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Another poo thread sorry


Errrr ok

I have not taken any fibre clear lately as chemist did not have any!
So last night I thought I have not had poo poos for 3 days, so I had some dulcolax in the draw, and decided to take one... Better safe than sorry I say
Oh my god

I woke in the night in agony, I mean stabbing pain then constant cramp in my belly, ive never felt anything like it...

I did go poo poos, and I have not poo pooed that much since before this diet, (sorry about this) it was hard and then like errrr thick chocolate sauce (embarrassed lol)

just wondered if this was normal, or what lol

thanks peeps xx
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Oh and I've been again this morning

soft lol

but still have tummy ache just not as severe

Can't help you there I'm afraid, with the pains and such. I've never taken anything for it tbh... I tried the fibre clear and it didn't work for me. And I never really take anything else a suffer in silence type.

My mum keeps telling me to take the ones that you don't swallow.. But I've been rather relucant to not take something orally, lols. My mum swears by them though.
Hi Amanda
I'm pretty sure it will settle down after you've had your clear out. In other words, when you've nothing left in your system, it will stop. Try & get hold of some fibre clear to avoid this happening again. Just make sure & don't get dehydrated, keep drinking the water!
Hi Amanda, I've never taken that laxative but I have had the very same thing with senakot, very bad cramps that last a long time and the same 'toilet experience'. As soon as everything is cleared out the cramps go away. I find that the fibre clear doesn't work for me so I have to take senakot a good bit and although the cramps are uncomfortable I prefer to know I'm not carrying extra unnecessary weight. Hope you feel better soon, x
Thanks for making me laugh Amanda!! lol

Although there have been many many "poo" threads on here, i have not read one that has been quite as graphic as yours!! pmsl x x

I seem to go every 3 days or so, and take fibre clear every day, and senakot the night before weigh in x x
Su... I'm here to entertain !! Pmsl

shamu... My weigh in is tomorrow lol, so I will soon find out if I poo pooed a real lot !!

Thanks, still havin cramps tho, but no more poo poo since this morning !

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