Another `oldie` returning!


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Hiya guys:wave_cry:

Dont know if anyone remembers me but i was here a looonnngg while ago and did quite well on SW, however work got in the way and im back where i started!!

However i have good news - im getting married 6th april 2013 and im determined to be a happy bride so im heading for a SW class on monday morning!!

Feels great to be back :D x
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Welcome back Foxychic:welcome2:

Congratulations on your engagement:love047:

Plenty of motivation to lose weight for your big day in April next year.

Good luck with your new start on your SW journey.

Happy New Year


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Welcome back, congratulations on your engagements, that will keep you motivated x


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welcome back, im a returner aswell, been on and off since novemberish, getting back on the bandwagon aswell! good luck!