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Angie-bum's getting gorgeous slim and save daily diary

Discussion in 'Slim and Save - Diaries' started by angie-bum, 9 August 2012 Social URL.

  1. angie-bum

    angie-bum Gold Member

    Well here is where it begins.

    Started the day on exante as have some shakes left, then my package arrived, just before I was going to leave home (left in the sun by the postie).

    So have had today, half exante shake, 1 hazelnut shake, I cottage pie with a tiny bit of beef mince & a choc truffa bar. Not hungry at all, ketosis well and truly established :)

    Was quite surprised at how big I was by my measurements, my waist is 16inches bigger than at my thinnest in my 20's! The mirror on my fridge door helps with the reality check too

    S&S products taste good I just hope I can lose it as fast as I have on cd and exante.
    I almost don't believe it because they taste nice and are filling and you can have protein and veg....really hope my faith in it is warranted. I'll give it until the end of august and check my goals then. I want to lose 4-5 stone by Christmas.
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  3. angie-bum

    angie-bum Gold Member

    So far reasonably happy, not hungry, in ketosis for sure :) hubby also dieting so don't have to battle sweets coming in the house or temptation on the weekends, so very positive. Have had the vanilla shake today which was okay, added some to a coffee. Had a bit of the choc coconut, not struck on first bit but cut it up in smaller. Pieces and sucked them after I had had my lunch of meat and salad. Still have to eat tonight third of a vanilla shake, 75g chicken, most of my veg allowance, a curry pack and 3/4 of a choc coconut bar..... A feast! Especially as I am not hungry, it's for the tastes really. And the blindingly good thing is this diet seems to be totally tailored to my tastes! I naturally love meat and veg, but like the odd sweet thing, it doesn't feel like I am dieting, I dont feel deprived so don't feel I am missing out. Hubby came home with trifle for our little un (present from granddad) but not even Slightly tempted.

    When I am all carbed up I'm not like this. It's such a relief to feel in control and not be hungry all the time.
    I will not break this diet even for my birthday. I know from bitter experience that breaking ketosis and going off plan kills this diet stone dead. Stone dead. I am committed to the diet because it is the key to letting me out of fat jail. It's not a diet for life.
  4. angie-bum

    angie-bum Gold Member

    Hmmm, had the curry, not impressed, too overpowering for my pallet, will need to cut it with a cottage pie lol!
    I did do the chicken in Chinese spice with mushrooms and other veg. In future will test the pack b4 I add it to my food. I'll probably just try a few meals just meat and veg. 200g is actually a lot on ones plate.
    Am slightly worried that I'm not going to like the chilli and spicy spag now :-(

    Never mind, it maybe I just need to add a lot more water or use the spicy packs like a spice ie, sparingly.
    Otherwise on the positive side I like the dark truffa and choc/coconut, cut the latter into little cubes and ate/ sucked slowly, really nice :)

    Am going to eat all the samples and then consider what I want to order next. If there's a gap I can fill in with the exante I have left. I suppose I was excited about having meal packs but 2 of the 4 I've tasted are just too strong for my pallette. It's okay, there's still a lot Choice. If need be I will order more exante soups if I don't get on with the s&s choices. It makes me realise that the tesco bars I had been having are huge and need to be cut into smaller pieces.

    So what could I eat daily? watered down Mushroom pasta, hazelnut & thick choc crisp shakes, cottage pie, dark choc truffa and choccoconut.

    What could I leave in the box? Choc praline- bit bland, vanilla- okayish, not a favourite, curry- nope, Thai soup-nope,
    Still have several products to try.

    Feel stuffed.
  5. stef2009

    stef2009 Gold Member

    Morning :) and welcome to s&s :D the packs well, you could hate them now, but love them ina few weeks lol your taste changes so much on this :D
    my fave is hazelnut shake oohhhh cant get enough of it lol

    Have faith hun, ti works just as good as the other vlcd's, hard to believe i know lol

    Have a lovely day xxx
  6. angie-bum

    angie-bum Gold Member

    Hi Stef, am enjoying the food. Did cd and exante before and this is a walk n the park in comparison :)
    Thanks for stopping by ;-)
  7. stef2009

    stef2009 Gold Member

    Haha yes I know how u feel, i did lipotrim for 8 weeks and wonder how on gods name I did it looking back!

    Hope Uve had a good day xxx

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  8. angie-bum

    angie-bum Gold Member

    Nothing much to report as not weighing myself and im having no problems ;-)

    What can I say?

