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Another Nikki's food Diary!


yo-yo dieter no more!
Right, I thought I would start this. I keep on track at home using a tracker sheet, but they tend to get lost after a while, so I am hoping this will give me something to look back on when I am struggling for ideas!
I am so focused at the moment, I am hoping I will remain that way:rolleyes:.

Green Day

Breakfast~Muller light. (nothing else, I was running late and rammed this down my neck in the staff room before work:eek:)

Lunch~ Homemade Cheese (HEX) and lentil bake, Cucumber, tomatoes.

Tea~ Egg Fried rice with Prawns (HEX), peas, mushrooms, Olive oil (HEX).

Snacks~ Homemade Falaffels,Apple,few grapes.

Syns~2xJaffa cakes~5 syns
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yo-yo dieter no more!
Red Day.

Breakfast~ Muller light.

Lunch~ W/M Bread (HEX)
2xlaughing cow light (1/2 HEX)
Cucumber and tomato

Tea~ (night out aaaahhh!!)
Plan on being good and having Meat and salad and only a few drinks! Have only been using 5 or less syns a day for the rest of the week, so should be OK.

Snacks~ Melon.


yo-yo dieter no more!
A pound down this week! Not Briliant, but I am not surprised as I'm sure my body must wonder what on earth is going on after the Cambridge diet, at least it wasn't gain, I'll hope for more next week.
Last night wasn't so bad. I had 2 (large:eek:) Beers,not bad seeing how it was Oktoberfest:rolleyes:, pork,sauer Kraut and Mashed Potatoes. 1 slice of french bread and 2 jaffa cakes when I got home LOL.
Straight back on the wagon this morning!


yo-yo dieter no more!
Yesterday was not a good day diet wise:(. The kids were invited to a last minute sleepover, meaning we were childless, a very rare occasion (the last time was probably 18 months or so ago) and so we decided to make the most of it and go out to the local schinkenfest (Ham festival!)!!
I had 4 or 5 small beers, an Eggnog, several coffees with Baileys, a pork steak with onions and a Waffle with hot cherries and cream. OOOOPPPPS.
still I am not going to worry about it, I am straight back on plan today.
The pork and onions was fine for a red day, it's just the Alcohol and the Waffle I need to syn, lol. I think we will call it a flexible syn day!
I had been good up to that point, fruit and Yogurt for Breakfast, Spaghetti for lunch. So it was a Mix to match with a few syns thrown in for good measure.SIGH!


yo-yo dieter no more!
Green day.

Breakfast~ Muller light and Tea.

Lunch~ Carrot sticks,Cucumber,tomatoes, Houmous(HEX), cottage cheese. very yummy. I love houmous!

Tea~ Chicken(HEX), dry roast pots,Parsnips, butternut squash, peas,carrots.

Snacks~ 3 Babybel light (HEX)

Syns~ Gravy~ 3.5 (i like lots of gravy:eek:)
Yorkshire puds~6
HOUMOUS AS A HEALTHY EXTRA???? HOW THE CHUFF HAVE I MISSED THAT!!! I blooming love houmous! *goes off to look through book again*


yo-yo dieter no more!
Hi Yoyo,

Yes you can have up to 57g of Houmas as a HEXb on a green day (not sure about red?? Book is downstairs!) I love it mmmmm. I am going to have a go at making a healthier option so that I can eat as much as I like on a green day! Tahini paste is quite high in syns though and I'm not sure how it will taste without it, but I'll have a play and let you know:D
Yes, please do. I love dips madly! I'm quite happy to dunk healthy stuff in them (obviously I was prefer it if it was doritos LOL). I've found it in the book, 28g of low-fat houmous would be counted as 1 HEB and an "S" food, and 57g of low-fat houmous would not be an "S" food. So, as the tubs are around 200g, then half a tub would be possible as 2 x HEBs. Marvellous!!!!


yo-yo dieter no more!
Right, so I've had a go at making Houmous;).
I started off with, 2 Large cloves of Garlic, 1, 400g tin of chickpeas and the juice of a whole lemon!
I bunged it all in the food processor together and switched it on. I had to add water as it was too thick, blended again and then had a taste...........it was far far too garlicy:eek:. I added another whole tin of chickpeas and a squirt of lemon juice(i only had 1 real lemon in!) had another taste and it was much better, but there was something missing! Tahini and Sesame seeds are both far too high in syns, so I had a brainwave and added 57g of Shop brought Houmous to the mix, gave it a whizz and it was goooood:D.
The only thing is I have now got Masses of Houmous!! I would say that there is ample for both me and OH for the next 2 or 3 days:wow: and all for only 1 HEX!!!

Next time I will make changes........!! I will only use 1 small clove of garlic, 1 tin of Chickpeas, the same amount of Shop brought Houmous and the lemon juice ! There will still be plenty of it but it will have more of that tahini flavour!

I must absolutely reek of Garlic now!! I am off work today because my eldest is a bit poorly, but I am not going to be very popular tomorrow:ashamed0005:, especially since I am supposedto be having yet more garlic in my Tea tonight:) oops, may have to have a rethink on that one!!


yo-yo dieter no more!
mix to max day!!

Breakfast~Fruit and Muller light.

Lunch~Homemade Houmous;)(HEX), Cucumber, Tomatoes,raw carrot, Wafer thin ham, 3 babybel light(HEX).

Tea~Homemade Egg fried rice, with Prawns(HEX),mushrooms and peas.

Syns~ 2 Jaffa cakes 5 Syns.
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yo-yo dieter no more!
Green Day.

Breakfast~ Fruit and Yogurt(just for a change:D)


Tea~ SW chips, fried Eggs, Baked beans. Yum yum!!

Snacks~ Homemade Houmous, veg sticks Banana.

