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Andi's bum-kicking diary!!

Hi all!!

RIGHT!! This is not the first time I have started a diary on here - the others I just abandoned!

I really need to get back on track with SW. I've still been going to the meetings and have been half heartedly following the plan for ages now, but seriously, I need to get back on track!!! :break_diet::doh:

Sooooo, starting in the morning, I'm having another 1st week! I'll probably be doing mostly green days with some EE thrown in occasionally.

Let's see how it goes :D

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Hi andi

Sounds like a similar story to mine lost nothing since xmas only gaining and losing same lbs.

Started my own diary last night hoping it will help !!
My fresh start today too.

Will keep popping in see how you are doing.

Good luck x

Good luck to you too :D How much have you lost so far?

Hopefully we'll manage to lose these pesky pounds and not gain them again this time!!!!

I think I need to do some body magic too! I know it doesn't necessarily help with the weight loss, but need to do some toning. Got my line dancing class tonight - but need to dust off some of my exercise DVDs.....AND DO THEM!!

Well I have now lost about 3 stone 8 but actually achieved my 41/2 stone award just before xmas :( so long way to go till next sticker for my book.
Have not done any body magic yet as have been put off by other members who have started exercising then started putting weight on or maintaining. So I decided I would get as close to target as poss before I start exercising.
Hi Andi!

Best of luck with your repeat first week!:)

So far today I have had -

Breakfast - 2 Weetabix (B) with milk (from A) and sweetener

Dinner - Wholemeal co-op pitta bread (B), 42g Cathedral light cheese (A), crisps (5 syns). Pitta bread & cheese boshed in microwave for a minute - melted cheese & warm bread yum!!

Tea tonight will be mushy pea curry that I made the other day, with Batchelors savoury rice chicken flavour and 3 onion bhajis - all freeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!! :gimi:

Got an hours line dancing tonight too, so tea will be after that! I usually have a late tea otherwise I end up snacking on rubbish!!

I'll probably have some fruit between now and tea time, but I'm not very hungry today - yet!!

Jelly Baby - thanks :D

Breeza - the most I've lost was 3 stone 6 lbs. I won Greatest Loser at group - then proceeded to put it back on! Earlier this year I had 7 weeks 'off', resulting in a 12lb gain, which I am still wrestling with!!!
Well, yesterday didn't go to plan!!! But that's happened now so nothing I can do about it!

Trying a bit of EE today - but I know I failed at breakfast as all I wanted was porridge, so I had that with cinnamon & sweetener. No SF.

For dinner I had salad leaves, carrot, radish, cucumber, new potatoes with extra light salad cream (2 syns) and ham. Then I had a curly wurly and am about to have some melon.

Tea WILL be mushy pea curry and onion bhajis tonight.

Need to work out what day I'm having tomorrow so I can decide what to take to work for dinner, & then what to have for tea when I get home!!!

I managed to get my bike sorted today and went for a test pedal round the block - you'd have thought I'd pedalled for MILES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Guess I need to get out on it more!

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