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Silence is Golden!
Hi All

Just wanted to say hi, am staring my xenical on monday, as well as Swimming and cycling as am doing great north swim in june!!!

Look forward to getting to know you and hopefully be as supportive to others as i hope others are to me!

thanks for reading
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Hi Clare, welcome to the forum! I will be re-starting Xenical (for the third or fourth time!) on Monday so we'll be starting together :) I really struggle with motivation and give up so easily, but coming on here helps me stay on track. So hopefully this time it'll work! Good luck with your weight loss :)

mrs a

fat,frumpy,fed up
hiya Claire - good luck hun .

just stick to the low fat and you can't help but lose weight.

looking forward to hearing how you get on - do keep in touch :)


Silence is Golden!

Just want to thanks for the replies, shall see how i get on next week...

have a lovely weekend.


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Keep us updated on your journey! :)


Silence is Golden!
Hello hello

Well today i thought i'd have a trial low fat day, minus the tablets to try and clear any risidual fat outta my system,and its not been too bad, so heres what i had, and please..if im eating the wrong stuff please please please point me in right direction! Also do i count calories or just fat content? Cheers

Breakfast : 2 X weetabix with skimmed milk

Snack : Banana

Lunch : Pasta with Tuna, spring Onion, Cucumber and 20ml of Blue Dragon Sweet chilli dipping sauce. Muller Rice

Snack: Celery sticks and a vitality bar

Didnt getchance to actually have a tea as such, so :a 1% Mugshot, Muller light yoghurt with a banana,

pack of iced gems as I type this up.

To be honest wasnt really ready for today as needto shop, but did a little one today and checked fat content on labels, which is quite a novel experience really!!!!

Thanks for reading.


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Hi Clare, sounds like a good day to me! The food all sounds great, the iced gems are a favourite of mine, they're a god send when I fancy something sweet! Some people look at calories too, but it's not essential for this diet. But of course, a lot of the time when something is low in fat, it's higher in something else, such as carbs or sugar, so I'd keep an eye on those levels. If you do want to watch the calories, try not to go below 1200 a day :)


Silence is Golden!
Well day one on the tablets went well...definately makes you resist temptation doesn't it...went to town with my mum and son,and whilst they munched on a sausage roll.. I contemplated the effects it would have on me ...bloody worked!
Am more motivated after yesterday, when a boy down the road told my daughter that she was chubby/fat, just like your tramp of a mother....Nice boy eh....I just dont want my children to have to deal with my weight issues, gives me another reason to stick to this!

Will Update food Diary later, am off to get ready.

Enjoy the glorious weather.x


Silence is Golden!
Wow Busy week so far....but trying to be good.... so here are tuesdays-thursdays eating plan!

Breakfast: 2 Weetabix and skim milk
Mid morning : Banoffee Vitality bar
Lunch: 1 2% Mugshot, vanilla muller light, Americano white Melon.
Midafternoon: rocket ice lolly
Dinner: pork sizzle steaks in a garlic maggi bag, potatoes, sweetcorn, broccoli, roast onions, muller rice
Snack: Pretzel Sticks.

Drank about 2litres of water with squash as well.

Breakfast: 2x weetabix/skim milk, melon slices
Lunch: tuna/pasta/salad veg/ sweet chilli dipping sauce
snack: banana/muller light
Dinner: Chicken breasts in herby maggi bag, sweet corn, onions, potatoes, lettuce and cucumber. Mini Milk

snack, 25g pretzel sticks

Dranks about 6 pints of water/squash


Breakfast; 2 x weetbaix/skim milk, chopped banana
lunch: Ham pasta salad with ww soft cheese/chives
Dinner: Grilled chicken and salad 1/2 a small pitta bread

snacks: Pretzel sticks and a bag of iced gems

Lots of water today, maybe 3-4 litres

Am seemingly enjoying this so far...i have to say, as i know i have the option of eating what iwant, i dont actually want to.....does that make sense?????

Hope you have all been well, and are ready to resist the temptation of eggs this weekend!!!!

sounds like you doing really well and not depriving yourself of anything which is very important because i feel if you deprive yourself of everything, especially all at once you start to crave it.

i always make sure i have something "naughty" available such as low fat crisps, tesco are really good, or my screwballs or even a chocolate mousse.

then if craving something i have an alternative because at the end of the day if it chocolate you craving then am afraid an apple just not going to hit the spot


Silence is Golden!
Ive done the same , i went out and bought a basket i can put all my treat things in and put it up away from kiddies, and they know it is all mine...was very good today as my parents and my two little legs had chicken kebabs and chips, and i made ,my own...was all good!!!



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Looks like you're doing very well, the pounds will soon be dropping off! What are those maggi bags like? I'm tempted to try them, are they nice?


Silence is Golden!
the are baking bags, you put chicken/pork/meatin them with veg, and bake in oven,......really lovely and leaves meat very tender and moist. well worth a try....50p a go in our local asda atm.x


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Yeah I've seen the adverts on TV and fancied giving them a try but wasn't sure if they'd be nice. I'll definitely pick one up next time I go shopping! :)


Silence is Golden!
Friday 22.04.2011
Breakfast; Shreddies and Skim milk
Lunch: ham pasta salad and a mini milk mid afternoon
Dinner: Tuna salad with sweet chilli dipping sauce and a mini milk
snacks: vitality bar(mid morning),

drank about 3 -4 litres of water and had a cheeky malibu and diet coke ;o)

iced gems for when kiddies go to bed and im catching up on sky+

Have been in the garden all day today, as am relandscaping it and have dug over all the ground and am preparing it for turfing...so nice hard work...hopefully helps with loosing a few lbs ;o)



Silence is Golden!
Saturday 23.04.2011-St.Georges Day

breakfast;Cornflakes with skimmed milk
snack: banana and 1/4 cucumber
Lunch: couscous/salad, muller light yoghurt

it all went down hill after lunch

4 x Peroni lager
1 Chicken Kebab with lots of salad and a pitta bread.

just waiting to see where i stand with the chicken kebab now if you get my drift!


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uh oh lol, do you know how much fat was in the chicken kebab? lol or was it a low fat one? was reading your diary , hope the weight loss is going well xx


Silence is Golden!
well its only the sauce really as chicken was just chargrilled, so hopefully not too much.

thanks...am going to weigh myself on monday at home , weekly, and at doctors once a month!

will update as and when!



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ohhhh that will be ok then :) im sure there is not loads of fat in those sauces , yea i get weighed once a month at doctors too , i am tempted to go into town and weigh myself but i thought it would be a nice suprise for me to wait till i got back to the doctors. i hope i have lost weight. i must have lol with all the work i have put in xx


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Somebody else posted about having a chicken kebab today, so you're not on your own! I posted on their post but will say the same to you - they can be quite healthy if you have grilled chicken instead of doner meat and salad instead of chips. I agree it probably is the sauces that are the worst part of it, but it's just not the same without garlic for me! Don't be too disheartened, there are going to be days in the future when you will have takeaways - you can't avoid them forever! You're allowed to enjoy them every now and again. Just draw a line under it and move on. Don't dwell on the one unhealthy choice you've made this week, focus on the 20 healthy meals you've had! You're doing brilliantly well, keep it up! :)

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