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Always hungry


its a long road
Ive just changed from the Pill to the injection and i have discovered that im always hungry no matter how much i eat :(:(

Im drinking more which is helping a little bit, I do green days mostly (most filling) does anyone have any ideas for filling things to snack on as im eating my house dry and its costing a bit to much.
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I expect it'l pass soon hun! - my younger sis 'started' 2 days ago.. bless her, and after complete denial that it was happening, finally accepted and has been constantly eating like a horse non stop, she's even out doing my OH! Bless her..

keep drinking, pepsi max is always good. plenty of frozen fruit (but cheaper) and sw chips.. also cheaper.. xx


its a long road

your always here with support :)

I made the chips for the first time tonight were yummy :)


I want to be fitter again
Implanon's side effects include increase in appetite but not necessarily hunger. The chances are that you are not actually hungry if you are eating well during the day but your body has lost the ability to tell your brain it is full. One thing that sometimes helps is to actually plan for 6 smaller meals a day for a while so your body will learn that it will get food every couple of hours. Another thing to try is when your body says its hungry have a glass of water, go and clean your teeth and then decide how hungry you are. Think of where the hunger is. Is it really in your stomch as in rumbling or is it your mouth or throat which would indicate more of a craving. Sometimes it is better to give in to a small portion of your craving rather than try 6 million other foods trying to take the craving away.Listen to your body and don't give up xx
No worries hunnypie! i know it can be a bit crap when all you want to do is eat everyone out of house and home..

sw chips is deffinatly the way forward, next time you feel the urge to eat .. make the effort to eat a free food first, because if you dont want free food, your not hungry.. buy a bag of spuds and make your way thru that first before hitting the chocs!!

hope you feel 'full' soon :p lol xxxxxxxxxxxx
...make the effort to eat a free food first, because if you dont want free food, your not hungry...
I need to start thinking this way more.....thanks for that. :)

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