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Ange's extra easy diary

What a difficult day...cakes and choccies everywhere at work....I had one truffle...Grrrrr someone bought in cupcakes with peanut butter icing...they kept calling me... I resisted temptation yesterday and today....now where is my halo ;)

28g porridge oats hexb
Onken low fat straw yoghurt

Beef ragu
Shape zero yog

Asda smash
Carrots broccoli spinach
50g philadelphia with garlic & herbs 4 synd
Jelly sugar free
Shape zero yoghurt

Curly wurly cake 2.5
Alpen light 3
Options 2

1 small truffle 3

14.5 syns
Thx it's so hard ATM I'm giving up smoking and craving everything sweet ... :(

28g porridge oats hexb
Muller lite

Pasta & sauce
2x mini pepperami's 2 syns
Few jarred green peppers
Olives x 8. 1 syn
Shape zero yoghurt

Syn free beef curry
Shape zero yoghurt
Few grapes
Alpen light 3
Highlights hot choc 2

= 8 syns
Its so hard to resisit when people bring things in to work isn't it. We still have 2 big boxes of thorntons chocolates left over from christmas, somedays it is easier for me to resisit than others.
Know what you mean about sweet cravings while giving up smoking hun, im at 11 weeks now and everytime i get a craving for a cig its followed by a sweet crave:sigh:
Your diaries look good, reminds me I must eat more veg!
In trying very hard to resist...makes me feel like a bit of a killjoy when everyone else is tucking in to chocs and cakes and then going out for a puff ha ha ha...they all think I'm miss goody two shoes lol x

This was really difficult was meeting my 15 yr old for lunch and it was either all u can eat buffet or nandos... I was wrestling with my conscious should I just have a day off and gave chinese buffet or do u try to stick to my sins .... Decisions decisions...well in the end the good part of me tookover and was very pleased with myself and had nandos .... Chicken breast with skin off then grilled

28g porridge Hexb
Muller lite

Chicken breast skin removed then grilled
Spicy rice
Macho peas 3 syns
Shape zero yog

Thin pork escalopes
Batcholors rice
1tbsp BBQ sauce 1.5
Shape zero yog

= 4.5
Oh no...I've totally fallen off the wagon tonight...had saveloy (thought that might be a better choice) and chip shop chips ...how on earth am I gonna syn that ...all went astray after going to the pub after work ... Boo hoo

Apart from that I had

Muller lite
28g porridge

Shape zero yoghurt

Sending myself in the corner for being a naughty girl tonight boo hoo
He he he back out the corner now ...thx ... Picking up my new bike today so hopefully will start getting extra exercise in :) x
i was 'naughty' yesterday, had already had about 8 syns then my son bought me a double decker with his pocket nmoney, didn't have the heart to say i couldn't eat it...so i did:-0 22 syns in total yesterday
Ahhh bless that is difficult.. I would of ate it too .... Having a better day today :)
28g porridge hexb
Muller lite yog

Jacket pot
Baked beans
Shape zero yog

Chicken new York 4sybs for cheese
Syn free nandos chips
Muller lite yog frozen
6 x vodkas 15

19 syns but rode 9 miles on my bike and will have less syns tomorrow to counteract hopefully b4 weigh day on Monday
Shape zero yoghurt

Poached egg
Coffee quite milky

Jellied eels

Sw burgers
Wholemeal roll hexb
2 x lo fat cheese slices = 5
Sweet potatoe & normal potatoe sw chips
Syn free BBQ sauce
Syn free rice pudding

= 5 syns

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