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Am i being realistic????

Hi everyone......:D:D

Just been mulling over some things and decided that i would extend my goal date so that i wasnt under too much pressure...then thought, maybe i should change my goal weight too. I am only 5ft 2inches and started off 16 weeks ago at a hefty 17st 10lbs! I have set my goal weight now at 9st 9lbs to keep my BMI under 25. Do you think this is achievable?

I am currently 13st 9lbs, have gone down quite a few clothing sizes......just wondering if anyone knows what size i could be if i achieved my goal weight!! any 5ft 2in- 9st-9lbs'ers out there???

Just a thought!:confused::confused:

This certainly messes with the head....but in a good way ;);) I never thought i could get to where i am now, but i have and so the thought of getting to goal by September makes me smile!

Hope everyone is doing well and feeling positive. :vibes:

anni xxxxxxx
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is going to do this!
I'm 5'3", and when between 8.7 - 9 stone I've been a size 10.

So I'd say perhaps a 12, maybe a 14 depending on your muscle size/whether you are big boned?

And I think you should set a target of however you want to be :) It is possible, if you stick to it. The average daily recommended kcal intake for a woman is 2000, which would suggest on average people are burning over 2000 a day. If you are on the 800 plan, you are therefore losing at least 1200 kcals a day, so however long it takes, the weight will and does come off :)

Good luck! You've done brilliantly so far.


An Attitude of Gratitude
I'm 5'3" & l used to be around 9 1/2 stone (a few years ago!), back then l was a size 12. I guess what size someone is at a particular weight will depend on their body shape, bust/waist/hip measurement

You've done really well so far - well done!


Cambridge Consultant
Well done you have done fantastically well so far!
I am 5 ft 2 at the moment my goal is 9 1/2........
I am in the 11s at the moment and wearing top size 12 and bottom 14..
I think it depends on the indivdiual really. Just see how you go..
Good luck x
Thanks guys!

I feel a 12 is perfect for me!! I've gone from a 26/28 on top, 24 bottom to a 20 on top and 18 on the bottom.

I was worried that i would end up being a size 8 and really struggling to maintain it. i am quite big boned, take a size 8/9 in a shoe, so feel that this weight would be ideal (if i get there) phew!

ah....now looking forward to it. :D:D


Don't worry, be happy :)
I'm 5ft 1" and when i was around about 135lbs i was a size 12 on the verge of size 10, so if your a bit taller that me i would say that you'll definately be a 12 at least maybe even 10/12 depending on how you carry your weight.
Its definetly achieveable and well done you for getting focussed on a new goal, keep your eyes on it and you'll be there in no time, you've all ready done so well, you should be very proud of yourself. x

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