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Another newbie

Hi everyone,

A friend recently recommended CD and I have just started it today - all going well so far and the shakes are much tastier that I expected. I recently lost 7lbs with weight watchers and managed to keep it off however I decided to change to CD as I found WW really slow going - some weeks at weigh in I would have stayed the same weight despite having followed the diet to the letter. I've just been reading through the forum and I am SO AMAZED how well everyone is doing. Its really an inspiration and I hope I'll be able to get through to ketosis. I realise some people seem to think that any diet where you lose quickly ends up just regaining but I'm glad to see all the success stories of people managing to maintain. I also think that seeing real results fast can have a really good affect on your overall ability to reach the weight you want and stay there since you are able to get a sense of your ability to actually lose weight - rather that pretending to diet and just feeling bad about the cheating. Before weight watchers I got into this habit and when you start feeling like weight loss is just a dream its almost impossible to get motivated so I didnt really even try to diet untill recently. One thing that really pushed me to start the CD diet was going out to buy a size 12 dress - I cant fit into it at all at the moment but just looking at it and imagining that one day I will be able to really gives me motivation. I just have a question about bmi and moving up the programmes. Currently my bmi is over 25 but i dont think it will take me to long to get to the 20-25 bracket. I have read some of the previous posts relating to this and was wondering if it is possible to stay on SS after I am under 25 just untill I reach my goal? - I feel like introducing food too much before this might lead me to start cheating and then regain. Perhaps I'm getting a little ahead of myself but reading all these posts has really made me feel like I can get there. Hope you are all well and thanks so much for the inspiration.

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Can't answer your question but just wanted to sy good luck. How much do you want to lose or don't you know yet ?
Well done for joining us. CD will give you the results you want but be prepared for a tough week then I promise after that it gets better. If you are doing SS you should be in ketosis by day 3/4. I definately found I felt better once the carbs were out my system! LOL S xxxx


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Welcome & good luck on your CD journey:D

The answer to your question is no you cannot stay on SS past BMI 25 because once you get into the "Healthy" bracket there isn't much fat for the body to attack so it goes after the lean tissue/muscle (your heart is included in this:eek:). Also you should not be allowed to start on a vlcd if your BMI is 25+1stone.

I used to think the same about re-introducing foods but I have recently moved onto 810 and I'm really enjoying it and the scales are still moving down.

Have a read of some of the diaries of people who have reached maintenance and hopefully that will put your mind at rest. Also have a chat with your cdc and tell her/him what your concerns are - they should be able to answer your questions.

Take care and good luck - the first week is the toughest.


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Welcome and good luck :)
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welcome. I'm a newbie too, day 2 and not in ketosis yet so feeling a bit hungry and lightheaded, but pretty psyched up nonetheless.

Best of luck!


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Welcome and good luck :)
Thanks everyone, I'm on day three now and according to the ketostixs I'm in ketosis. Does anyone know if the elated not hungry feeling always comes as soon as ketosis starts or can it take a little longer? I don't think I've reached that yet. I am hoping to lose three stone overall but not sure how long that should take. Hope it is going well for all of you xxx


Serena's title didn't fit
S: 111kg C: 100.3kg G: 75kg BMI: 33.9 Loss: 10.7kg(9.64%)
I think it depends on each person individually when the ''hunger''feeling goes away.. I was only hungry the 2nd day and haven't really been hungry since.. It will eventually come, the .. not hungy anymore thing, it just depends on how fast you get into full ketosis and how fast your body stops sending the hungry-signal or something I guess... haha.

I hope it's not a big bother to you and that your not making hungry=noises all day. It will pass, just varies per person when exactly.

Good luck!!


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hi there,

Although i was really quickly in ketosis, yesterday (fourth day) I was incredibly hungry.

I just started out as well and our BMI's are quite similar. We've got only a little bit to go, I'm so amazed by how fast I lose weight! :D


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I really don't know what ketosis feels like. I feel no more hungry than I normally do. No symptoms but am peeing like a camel. Will I be able to feel it? I am on Day 3.
Any advice

Hi folks,

I have been on ss for a week now and have manage to stick to it 100 percent. I seem to have lost about 5 lbs which is great although alot of people seem to lose much more than this in the first week and I was wandering why that might be. My ketostixs suggest I have been in ketosis but i was wandering whether it could be that my metabolism has slowed down to much, if this is the case would it help for me to move up to ss+? I would appreciate any advice as my cdc is on holiday untill the end of my second week.

S xxxx
First week WI vary a lot - I lost 7lbs. Your BMI suggests you don't need to lose that much so that could be a factor - or you might be retaining fluid if it's near TOTM. Either way, 5lbs off is a great start and more than other diets I've been on like WW etc. Keep doing what you're doing and it will fall off eventually. Good luck!

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