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Alton Towers - petrified i'm not going to fit on the rides!


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I'm off to Alton Towers on 5th July, and i'm absolutely terrified that i'm not going to fit on the rides :cry:

I went to Disneyland in january and was about the same weight/size i am now and fitted on everything - rollercoasters, seatbelt rides etc - just fine! Although crush's coaster was a bit tight... still fastened ok though :eek:

I've heard that the UK parks (especially alton towers) are a lot less generous than the european or american rides :rolleyes: so as you can imagine, i'm scared of getting there and not fitting on them :(

Has anyone been while overweight (or know anyone who has) and what size were you/they?

I'm a size 20 (getting looser) and my measurements while sitting down like i would be on a rollercoaster (did them this evening) are -

boobs - 48"
belly - 43/44"
hips/bum - 54"

Anyone know what the chances are of me getting on the ride then not being able to fasten the restraint? :eek:

I know on a couple of the rides they have a 'test seat' at the entrance so you can make sure you fit before you queue, but that's only on a couple of them.....

I am going to be devastated if i get turned away from a ride - i'll be so embarrassed :(
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Yet something else we have to worry about! I don't have any great advice I am afraid, but you do have just over 3 weeks to lose a little more. I think that they plan the rides for larger people that you as well, so hopefully you should be fine.


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Hi Beki

It's years since I've been to Alton Towers so can't advise but is it worth emailing the park for some guide to the seat widths etc so you know in advance which queues not to join.


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Good idea to email for measurements. I have seen test seats but always been too embarressed to sit in them as I know people will know my reason for sitting in it!!! I thankfully am a coward anyway when it comes to rides and usually end up as 'bag lady' at theme parks. It is my goal to one time get on a ride but like you my fears are always size related so not going to try yet. I also on more sedate rides mentally guess peoples sizes who are in the queue ahead of me to see if they come back so I know to leave the queue before embarressment - LOL.
Isn't it a shame we can't just have a nice time out!
Good Luck with the rides - I'm sure you'll be fine but a quick email can't hurt just to put your mind at rest so you enjoy the day more!



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maybe we should all have a goal to be slim enough to go on rides then meet at a theme park in the near future.


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That's a really good idea Tara! :)

And thanks everyone - i hadn't even thought about emailing them! What a twit i am! :eek: LOL


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I flew for the first time in 2003 and I was mortified as I had to have a selt belt extender, I was so embarrassed, these things come to test us Beki....I should have learnt my lesson and joined SW in 2003!!!

You have 3 weeks by my reckoning and you are losing weight so well I'm sure you will have lost some more weight and got into a size 18 by then, so I don't think you have a lot to worry about, just go and have a lovely family day out and enjoy yourselves. X

I went to Alton Towers last year... i was the same size as i am now(well lossing it now! lol)
I also went to Thorpe Park last weekend....
At Alton Towers i couldnt fit on air but most of the other rides were fine... they help you fit on the rides.....lol.... There was some rides i would go on but most are fine....

Thorpe park is a little different....... i hated it, i couldnt fit on most of the rides, they just gave me a advanced ticket for another ride (which i couldnt fit on) They made me get off infront of everyone, but hayho

Dont worry you will be fine at Alton Towers...... Hope you have a good time! I would take a packlunch at the choice of food is chips and burgers or sausages lol



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Do you mind me asking what size you are snappy? :eek:


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Thanks hun - and thanks all for your replies :) xx

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