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Angies diary, 1st day whoop

Hi all
Joined minimins yesterday and still struggling to find my way around,
Here goes, my weigh in days are Sunday and joined slimming world online on
1 21/08/2011 15 st 1 ½ lbs -
2 28/08/2011 14 st 11 ½ lbs - 4 lbs
3 04/08/2011 14 st 8 ½ lbs - 7 lbs
4 11/09/2011 14 st 7 ½ lbs - 8 lbs

I am hoping for a decent loss this week as doing plenty of exercise


Breakfast this morning

cup of coffee,
2 weetabix with milk both from HE
apple, kiwi and grapes

I am now off to start the 30 challenge will Jillian Anderson which i believe is going to get me some results if it doesnt kill me 1st x

Well I completed my 1st day of the 30 day shred and it hurt. Then I thought i would punish myself even more by doing 10k on my exercise bike.

For lunch
Tuna and a large salad

For tea tonight I am doing mince (not sure how yet) with lots of veggies and either rice of SW chips

Spicy mince, SW chips, spouts, peas and Broccoli followed by Apple, melon and grapes
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Goof morning.
I had my weigh in this morning, lost 2lb (yeay result)

1 21/08/2011 15 st 1 ½ lbs -
2 28/08/2011 14 st 11 ½ lbs - 4 lbs
3 04/08/2011 14 st 8 ½ lbs - 7 lbs
4 11/09/2011 14 st 7 ½ lbs - 8 lbs
5 18/09/2011 14 st 5 ½ lbs - 10 lbs

Day 2
2 weetabix h/e a
250mls ss milk from my h/o a

Lunch SS soup

Chicken curry with lots of veggies, made by my loving son (syn free(
Melon too finish

Stuffed, so that's it for me todat
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2 weetabix with 250 ss milk, coffee and raspberries.77


lots of salad with seafood and balsamic vinegar

snacks 2 satsumas


Salmon with lots of courgettes, spinach, peppers and fresh coriander absolutely scrummy.

Fruit salad of melon, strawberries and raspberries topped with vanilla fat free yogurt.

If i didnt have a sweet tooth before, I certainly do now

going good so far but feeling like i am eating far too much as don't feel hungry anymore
Day 4
Well I am not sure if this is a good day or a bad day.

Melon, strawberries, apple and linseed with pumkin seeds topped with Vanilla fat free yougurt

Lots of salad with balsamic vinegar and a couple of wafer thin slices of Bernard Mathews turkey ham and i have do to admit that i will not be buying that again, it was not very nice and just tastes of slimy salt.
Saying that i got a big pack because it was on offer, so do i eat it or through it out?

3 of Joes syn free sausages, arrived today and they were delicious, SW spicy chips followed by a large fruit salad topped with quark

This to me is the fullest i have been yet, so will not be going for the syns today as cannot eat anymore.

Just got my salad ready for lunch and chopped up one of Joes sausages to put in that mmm
Day 5

strawberries, satsuma and raspberries topped with plain yogurt and linseed/pumpkin seeds and 2 onion ryvitas


1 of Joe's syn free sausages and a large salad.


Salmon in coriander and lime juice with lots of cauliflower and broccoli.
Strawberries, Pear and an orange.

Was going to try to eat some syns but too full.
Will have some tomorrow.

Made a large stockpot of ss to start on tomorrow oohee
Day 7


SS soup


Salad with beetroot and spicy chicken pieces, all syn free



Brown and red rice with cardaman and fenel seeds with Pork in spice sauce all syn free
SS soup

large fruit salad
Day 8

Day 8


All bran ss millk with linseed, pumkin seeds and melon


SS Soup, fruit salad of banana, melon and black grapes.

for dinner i am panning on having brown and red rice with 3 of Joes
sausages and lots of veg.

approx 6 syns so far
Day 9


Melon, satsuma and fat free yogurt
coffee with milk

SS soup

Veggie curry with lots of spinach

Fruit salad, with yogurt.

2 ryvita's and grated cheese approx 28gms

not a bad day
Hi Angem, A rather belated welcome to the forum.

