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Angela's diary.


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Hi all!

I've got a diary on the members only diary section but I've not been keeping it and figured over here I might be more focused and motivated!

I've had a bad (diet wise) few days and this morning I fought the urge to go on SS for a few days because I know this is not the road I want to take. I'm currently on 1200 step but really just want to eat healthly for a bit and not worry about seeing smaller numbers on the scales as I feel in a good place just now.

Goal wise im really not sure, I know it isn't out of reach but getting to 11 stone feels so far away. I know I could do it if i wanted to, thing is I dont know if I want it enough! think thats why I overate at the weekend.

DS down for a nap so away to have some lunch.
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Hi Angela & welcome... this board seems a bit quiet today but you are very welcome here... you have done really well and think the decision not to panic and jump back to SS is totally the right one. Stay slow and steady with 1200, and get to know your body again and how to eat to maintain the weight you are now. If you do choose to edge down a little, you can do that - but staying steady for a while might be more useful in the long term.

As for the few wobbly days, we have all had those, draw a line under them and get back on track... eating healthily and being proud of how far you have come in your journey!



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Thanks Katy,

Had a good day today, toddlers group in the morning, out a nice walk and lots of fun playing with DS in the afternoon!

food today-
greek yog, raisons&honey, CD shake
houmous (a mini tub! 175 kcal portion)ricecake &veg crudities
WW yog&banana
tuna&sweetcorn pasta
CD shake&rice cake with marmalade.

quite pleased with todays efforts, a positive step forward!
Hi Angela - Welcome to the maintainer's board!

It's so hard once we get to that stage where the urge to lose more weight isn't so strong anymore.

I guess it's all about the pain / pleasure principle. Whilst the extra weight is giving you more pain than the effort of losing weight you're on a winning streak. Being on a diet is moving away from the pain of feeling fat and the control gives you pleasure. Once you have got to a size that you feel OK in, however, there is less pain to move away from and the pleasure of getting to goal doesn't seem that great (as it's not THAT different from where you are now). I guess the key is to find the motivation elsewhere.

My motivation to lose weight is more or less gone and I haven't yet found something else to motivate me to lose that last bit and so I'm putting my effort into maintaining. I hope to maintain until Xmas at which time I hope to feel ready to lose a bit more as I'm going on holiday in February.

You are doing great :) and your attitude seems really positive!

How old is your DS? I miss the toddler stage! My youngest has just started school and after just a few weeks she's turned from a lovely 4 year old to a stroppy argumentative 5 year old and I secretly mourn the loss of her "babyness"...


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How old is your DS? I miss the toddler stage! My youngest has just started school and after just a few weeks she's turned from a lovely 4 year old to a stroppy argumentative 5 year old and I secretly mourn the loss of her "babyness"...
Hi, what you said all makes sense! think my motivation to loose more will come when I up my exercise, just waiting for that to happen but realise its not going to happen on its own!started Netball but thats it stopped for the kids october break for 2 weeks, will go back though after holls.

DS is 11 months old, went to baby clinic with him today, he's not been taking much formula so they said to keep his bedtime feed but stop the rest. Know its really silly but kinda feel a bit down about it as its another step away from the baby stage. Consoled myself with some chocolate :eek: but no point in stressing about that now that its done!


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havent lost this week, back to 13 stone this morning. need to try harder but complete lack of motivation is getting to me, think instead of moving down I might try 1500 plan from tomorrow but think with any plan its going to be hard, old habits have crept back in and Im taking the easy option and just eating. SS was so much easier but maybe thats just because the motivation was with me then.


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Had a good day today diet wise,no picking, no bingey moments.Going to have a (planned) glass of wine and 2 rice cakes&marmite soon.

Went into today with a plan of what to eat and I stuck to it, got the weekend planned out but know that today was made easier by being at work, will just have to keep busy and keep focused over the weekend.

I feel calm&in control, if I want this enough I have to work at it until it becomes so second nature that it doesnt require so much thinking!


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herewego;2052100 My youngest has just started school and after just a few weeks she's turned from a lovely 4 year old to a stroppy argumentative 5 year old and I secretly mourn the loss of her "babyness"...[/QUOTE said:
I know just how you feel, but there are lots of other lovely stages to go though yet. I've never got over feeling broody and if I'd been young enough I think I'd have had more children (I have four) but after the fifth, I'd have wanted a sixth and so on.....and you've got to stop somewhere. Actually it's quite difficult spreading myself thin enough as it is with them sometimes.
It seems sad to me though that I'll never give birth to or feed another baby.


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Hey Angela
Just wanted to say welcome over here hon sorry havent been around for a few days so didnt see you had hopped over.
Sounds like your doing really well hon. .
Good luck hon xx
Weekends really are so much harder, few wobbly days but not giving up on this, just have to take it one day at a time for a while I think.

Booked my induction at the gym for the 21st Oct, getting my highlights done that day too so a bit of a 'me' day, looking forward to it. Not much plans for this week, working weds&Fri but thats about it.


Plod, plod, plod.....
Hi Angela,

I crashed your thread earlier responding to a remark by Alli, it was rude of me, I'm sorry.
I've been re reading it though and wanted to say that you are doing really well and a few wobbly days happen to us all. I think your plan of taking it one day at a time is a good one. One day is do-able isn't it?
Hard though, especially at the weekends. Your 'me' day sounds great, very important to have those, especially when you have small children. You are giving all the time and sometimes just need to be spoiled in return! Enjoy it.
No probs Bess, I didnt mind!

Just got e-mailed the link to the photos that were taken of my wee boy last week at a photograpy session- he's such a poser! going to have trouble deciding on what prints to order!

had an ok morning, done ironing. had a couple of rice cakes& 1/2 shake so far-might have lunch soon as DS down for a nap, wasnt sure whether he was hungry or tired so tried tired first and its all quiet now!
Not a great day yesterday-Why oh why do I let food have such a hold over me? Why can't I just see it for what it is?

Im really hoping that starting the gym on Weds will give me the motivation I need to make more healthy choices.Hopefully as I start to feel fitter I wont want to shovel so much rubbish in my mouth. I've felt myself giving up this past week but I know thats not what I want and that these feelings will pass sometime and hopefully soon.

Ok day so far, 1/2 shake, apple, ricecake&marmite. Made some soup so away to have some after this, think I overdid the chillies but I'll brave it!


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Stay strong Angela, you are doing so well... take it from me, being hard on yourself is not always the best way forward! Take care,

Thanks. x

So so tired, away to bed, hubby out with friends tonight so hope he doesnt wake me when he gets home. good day diet wise today, havent really calorie counted but been pretty sensible.


Trying to stay healthy!
Hey Angela, just caught up on your diary, you've done fantastically well!
Keep going and you'll get there!
Hope u have a great day

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