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Amys food diary to target i come!!

Hey people!
Im now 2lbs off target which i really want for my bday!! ( 2 more wis to go!) and just seem stuck at the mo so thought i should start writing down again!
And if i do it here one of you can give me a kick up the ass if im a lil off track!!
Ok gonna start from today
Breakfast- on the go so grabbed a hi fi (heb)
Lunch- pasta n sauce cheese and broccoli (half syn)
In slow cooker for tea- chick breasts, chopped tomatoes, peppers, onions, 1tbsp peri peri (1.5 syns for whole lot) will serve with rice
Dessert i will have a penguin wafer at 4.5 syns.
Total- approx 6 syns depending how much chicken i eat!

Lets see how that goes!!
Aims xxc
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Thanks! Yeah i didnt put my drinks in did i?? Will try to up that too! I tend to drink either water, low cal squash or low cal colas. Bring the water my way and lets shift this weight!
Thank you!!
Ok diary for today
Breakfast- hi fi ( heb)
Lunch- savoury rice and mushy peas! Sounds gross i know but i love it!! 1tsp chilli sauce .5 syn
Plans for tea- sausage and lentil casserole made with stock (oxo) free
Snacks- curly wurly, orange
Drinks water, low cal squash, pepsi max!

Aims xxx
Mmmmmmm i love them!! Had a mini milky bar too so another 3.5 syns!! So total 12 for me today!! At least didnt go over i guess!!
Curly Wurly/Fudge/Milky Way - put it in the freezer... Feels like it goes much further and yummy stickiness... mmmm!!

And I love the sound of savoury rice and mushy peas btw ;)
Thats a good idea!! Mmmmm thinking about it now!!
Thanks! Most people turn their noses up at savoury rice and mushy peas but i just love it!! Textures go nicely together! At least people dnt think im mad!! Lol!!
Ok food diary for today
Breakfast- hi fi (heb)
Snack rice cake and dairylea ( 1.5 syn +part of hea)
Choc classic bar! 6.5 syns
Lunch pasta n sauce made with water and splashnof milk ( hea) .5 syn
Snacks- orange and banana
Tea-sw spag bol and pasta! Free!!
Penguin wafer- 4.5

Total syns- 13

Ok so slightly over 12 today but i have a stinking cold too and * week!! So need it!! Lol!!
O sod the free tea!! Have come down with this stinking cold and cant bear to be preparing so very naughty quorn chick pieces in homepride curry sauce for me! (6.5 syns for half a jar!)
New total- 18.5!!
Gonna have to be soooooo good tomorrow!
Sorry 19.5!!
And had 2mini rusks earlier which are one each! So 21.5 syns! Oh dear oh dear!!
Gonna be honest tho and write it on here as no point in doing it else! I hate feeling ill!! Esp when got a gorgeous boy to look after! He must think im very boring today!

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