    Look more like myself than I have for years (since the last time I was serious doing this)

    Finding the food fine, had chicky soup, was okay would probably cut it with stock cube and add chicken

    Choc shake also okay, had it as a pudding.
    Really liking the mock wine it makes a nice drink.
    Am having 4 packs today with little veg

    Had today chick soup with half bar and half choc shake

    Am planning to have half chilli half cottage pie mix with veg on side followed by rest of choc pack

    Am hoping I am never going to need the diary again as motivation, but all I can say is I'm only 3 weeks in and expect I am about the 15ish Mark, but not going to check as it's not helpful. Just eating the food and not cheating , that's what I am doing. It's working and beyond that I'm not thinking about it much
  9. angie-bum

    angie-bum Gold Member

    So why do i now feel some trepidation?

    So I've been getting on fine with the diet, so why now this evening am I getting the gitters? Wondering if I'm doing the right thing, fretting it's not coming off quick enough /it's coming off too quick. It's almost like I'm frightened of succeeding on this diet. I know how effective it is, just need to focus on getting to a healthy weight and put this chubby phase (ha!) behind me. Feel the fear and do it anyway.
  10. Ela ine

    Ela ine Likes to post, and eat.

    Good luck hun I want to be 5 stone lighter by Christmas, too
    we can do it X
  11. angie-bum

    angie-bum Gold Member

    What can I say? Am in the zone, but losing the weight can't come quickly enough! Then I realise it's only been 3 weeks and I need to be patient.

    Have had rotten bugs a virus but feeling more physically fit now, if not very energetic. Hoping ketosis will keep other bugs away.

    Only gripe is that I found the people on exante, cd, LL and lt more serious generally about weightless than the s&s crowd, keep seeing posts about cheating and it's putting me off. Have been trawling the success stories on LL, cos the people on there are pretty hardcore strict vlcd's which I need to read. I know how to cheat! Have done it many times before, need to remember that cheating is not the norm or the way to get to goal. Am in a good mindset though, am retreading the same footsteps as when I lost 4-5 stone last time. Nothing is going to stop me. Am not breaking this diet for anyone

    Statistics....was a size 20-22 now just hovering on a size 18. Would like to be a 14, maybe a 12 if it doesn't look too skinny. Would love to be in my skinny jeans by my birthday!

    Am already planning what I can eat for my birthday, so far I plan to fast the day before and after and have a day of yummy no carb meals....followed by a truffa bar and crispy choc pudding. I will not come out of ketosis. I will not stop dieting until Christmas eve. I hope to have a moderate Christmas and new year and then embark on maintenance.
  12. angie-bum

    angie-bum Gold Member

    Had a wobble. Was hungry earlier and wondered if I'd eaten something wrong, also read a few not very helpful comments on a vlcd fb support page. So have come off there as do not need to be reading accounts of cheating++ or criticism of the actual vlcd!

    The state of mind I need to be in the zone is more fragile than I realised. I suppose it's a heads up really, I expect some people to be critical and I am ready for that. What I need to keep an eye on is when my defences are down and people talk of eating whatever they like, or try and dissuade or pile on possible dangers. I love vlcd I hate the crap that comes with it. Need to just frequent s&s 100% thread and hang about the 100% cd, LL & exante threads.

    Must not wobble. Will fast tomorrow if need be. Will not let go of ketosis or the mentality that keeps me on this diet.
  13. RebekahR

    RebekahR Gold Member

    No need to punish yourself with fasting hun. Just have your packs and protein

    Stick round here it really does help when a wobbly moment strikes

    You'll do grand xxx
  14. angie-bum

    angie-bum Gold Member

    Hi. I do find minimins supportive usually, but am struggling to find the positive posts I need, keep landing on ones that talk about cheating, or have other niggles. Even the 100% s&s no blips or cheats threads have posts saying god how can you eat this food and yuk! Feel also a bit blue cos another forum I frequented suddenly got a bit fraught with criticism. Must be feeling more vulnerable, appear to be over sensitive at the mo. It will pass
  15. oO~SaDiA~Oo

    oO~SaDiA~Oo Full Member

    Sorry your feeling blue hun. Don't think too much into it everyone has their ups and downs and you sound very head strong. I found myself over thinking some posts that putt me off a little on here too and it didn't help my mindset. I started off really focused. I too did the same used the other vlcd posts for inspiration as they do come across hardcore. But i think slim and save is only a baby compared to those forums so it's only early days. Im sure in time there will be plenty of posts about hard core vlcders. You could be that person! Just focus ur mind and maybe if you find yourself getting frustrated focus on something more positive instead.

