Another hair loss question


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
I know this has been asked before, but I haven't seen anyone ask that still has as much weight to lose as I have.

I've been doing the Cambridge Diet for 18 weeks now and have just started to notice my hair coming out this week. I have thick hair anyway, so it's not too bad at the moment. My worry is, that as I still have over 80lbs to lose I'm still going to be doing this for a few more months yet and don't want to end up with no hair for Christmas. :(

Any tips or advice would be appreciated.

Sarah x
Bumping this up for Sarah :)

I did LL for 8 months and i lost about a third of my hair. I had thick hair too and only me and my hairdresser knew my problem - to other people it was not noticeable!!

I got to target in May and my hair is growing back with a vengence!! I have so many strands of new hair it is unreal!! Again only me and my hairdresser can tell - i have long hair and it's a nightmare to straighten but don't worry you will not have any bald patches and the inconvenience is soooo worth it!!!!

Hi Sarah,

I have lost hair and it has grown back as well I would nearly think better than before.

Even though I have lost hair, my nails are in great shape, before going on this diet they were breaking all the time, now I have to cut them as they are so strong.

I am back SSing now again and I do expect it to happen to me as it does some people and not others. Four weeks today and no sign of it as yet.

Love Mini xxx
Me too.. Lost a little after I had been on the plan around the 6 and 7 stone mark..
but again a few months off the plan its growing back..
I kinda prefer mine slightly thinner as mine was ridiculously thick before.. However, Im sure it will thicken up again, just to annoy me! argh!

What we have to remember is hair goes through three stages..

The life cycle of a hair is divided into three phases.
The actively growing (Anagen) phase, the transitional (Catagen) phase, and the resting (Telogen) phase.

During the anagen phase, protein and keratin are continuously made. It is during this phase that the hair shaft is manufactured and pushed upward to its natural length. A hair's anagen, or growth phase, lasts from 3 to 5 years, and represents what is occurring to about 90% of the hair on your head at any given time.

In the catagen, or transitional phase, there are chemical and structural changes in the hair follicle.
The hair stops growing, and remains in this phase for only two to three weeks before moving into the next phase.

Finally, hair enters the telogen phase where it basically just sits on your head for about 3 months. Then, it falls out only to be replaced by the next budding hair in the anagen phase which begins to grow from the same hair follicle. These replacement hairs get finer and thinner as a person ages. In most settings of baldness, the hair follicle simply shuts down and refuses to put out more hair to replace the ones that have fallen out.

So basically if any of you lose any hair due to drastic weight loss, you have to remember that the hair is also going through all of these cycles and as soon as the body resumes its normal state, It will continue its cycle and regrow...

It's worth remembering a person normally sheds up to 100 hairs per day. Hair growth occurs at about an inch per month, faster when it's hot (summer) and slower when it's cold (winter). Growing older also reduces the hair growth, as we mature it slows down slightly.

Things that can influence hair growth include not only hormones, but nutrition, vitamins, emotional states, and many unknown factors, within 3 months of resuming a healthy eating plan I'm sure you will see a major improvement...

And it's also worth remembering long hair always looks worse when its in the brush or bath tub, being longer and wrapped up it kind of looks far more than there is..
Shorter hair will shed without the person really noticing at all...

Sassy x