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Another New Starter


I started Exante for the first time yesterday, after previously losing 2 1/2 stone on LL (THEN GAINING 3 1/2) and failing spectacularly to stick to CD for more than 2 days

So far so good, headaches weren't so bad, staying off the scales is as hard as not eating :)

At the moment I am avoiding work and desperately trawling the web to find a distraction from the thought of food :)

Hope you don't mind me joining


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Hi Carly, again welcome to this forum, you will find this forum to be a welcome distraction from the thought of food as the people here are just magnificent and they will make sure you are welcomed with open arms and will keep you on the straight and narrow. Soemtimes even getting told of if the gremlims have got in your way.

It is of course up to you and how much you participate but we are all here if you need us.

short and dumpy

We are Flab-ou-Less!
welcome welcome welcome


You should have a little chat to Mark about scale addiction... and how to overcome such a destructive relationship. The temptresses! Harlots being all seductive with flashing the numbers at us!

Hehe welcome to the little exante corner, and well done for already having passed the worse bit.. the first day, and the big first step on the journey..

I hope you find this forum, and the group here just as amazing as I do.. and no matter what the time of day or night there is usually one or more of us lurking about on here doing the very same, distracting ourselves... asking questions ranting and soothing or, more so recently, coming on for a giggle and a smile.

Its wonderful to have another to the whole team :D and good luck on your first week I wish you a smooth one
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Welcome Carly.....its great to see someone else who is as obsessed with the scales as me haha. Keep up the good work and feel free to rant, rave, shar good/bad days etc with us....it helps! xxx

Sounds just like me, even on regular diets I often stand on the scales after every morsel of food or bathroom trip, this can be as often as every 5-10mins -NOT HELPFUL
So am trying my hardest this time, I started on Thurs but a friend and I do virtual weigh ins on a Tuesday so I may break then.
Also very naughty, keep forgetting to have my food packs then wonder why I find it so hard until I remember that it's not a starvation diet (like my usual ones) and that I really should remember to drink/eat

Just had a banana shake - pleasantly surprised (was feeling a little nauseous last night after a tomato soup)

Thanks guys I feel much better and more positive now :D

Carly, I thought I was obsessed with the scales, damn girl you have got it bad. In all seriousness you need to do something about it and I know you not need me to tell you that but it can be your ticket to failure. There is only 1 good time to weigh yourself and that is in the mronings after your ablutions, I learnt the hard way as well.

You need to remove the little saucy things and maybe go out to get yourself weighed. A bit drastic but may be worth it.
Yes, they are calling to me, excluding being on holiday this is the longest I have ignored them since Christmas, and they are particularly evil as they tell me when I have gone up so much as 1/4 lb - very evil

They are definitely being shunned at the moment but I think I might take the other advice and out them out of reach somewhere. At 5'3" there are plenty of options :)

Welcum hun to the forum and wish u all the best on your diet hun...we r all here if u eva need a chat and with me i am mostly on here most of the time during the week lol....aloong with others i am sure loll as this is a great form of distraction lol and reading people's stories and threads help pass the time tooo,....:D
Welcome welcome welcome - I hope you find this little corner of the forum a huge help and support during your Exante journey :D
don't worri lol i am a scale a holic tooo lool :D and a tape measure aholic :$ doe da 2nd one aint ad gd as the scales lol...glad we are of elp
I am so glad i am not the only scalaholic!! We shall break the habit together!
Mark i shall post my husbands weight loss for you, so you have another team blue member. That is how confident i am that no matter the size of team blue, team pink will always triumph!!!
No way Shan Team Blue shall come out of this triumphant, we just do not cheat, I know we not lose the most, not enough of us but we will not cheat, we will not cheat. We have more will power you see., Thank you husband from me for joining this triumphant group of Team Blue.

What worries me Shan is that you have an advantage here for Team Pink, you can almost make your husband cheat if you really wanted. Be good girl Shan be a good girl.
Calli, sometimes ketosis takes a long time to start, but then ketosis does not mean you are not losing weight, it just makes it easier with the hunger and kind of makes you feel ok, but hang in there your time will come. Just be very careful it does not get you down and only pee on the sticks 2-3 times a week.

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