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Am I eating too much?

Hi all.
Re started SW this week and I feel like im eating too much like today I have had already ( im incredibly hungry this week )

2 scrambled eggs and half a tin of beans
6 x Seafood sticks
Pasta salad with chicken and dressing (syned)

I know they are all mostly free and I have been writing everything down but am I eating too much to lose any weight?

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No, certainly not eating too much Hun. Just use the thought that if you are full then stop eating. Also, if you are not hungry, dont force yourself to eat.
Try adding veg and fruit in and make sure that you drink plenty of water to wash it all down with.

Good luck and dont worry!!
I have lost 3 stone 1.5lbs.. and today I have eaten 3 pieces of bacon, fry-light up of fresh chopped tomatoes, half an onion and a handful of mushrooms and 3 egg scrambled egg... that was @ 10 and I have just eaten a small piece of fillet steak with mushy peas and frylight up same as this morning..and then for dinner going to be having chicken stuffed with soft cheese wrapped in bacon with new pots and veg.

I weighed in yesterday and lost a lb and the conversations came out that I should eat more to help increase weight loss (makes no sense huh!) but it obviously works if we have all come this far xx
just to make clear I am bloody stuffed but they said to eat more so here I am lol
I have just had a large jacket potato with cottage cheese, baked beans SW KFC and half a corn on the cob, am stuffed and hope that WI will be kind to me this week LOL! Must say the only times I have felt hungry is when I have been too disorganised to sort food at work out properly!!!!


Now to maintain.....
ooo you have nothing to worry about! i eat lots....more than lots!! people are always suprised when they see my food diary and comment on how much i eat but i've been a member of sw since april the 5th and ive lost every week apart from two(one i sts-no idea why and one 1.5 gain after holiday).
i know its hard to believe but trust in sw,carry on and you will see the full benefit.

a good idea is to do a food diary on here(link in my sig to mine if you want to be nosey) and that way you have a record and also people on here can have a nosey and check in.
goodness, no your not eating too much.
Sunday my daily intake
cereal (HEB1) with half HEA1 milk with desert spoon honey 2 syns followed shortly after by a SW fry up (2 quorn sausages, 2 'fried' eggs, potato rosti, 1/2 can beans, grilled tomato and mushrooms, tommy sauce 1 syn

Lunch ( at about 4pm) SW spaghetti carbonarra with HEA2 cheese and quorn ham

and for dinner veggie roast dinner, quorn and sweet potato loaf, roast potato, roast sweet potato, roast parsnip, mashed carrot and swede, and aunt bessie yorkshire (3syns) and redcurrant jelly (2syns)
fruit for pudding

Kellogs fibre bar HEB2 and hot choc 2 syns


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