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Am I eating too much?

Think I may be eating too much. Weighed myself and not lost any weight in the last week and this could be a variety of things.

Been having cream, but rather a lot. Have to admit to taking a spoon and tucking into the pot :eek: lol, probably not the best thing to do.

Been having cheese. Can this stall some people?

Thought it might help to write down what I have and get peoples' advice/critique. Everyone else seems to lose loads and I feel like an anomoly, so I must be doing something wrong.

b - pork scratchings
s - 2 slices plain chicken
l - 2 pork steaks, salad, 2 tbsp mayo
s - pork scratchings
d - garlic mushrooms (mushrooms, cream cheese, garlic, bacon, parmesan)

I've also just had ANOTHER bag of pork scratchings. Had one black coffee and about 3 lts water.

I read on the Atkins website:
"Q. Do I need to count calories if I’m counting carbs on Atkins?
A. Usually no, but occasionally yes. Because the Atkins Diet doesn’t require you to count calories when you begin the program, many people mistakenly assume calories don’t count. Even if you eat the low-carb way, you can still consume too many calories, which will definitely stall—or halt—weight loss. Instead, as long as you concentrate on eating the right foods, including protein, natural fats and plenty of foundation vegetables, your appetite should take care of itself and there should be no need to count calories. If you’re losing nicely, don’t worry about calories, but if you aren’t it’s probably time for a reality check."

Bearing in mind there are 500 cals in the pork scratchings I am eating, could this be the case?

When I was just eating low carb/low GI I had no appetite, but since moving to Atkins I have been craving meat all the time. Could it be the salt content in the meats that I am eating (lots of bacon, pork products and sausages)

I never really have salt in anything and wondered if it's a) making me retain water or b) making me crave more salty food.

Any help greatly appreciated!
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Forgot to say that had more salad and spinach with dinner!


On A Mission!
Definately drop the pork scratchings, they are just fat with no other nutritional value. It does show how effective Atkins is though if you can tuck into them like that and not gain anything, its almost miraculous!

You should consider cream as a condiment, something you use to add interest to your food. Not as a snack in its own right :)

You might want to consider using meats that have less salt in them as salt will make you retain fluid and this could be disguising weight you have lost.

I would say cheese is the least probelmatic item, at least it contains calcium and it will stop you getting hungry. Maybe eat more cheese and less pork scratchings?


Call me Linzi...
Cheese can definately be a staller for some people... the best way to gauge is to cut that out but not change anything else for a week & if you loose bingo... if not then you have to look at something else. Check all yr foods/drinks for citric acid thats another staller & one that affects me hugely!

How much water are you drinking? All that salty food needs to be flushed out & replaced with fluids! x
Thanks everyone. Cream - agreed! Bought it to add to soups and sauces, but ended up just snacking and having it in coffee.

Salt and water retention - that makes sense, as I feel thinner, although clothes aren't showing it, so can't explain why, but I do.

Scatchings - wish I hadn't bought them!!! They are too nice and too easy to snack on. Not sure what to do with them. I can't control myself too well.

Meats - think I got carried away with buying sausage and bacon, as I usually prefer to eat chicken and fish.

Citris acid - does anyone know if that will be in Berocca? Have been having that as my multivitamin. Should I cut it out?

Aside from that I only drink coffee and water. Don't like juices and love water. Tend to have anything from 3-4 litres a day of water and then coffee on top.

Think maybe I should start having omelette or scrambled egg with mushrooms/ham/cheese variations and cut back on salty meats.
Hi Watergirl I must admit to keeping a check on my calories (mainly because I use myfitnesspal to record my weight, carbs etc) but mainly I limit my red meat and refined meat products (ie bacon and sausages).
Also maybe have something more substantial for breakfast (if you can) like you say an omelette or scrambled eggs etc rather than pork scratchings?
Also your dinner where was the "clean" protein - bacon and cheese maybe wasn't enough protein?
Might be worth going right back to basics for a week and see how you go I'm doing that this week and finding it easier than I thought!
Keep going you'll lose just wait and see! ;)
Thanks Flutter :)

So would a good day be something like

b - mushroom omelette with parmesan
l - tuna or prawn salad with mixed leaves and spinach, bit of mayo
d - chicken salad
Yum sounds good Watergirl :) a few days like that and the scales will definitely shift!
Have you an Atkins book I got the orange cover one from the library in addition to the new one and they give lots of menu ideas for induction (and beyond)
Good thanks hun... its in alot of drinks, squashes, diet drinks, anything citric flavoured, probably alot more but thats the main ones.

Random fact - citric acid is.
A colorless translucent crystalline acid, C6H8O7, principally derived by fermentation of carbohydrates or from lemon, lime, and pineapple juices and used in preparing citrates and in flavorings
Right, no berocca for me tomorrow then. Will take my multi vit tablet instead. Will get up a little earlier and make an omelette as well. Now, what to do with those pork scratchings...
Cheese is my downfall Liz, god knows why, I eat huge amounts as most on here can testify, yet still manage to maintain, but if I eat cheese more than a couple of times a week I'll gain, every time.
Citris acid - does anyone know if that will be in Berocca? Have been having that as my multivitamin. Should I cut it out?
i take only half a day. and check your mutivits cos they usually have citric acid in aswell!!!!!

Flutter you want to be my friend on fitnesspal? ive got same user name as on here.
citric acid is also in cola. asda decaf sugar free doesnt have it, neither does aldi cola max or tesco premium diet cola.

are you actually not losing/stalling or were you just checking. if you are still losing weight i wouldnt worry and would carry on with the way you are eating :D
Not losing Vicky. Only started last week and everyone seems to lose weight, so figured it must be something I'm doing!

I am still having a bit of cheese (parmesan, so only small amount), but have cut everything else. So no Berocca this morning. Will check my multivit is okay too.

So far:

b - 2 egg omelette with yellow pepper, mushroom and parmesan
l - tuna with salad leaves and mayo
d - probably pork loin with salad and mushrooms

No snacks so far as been in meetings all morning. Lots of water though. Does this sound better so far?

I won't give this up! I've seen the quick losses other people have and I had them on Cambridge, but I want to do this not Cambridge, so need to figure out what does and doesn't work for me.

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