Am a little confused as to why you are posting to 2 diaries.... :confused: But as they say ... "Ours not to reason why" .... :D

Looks like you are doing really well anyway, so a very well done!
Look forward to seeing you continue to progress...Take care and all the very best to you .... :)
Hi Emmaline

Sorry I thought i had deleted one of them, I keep hitting new thread instead of reply so end up with a new diary each time.
I tried to delete one last night but maybe i didnt do it right.
I will have another look and see if i can delete one.

Still finding my way around this site.

Thanks for the encouragement and same to you x
Day 10

2 Ryvita's and a coffee

Large salad with 2 eggs and approx 28g grated cheese

snacks 2 satsumas

SW chips with potato and sweet potato and 3 syn free sausages
fruit salad

curly wurly 6 syns

finally had some syns and I feel so full and stuffed and guilty.
I also feel like I have put weight on but that could be the large dinner I had tonight.

I gave up on the 30 day shred after 2 days again. I now think I have to give this up as a bad job as it is killing my knees and stops me doing any other exercise for at least a week so have come to the conclusion that its not worth it. It is a pity though because I can see that it would be great for losing weight and getting fit.
Back to my exercise bike tomorrow night I think.

Looks like you are doing very well Angem.
Pity about having to give up the shred..which I am presuming is exercises, but better not to do it if it's not having a good affect on you.

Just by the way, if you did want the other diary post deleted it is better to go to "Forum Leaders" in the blue tool bar at the top and ask Peirce to do it for you.

Hope you have had a good day... :)
Hi Emmaline

Have I not already deleted my other diary? I can't find it and think that i have deleted it. If its still there can you let me know please and i will ask for it to be removed
thanks Ange
Day 11

I am so not impressed, my knee is so sore today so cant get on my exercise bike. Give a few more days and will try again.


2 weetabix with 250ml ss milk and coffee. 2 pears


1 syn free sausage left over from yesterday chopped up and put in a large salad.

Snacks, 1 banana and 2 satsumas


ss soup followed by a nice piece of salmon on spinach and green peppers.

2 pears

Feeling a bit peckish now so just off to scoff on a curly wurly 6 syns before trotting off to bed.

Night all x
Day 12

It just doesn't feel right being full all the time. As long as the weight comes off, who cares :8855:
My knee is still sore so no exercise again today.

2 weetabix and ss milk 250mls, coffee, 1 pear

ss soup and 2 pears

cous cous with peppers, onions, chilli and courgette with
Chicken with a bit of ss soup with curry powder in it and more peppers, onions, chilli and courgette

a few strawberries and red grapes

1 curly wurly 6 syns

day 13 and 14

day 13

2 weetabix with ss milk and strawberries

cous cous with courgette, onion and chilli with chicken

Gammon, cauli, carrots and turnips with new potatoes and pineapple


Day 14

2 weetabix ,ss milk and cup of coffee

seafood spicy soup


soup made up of seaweed, lots of pack choi and chilli

fruit salad strawberries, raspberries, satsuma with quark

not so much fruit and veg as usual today and weigh tomorrow not too confident
Day 15

Been sulking because no loss this week so a bit late with yesterdays diary but here goes.

Strawberries, Kiwi, Apple and quark, black grapes
cup of coffee

Sardine salad

3 satsumas

Jacket spud
Cottage cheese
lots of okra, onion and green pepper all spiced up.

curly wurly
6 syns

now its time to get a move on or i will be late for work
see yah later peeps x
Day 16
Strawberries, orange and grapes with vanilla yogurt

Cottage cheese salad
2 satsumas and muller light cheesecake yogurt 1/2 syn

SW chips, 4 joes free sausages, broccoli, sprouts and peas.

might have some pineapple soon, see how i feel, or maybe a curly wurly.

What the heck, sod it, i will have a curly wurly

night all
Day 17

2 weetabix, pumpin seeds with ss milk
about 3 syns
No sf this morning

2 syn free sausages, 2 eggs, tomatoes and 2 baby cheese
7 syns


Rabbit casserole with loads of onions, okra, carrot, potato and cauliflower

i am hungry now so will see what else i can eat. This must be because i haven't had a lot of sf food today
Day 18

Apple, black grapes and kiwi with vanilla fat free yogurt

Sardine Salad;, lots of beetroot


Very small jacket spud with
okra, onion, pepper and chicken fillet marinated in lots of grated ginger, soya sauce and teryaki sauce, stir fried with pakchoi

No syns today, too full

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