Syns~2 for the fried eggs! Cooked them in oil as they're not quite the same with fry light!

Just realised I haven't had any HEX today:eek:. Will have to find something worthy of munching on!!
Just realised I haven't had any HEX today:eek:. Will have to find something worthy of munching on!!
Was going to say, "don't you have your own body weight in houmous to consume" but realised you had already had some today! Have you stopped smelling of garlic yet LOL?


yo-yo dieter no more!

The whole vat of bloomin Houmous only had 1 HEX in it and I had counted that the day before, so even that didn't count:rolleyes:. I ended up having cheese and marmite on toast,just to get the HEX's in!!
And yes, I probably still stink of Garlic:eek::D!

Mix to max day

Breakfast~ Fruit and Muller light!

Lunch~ Chicken and Cottage cheese.


Snacks~ Banana, several cups of tea with milk (HEX)


such a busy day today. This is the first day since I started that I haven't had a plan of what to have for Tea. I didn't eat my lunch till 3.30 because my day has been manic and OH had the car so I haven't been shopping and the cupboards are rather bare:sigh:. It's not good as I am now tempted to go for the Take Away option:mad:.AM going to go and search the cupboard to see if I can find a quick alternative. Also I have hardly got any fruit or veg left in the house which isn't good!
I must must must organise myself better. One good thing though is that the kids had parents afternoon today and there was a cake sale too. I got both boys a cake but avoided them myself:innocent0002:, even though I was starving due to not having had lunch!!
I haven't had a mix to max day yet. I really should have a read up on it.


yo-yo dieter no more!
A crap weight loss this week, only 1/2 a pound!
Haven't been following the diet properly over the last 2 days, due to lots of stress and hassle,so it's all my own fault!
I haven't been bad, no chocolate or sweets, I just haven't had chance to shop properly or organise meals so it hasn't been slimming world friendly!
Next week is TOTM and half term which is going to be a struggle, but I need to try and keep on track. Cinderella will not be going to the ball at this rate, not unless she buys a new dress, which she will hate because she looks so disgusting in it! What a waste of money!!


yo-yo dieter no more!
Starting this again!!
100% on track for February. DH is in the Army and is away at the moment, so I admit I am not cooking proper meals:eek:,but I am sticking to plan! I actually find it easier not to have to cater for him. During the weeks, the boys have school dinners, so I can give them a quick(but nutritious!) tea (pasta or Jacket potatoes with veg) and although I sit down and eat with them, i'm not actually eating the same food, I'm eating what I want to LOL and it means I'm finding it easier to stick to it!
I also started back at class last Tuesday as I need that push!!

Red Day

Breakfast~ Apple, plums,strawberry quark(2 syns) :sigh: GRRR I got this thinking it might be free as it was very low fat, but when I worked it out it came out as 10 syns for the tub so I have been eating 2 Syns worth each day and won't be buying it again!!

Morning Snacks~ Satsumas, yogurt, options hot choc (2 syns)

Lunch~ BBQ chicken chunks (2.5 syns)
Cucumber Tomato.

Tea~ Chicken, cucumber, tomato.

Evening Snacks~ yogurt, 2 plums, curly wurly (6.5 syns)

Healthy Extra's~ Milk for tea(A)
Nimble (B)
Nimble (B)
2 Babybels (A)
Syns Total for the day= 13
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yo-yo dieter no more!
Green day

Breakfast~ Yogurt(was in a rush!)

Morning snack~ Yogurt and an apple.

Lunch~ Tinned tomotoes on toast(HEX B)
Yogurt (How many yogurts in 1 day!!)

Tea~ Omelette, made with 3 eggs, milk from allowance,mushrooms, 28g Cheddar (HEX A)

Evening snacks~ Plum, satsuma, Banana

Oil for Omelette (2)
French fries (4.5)
Curly wurly (6.5)
Total 13

Healthy extras.
Milk for tea (A)
28 g cheddar (A)
Nimble (B)
2 Babybel light (B)
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yo-yo dieter no more!
Breakfast~ Banana and yogurt

Morning snack~ Apple and yogurt

Lunch~ Toasted nimble (Hex B), tinned tomatoes.

Snack~ Lemon hifi bar (Yummy!!)

Tea~ BBQ chicken Bites (2.5 Syns)
Omelette made with 2 eggs, mushrooms, 28 g cheese, fry light.

HEX A Milk for tea
HEX A 28 G Cheddar
HEX B Nimble
HEX B Hifi Bar

Big green quality street triangle (7.5)
Guessing at that though because I can't find a syn value for it!!
Chicken chunks (2.5)
Total 10

Had my weigh in tonight and I lost 3 LBS, which I'm pleased with!


yo-yo dieter no more!
Mix2Max day!

Breakfast~Muller light and Banana

Morning snack~ Apple and muller light.

Lunch~ Lean bacon on Nimble bread

Snack~ HiFi bar
Muller light.

Tea~ SW chips, beans,egg.

HEX~ Milk for tea (A)
HIFI bar (B)
Nimble (B)
2x Babybel light (A)

SYNS~ Ketchup~(1)
Oil for Egg ~(1)
Curly wurly (6.5)
French fries (4)
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yo-yo dieter no more!
Not a good day today:(.

My eldest who's 9 was up all night throwing up. I was exhausted this morning(after 3 hours of interupted sleep) and as soon as I got the youngest off to school I went back to bed! I didn't get up till 11, and to be honest I felt awful, I think I would have been better just staying up and pushing on!! Haven't really felt hungry all day (feeling pretty yucky myself, but I think that it is more from having to cleanup after DS than anything else!) so I'll I've had is a Hifi bar and a few cups of tea!!
I need to try and eat at least some fruit or veg, but am just not feeling like it!!
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