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Am I doing enough?


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Hi all,

Was hoping someone could have a read of my new gym routine and see if I’m doing enough. I did see a trainer to work out a programme, but she has given me an awful lot of weight training to do and I want to incorporate more CV work.
Currently I am going to the gym 4 x a week for 1 hour each time. This is 30mins on CV machines – at the moment I’m doing incline 8 at level 6 for 30 mins. However, today I did 10 mins on the recumbent bike and then 5 mins on the elliptical machine and 15 mins on the treadmill.

I then do about 30 mins in total….

3 x 15 reps of stomach crunches using the half ball thing (to support my lower back)
2 x 20 reps of stomach crunches using a balance ball.
2 x 15 reps of wings work using a 5kg weight
2 x 10 medicine ball twists. Holding it in front of me and twisting side to side, hips straight. THIS KILLS MY ARMS!
2 x 15 of the pulling down chest bar thing 25kg (you can tell I’m new at this!)
2 x15 reps 15kg on the other pulley up, standing up machine (biceps)
Then 5 x 30 seconds on the Power plate doing tricep dips, lady push ups, squats.

So that’s an hour. I feel nicely knackered at the end of it J
Question is should I be doing more CV work? Wouldn’t be better for fat burning and weight loss?

Can anyone help, does anyone know!??!

Am loving it though, long may it continue :D:D:D
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think you have the right mix there of cardio and strengh! only thing id say is dont stick to the same kg on these machines, once you feel like your getting used to it a bit, up it. dosent have to be much like an extra 2.5kg and keep building up when you feel the need too :)


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S: 20st10lb C: 20st6lb G: 16st10lb BMI: 43.5 Loss: 0st4lb(1.38%)
Thanks so much :)
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Completely agree with Gina - lift weights (or do bodyweight resistance) to lose weight - and you need to keep challenging yourself, as it becomes easy, put the weights up.


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Looks good! Just make sure you warm up and cool down!!

Strength training is important, as muscle takes up less room inside your body lol (if you know what I mean) and the more muscles you have the more calories you burn!

Good luck and keep up the good work! :D
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Got any classes you could do occasionally - your body needs a good mix of different exercise so it doesn't get used to it. You could also have a session per week which is more cardio and less weights and then one which is more weights and less cardio - all about the mixing to keep it interesting for you and your body!


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Hi there

Glad your enjoying it. Something to consider is adding some weight based exercise.

Your body weight is usually enough but you can add weight - dumbell, kettlebell etc.., and do some lunges, squats, deadlift, press type exercises such as bench press and so on. You will burn more calories this way.

Happy to provide more details if it helps but whatever keep varying what you do, dont just repeat without adding some extra challenge

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