Am I really still shrinking when the scales are sticking?

Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by onefatmama, 20 June 2010 Social URL.

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    The great CD, Again!
    Hi all,

    I'm on ss and will be having my 3rd weigh in this Thursday. I weighed yesterday and had lost 3lb, but today I have gone back up 3 lb which was my weight last WI:confused::(

    I'm still in keto and drinking on average 6 pints. If I'm in keto, I'm burning fat, yes?

    So even though the scales STS or go up, as long as I'm in keto, I'm shrinking?

    Why do the scales show no loss or gain even though you are eating 400kcal and keto?

    Sorry for the ramble, just need reassurance that all this sacrifice is worth it in the end:)
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    COuldn't read and run becuase this is a question I have asked myself plenty of times.

    I spoke to my CDC about this and she said that really over the course of the week and the month we occasionally retain water. Our bodies don't know that we have a particular urge to weigh less each time (boooo).

    Keep going and it will be worth it. By official WI you'll most likely have wee'd it out. But if not, be safe in the knowledge that you are still losing and next week will be better.

    I measure myself weekly - not the best idea so often but try measuring your bust, waistm hipsm thighs and arms fortnightly or once a month and you'll see the difference.

    Hope that helps xx
  4. Sunshine Singer

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    Hopefully it all evens out over the month. This is what I tell myself :) just keep on track, stay focused. The weight will come off but u need to be patient. The first time I did cd and my weight got stuck for a while it would lead me to eating off plan. This time tho, even tho the home scales stuck for a while, it made me more determined to keep on track.

    Keep going. Sounds like you're doing well x
  5. beinggood

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    I have good weeks and bad weeks ... I think it does even out eventually. dont be dishertened sweets.
  6. Surfhunny

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    Week 3 tends to be the week where people have lower losses for some reason then it usually picks up again, so long as you're sticking to it 100% you will lose weight, it will balance out over the month! I went through a patch where I didn't seem to be losing lbs but my clothes suddenly got looser so the weight went somewhere.

    And as cliche as it seems water retention can make you have a smaller loss, when fat leaves the fat cell it is sometimes replaced by water for a short period of time. This appears on the scales as a STS or even a gain, it's not fat, just water, so you WILL be burning fat.

    Sorry that's long and waffly, I've never been one to keep it succinct. But hope it explains things and makes you feel better xxx
  7. X_Tasha_X

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    LOL sally you make perfect sense to me. Everything you seem to say hits home with me and you explain things so i can even understand them lol. xx
  8. MrsN

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    it happens some weeks - dont worry if you stick to it you'll lose weight.
    Plus your scales and CDc scales wont be the same
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