and then go to 1500 as that is just 1 pack ??/

Okay...this is slightly amusing :rolleyes:

I entered into WLR, that I was 150 years old (you get less calories as you get older), and 2ft 6 inches (less cals if you are shorter).

Still get 1780 cals to maintain :confused:
yes i can. i ahve found a company which make a really delicious bar called Sero. the one I love is chocolate, 220 cals and is low GI, low carb, fat and high protein, its make up is virtually the same a LL/CD bar, so little as to not matter in the general scheme of things.
it is chewy, rich, has crunchy bits in it and is B****y lovely!!! best of all its not exspensive. now Asda did sell them for 60p each which is how i forst found them but theu decided to stop because they didnt sell enough, that was probably due to the favt that me and 2 friends and my mum all bought every last one they has whenever they put them on the shelf and orderd boxs of them through Asda?????? You work it out, it didnt make any sense to us, so we went diract to the manufactures and bought 6 boxes ( no postage!!) and shared them out between us, you can freeze them, infact they are even more yummy like that!!!

heres the details.

Glanbia PLC

sero chocolate crisp meal replacement bar.
weight =60g
LL nut bar = 50g

per bar 100g

367 cals 373 cals
34 carbs 28 carbs
27 protein 26 protein
18 sugars 10.2 sugars
10.83 fat 20.0 fat
7g sats 3.3 sats
fibre 8g fibre 7.8g
0.25 sodium 0.3 sodium

per 100gs the sero provides 42% of all vits (RDA)bar, calcium 33 &, phos 35%, iron 16% andmag 25%,

cant work out LL bar as its not simply to work out!!

Anyway hope that is of some use to you , anymore questions just shout
Right some thing weird is going on as whenever i put the address in it doesnt take me to the site. i will try to sort it and get back to you. sorry!!
Sero bars are yummy. The dinner one is about 220 cals each. Asda did sell them for 40p each.

But anyway....still confused. If you are on 1200cals and intend to stay there, it doesn't really matter what you have as long as it's healthy.

If you are still doing the 1200 stabilisation bit, then I would stick to the CD bar as it's only for such a short time before you have finished...shame to change things

Still very confused about the 1200 cals for maintenance though:confused:
Where is the information stating that the bars provide 42% rda of all vitamins?

A simple low-carb bar wouldn't do the same job as a Cambridge bar, Snail. It's difficult to get all the vitamins, minerals, etc, from a 1200kcal diet, which is why you still need a Cambridge pack.

As Karion says, i'm confused! I'm not quite sure why you can't just continue to use Cambridge bars throughout the maintenance stages, Sarah!

Jo x
but I guess it's just healthy eating now!

Yep, that's it, if that's the place you've got to. The bars can come in handy, and I find a variety of other foods keeps it interesting and helps stop any binging.

Be careful though trying to keep to such a low calorie target a day without being in ketosis. It wont be too hard to start with, but after a while it will be hard to stick to and you might end up blowing the lot and hating yourself. Been there...done that.

I don't want to sound preachy, but unless you have an underlying medical condition, I would really advise moving up to the 1500 calories a day. However tiny you are. I fear you might be setting yourself up for a fall :(

Sorry, I know I shouldn't go against a CDCs recommendation, but I have to open my gob if I don't agree with their advice on this occassion :D

Bear it in mind, and if you don't like it...just cally me Gobby and move on :D

Best of luck :)
Thanks Karion! I will ponder over your words!! As much as I would like to go to 1500, I just can't help but wonder why she said stick to 1200. Maybe I should see how I go and if I move to 1500 then so be it!?

Thanks again!

Sarah x

P.S. I don't think you're gobby at all!!!!! :)
P.S. I don't think you're gobby at all!!!!! :)
Aw thanks ;)

I have no idea why she said stick to 1200 either:confused: Very weird.

When I was on 1200cals I maintained, then when I moved to 1500 I continued to maintain. When I went to 1800-2000 I also continued to maintain as my body adjusted. More than that and I go over though.

I think it's tempting to think that if you maintain on 1200 you can't move upwards, but you do for some reason. :confused:

Best of luck