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Am I mad!!!!

After my first weigh in I have made hubby go and hide the scales with a firm instruction not to allow them back into my hands until the day before we go on holiday (5 weeks today!).

Now, as a returner to CD, I know how scale obsessed I became, at first seeing the fast weight loss was a huge incentive but I would scale hop up to 10 times a day and the result could make my mood and attitude change in a nano second :mad:
It also gave me the opportunity to listen to my fat devil whispering in my ear, urging me to purge just for one night and hey we will get straight back on tomorrow.....with the lack of movement showing on my scale digits it didn't take a lot for that to drown out my skinny angels cry of reason!!!

So I have removed them ( I know other people have suffered similar obsessions with the ketostix ).
Now I hope I can cope with just relying on how I feel in my clothes to assertain how well I am doing??

Do you think I am nuts??? Or is this something you could do and if not why?

Look forward to your thoughts
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I couldn't do it so well done you, I am a scales addict twice a day but in a way it helps me as if they have not moved or gone up one morning I'm like, right you will move for tomorrow

Hope you do great for you holiday xx
There are a couple of schools of thought. I know lots of people here have read a book by someone called Linda Spangle (she stole my name!!!) and I believe she really recommends daily weighing. But most other people seem to think it's a bad idea.

When I was younger I lost loads of weight on slimfast, and daily weigh ins were plotted on graph paper on the airing cupboard door. It was really motivating to me, and I reasoned that since your weight fluctuates through the week, what if it was fluctuating up on a weekly weigh-in day? i'd be upset for nothing without knowing the real picture.

Now, I generally leave it to my CDC. Although this week I've been driving myself spare with them, with several weigh ins a day, because i've had a couple of nasty surprises at my last two weigh-ins so i wanted to be prepared. Daily weighing doesn't seem to work for me any more, because, like lots of other things, I've developed an obsessive streak about it.


I lurve lurve lurve bars
yep thats me,I need to throw out the scales because if my hubby hides them I just go looking for them and he hides them in the most rubbish places! x
I believe scales are the root of all evil!

Seriously, they can change your mood and outlook so quickly (as previously mentioned).

So, my advice is to only get weighed on one set of scales (your own or your CDC's), weight at the same day/time every week in the same clothes (or style). Basically so many variables can change your weight that you want to try and remove the variables to get as accurate a pic as possible

But my real advice is FORGET THE WEIGHT. Measure yourself every 3-4 weeks and see the cm loss. Thats what matters. No one knows what you weigh unless you tell them!

It's so easy to obsess (I should know!) but I also know that daily weiging can become obsessive and destructive and can hamper your chance on any diet, let alone CDC

I hope this helps - just my tuppence worth!


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I went on a 6 week vacation while forgetting my scale (not intentional). At first I was upset but then I really enjoyed not having to worry about it. It also made me be very carefull on CD because I just couldn't "see" what would be the result of a binge....I came back on my scale 11 pounds lighter, I was delighted ;) But now since coming back I'm more of an obsessive weighter : every day (just once)....but I think after the celebration of our reunion, my scale and I are going to move appart again and see each other every week. Although I would really really recommend a daily weight in for a couple of month, this way you can get to know your body, how food and hormons, and water affect the weight....it is very interesting. But I did that before and I know my body perfectly well now ;)
Hi I'm tara. I'm addicted to daily weigh an ketose stix!

There I said it!!

And if I don't loose or stay above fallible on the stix then I throw myself on my sword!!!!! As proved by my wobble on here a few days ago. I can't stop myself!! I am impatient and love seeing the weight come off. It has been a slow week this one. Possibly only 4/5lbs. What other diet could you say that on????? What am I going to do when I go back to a diet which require some kind of food!! Because I'm not obsessive enough to never eat again lest I gain a couple of pounds. Am an all or nothing girls. When it's nothing, it's bad news!!!

See you're not nuts!! Xxxxx
I weigh myself everyday as soon as I get up and that is it. I find it quite a healthy way to do it because if my weight doesnt drop a couple days in a row Ill go for a swim or a walk to keep it going - I dont find it makes me think screw it ill eat!

I think I have a happy scale relationship!
Hello mybody!!! Missed you!!!! Your profile picture is GORGEOUS!!!!! Xx
twice a day for me too, morning before stepping in the shower and just before bed. I have asked my hubby to hide the battery (as i would just find the scales in his wardrobe!) and i'm going to wait til CDC weigh ins. It won't be easy as i'm motivated by losses but at the same time i'll not know if i'm having a slow week. I've done 4 weeks now and i'm sure i'll steady off at 2 or 3lbs a week. Here's hoping.
Mollyd are you ss? X
Wow....this just highlights our relationships with our bathroom friends!!!

I agree to see your weight daily can be motivational, however I am the spoilt child syndrome...I want it all to come off now in chunks so mahoosive that I can almost bounce off them scales a dress size thinner :D

I have done what is right for me, but I did laugh at your comments regarding other people's hubby's hiding techniques, when I explained to mine what I wanted him to do, his first reply was " where shall I hide them?". It took a while for him to realise how this defeated the whole point :8855:
Wished I had the brain cell to have thought about just a simple battery removal....!!!

Of course, this does put huge pressure on me NOT to think of a number that I think I could lose in 5 weeks because if I come in way under you will hear my screams all over the UK!!!

P.s. My two adult kids were overjoyed at my new abstinence of the scales as they lived in my utility room, and have obviously been scarred for life wandering into the kitchen and witnessing their mother naked ( the only accurate form of measuring) with turrets when they didn't show a loss :p

Tara - Thank you, thats my fella! Ive been so busy recently which is why I havent been on here much! You always PM if you miss me too much!
I will! I forgot I could do that!!!!!! :)
mollydog1308 said:
Hi Sapphire, I am indeed SSing. Had some ham last night but it was only a couple of slices. Still feeling positive about 2 stone for Christmas. Had my first 'Have you lost weight?' today which was nice. I do believe that glugging the water is hugely effective so trying to get 3ltrs in most days. How you getting on?

M x
Could be better my lovely!!! I think week 2 weigh in tomo will be 1st off. Which in a way is disappointing. I'd wanted to do more but this week has had a couple of slip ups. Am fine when I'm focused and happy doing it but it's too easy for me to fall off and hey! I always get back on!!!!

You're right about the water!! I enjoy it now!!

I have a mountain to climb and I'm feeling sorry for myself tonight! Sorry!!
Dont feel sorry for yourself, ill hold your hand up this mountain!

lovesssss xxxxxxxx
love you :) xx
Oh pickle don't be sad! I'd have killed for a stone off in my first two weeks - which is no consolation, and i know you feel cross with yourself... but you should also feel really proud. Think of how many times in the last fortnight you *haven't* given into temptation. You've been really strong, actually - and don't you forget it!

Fingers crossed for your weigh-in. xxxx
Aw thanks hon! 2lb this week :) not great! Am gonna exercise the hell outta myself this week!!!! Xx

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