    I usually spend more time on here in the evenings and sometimes its best if I just log off and get an early night as tiredness does alter my perception on what is being said. Be strong hun you can do it xx
  16. angie-bum

    angie-bum Gold Member

    Just need to keep my head down and get on with it, but the psychology of this diet is hard

    I had a wobble today 1 month in, as had an upset and so felt like covering the feelings with food. I had a shake and half a pack of prawns. Nothing that would take me out of ketosis but still, I was surprised I felt so calm after eating. I think emotional eater is tattooed on my heart! What wobbled me? I weighed when I said I wouldn't. Now hubby has hidden them on my request because they always upset me. I also could try another way of dieting but am willing to give this another couple of months. If I can't lose weight on under 800cals I won't lose it at slimming world. But what am I saying, I have lost weight but it was 1 stone and I wanted it to be nearly 2. So what I realise is though a vlcd does take it off quick it never feels quick enough. I will give myself credit for EVERY pound I lose. Cos they'll soon come back on if I jack it in and eat like I was
  17. Andi1

    Andi1 Member

    Hey angie . I'm just starting today and have already had about 10 wobbles haha , so I think it's definitely normal ! For me its worrying about eventually refeeding , and will I ever lose the weight ?! But if you WANT to lose the weight you WILL :character00115:
    Perseverance is the key, and a positive mental attitude :D
    Lots of luck, keep us updated :)
  18. angie-bum

    angie-bum Gold Member

    Thank you Andi, I have wobbles nearly daily, just gotta have faith that the diet is working, I've only been on it 3 weeks and ive def lost some. I've made up my mind whatever happens, I am keeping to this diet until Christmas. No excuses.

    It's the fortitude to have mental wobbles but not follow through with eating the wrong things, that's what counts. In some ways S&s is working better than the other vlcd did for me because I can still eat, I hope when I get to the point of maintenance I will take it slow and gradually increase my food intake. Anyway onwards and onward!
  19. angie-bum

    angie-bum Gold Member

    In a better mood today

    Think I had overdone it on the allowed veg and a liitle haphazard on the allowed foods and had knocked myself out of ketosis

    Have left it to lunchtime to have my first food. Not that difficult as have sore throat

    Had half spag Bol with a large mushroom. Third bar and half choc shake

    Have also picked on a few turnip chips (okay if I chew with mouth open and don't let turnip touch Tongue when eating ( as not fond of taste) have some left for later. Also have done a smattering of courgette crisps and will have them later with the chips, cauliflower rice and half pack of chilli, followed by rest of truffa bar and crispy shake. Have a small fish portion as well so that'll end up in the chilli I think.

    So evening meal all planned.
  20. angie-bum

    angie-bum Gold Member

    Well it's working, never fast enough, but it is working. Almost sleep walking this now got into a good routine.

    Had mush pasta, cauli, leeks and celery cooked with portion of fish. It was yummy. Still have half lemon bar and cripy choc shake left. Am on the exercise bike doing slow peddling. Have been und the weather with a chest infection, ear infection and now throat infection. Despite all that feel the healthiest I have in weeks. Fingers crossed won't get another bug.

    I believe I can do this 100% now. I know I have had mental wobbles this week a d am bound to again, but at the moment all is okay. When I wobbled, I acknowledged that I had those feelings and just kept on with the plan. It is easy to listen to the dark angel t hat tells you all yr fears are true, but I have just kept on going. I have decided I am going to do this diet whatever happens. Being in ketosis also helps my general mental state, so low gi foods are good!
  21. angie-bum

    angie-bum Gold Member

    Getting into smaller jeans :)

    I thought I was finding it hard to get into 18s....well 4 weeks ago I couldn't do them up then 2 weeks ago could do up under my gut with huuuge muffin top. No really I did look like a Starbucks muffin.

    Well I can feel I have lost more cos a fitted blouse I tried on a week ago, which fitted snuggly, now fits kinda loosely. So I tried on the jeans and I can do them up with some of my gut in the trousers lol

    Thought I would check the size again, yep label says 18. Then I realise they are a pair of jeans my friend took in to match my favourite skinny jeans when I lost 4 stone. She took them in a full inch on both sides. So I would say I am definitely into a size 18 and on my way to wearing my best skinny jeans again. (O.M.G!)

    Am not quite there yet and don't want to get them out of storage because I don't want to be discouraged and I don't want to stretch them. But that's good isn't it? Thought I was struggling to get into an 18 and i am not.

    I have only been doing this diet 3 and a bit weeks and it's already having body altering effects. A vlcd is a wonder to behold when you stick to it :)

    God I love losing weight
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