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Antari's diary

Well I finished my fruit salad yesterday and had my last G&T for a long, long while and started my diet today! I made a batch of toffee muffins from the recipe on the forum but only had a muffin tin that made 6 muffins so decided that 3 a day would be OK. Please correct me if I am wrong.

Breakfast: Toffee muffin and coffee
Lunch: Mixture of smoked salmon slices (4 sandwich style, rolled up with a 'dollop' of Quark), 2 mini fillets of Mackerel, about 20 prawns. Very filling. Finished off with a dish of 0% Yoghurt with a drop of Vanilla essence and Canderel.
Snack: Herbal tea and muffin
Dinner: Going to have salmon. One large salmon fillet and I am going to throw a few king prawns inside the foil with a little balsamic vinegar and herbs. Might even make a sort of sauce out of fromage frais and dill to pour over it.
I thought about having the last muffin at bedtime with some hot milk but at the moment I am completely full after drinking my first litre of water!

I also boiled some eggs this morning and left them in the fridge in case I wanted a nibble. I might slice one on top of my dinner tonight and have one tomorrow on top of my lunch which will be fish again, but without the mackerel.

One question? In the book I can't find any limit on Skimmed milk, but I vaguely remember reading somewhere it's 150ml.
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That's sounding really good so far, Antari, with some interesting meals. As for the muffins, as long as you divide them so that you're not eating more than 1 daily ration of oatbran per day, that should be absolutely find.

I'm looking forward to reading more of your meal plans! :)


** Chief WITCH **
ie, on attack, no more than 1.5 tablespoons oatbran per day... so it depends on how much you put into your batch as to how many muffins you can eat!

Menu looks lovely (if a little light at breakfast. I eat ALL my muffins then!)!

Good luck!
ie, on attack, no more than 1.5 tablespoons oatbran per day... so it depends on how much you put into your batch as to how many muffins you can eat!

Menu looks lovely (if a little light at breakfast. I eat ALL my muffins then!)!

Good luck!
Hi, well I put 3 tablespoons into the mixture so it seems that 3 a day should be OK.

Thank you all for your comments. Dinner was amazing last night actually, nicer than most of the carb heavy stuff I have been eating.

Woke up this morning feeling heavy and slightly sick so I am sitting here drinking a mug of hot (well warm now) water.

I haven't been used to eating breakfast for a long while and so am not usually hungry first thing. I just used to grab a couple of pieces of fruit on my way out the door.

I am in work today (I work 12 hours a week) and so will pack 2 muffins in case I am peckish. Then I am coming home to tuna with one of my boiled eggs on top, mixed with the rest of the prawns and some fromage frais and dill so that it is not too dry.

Then to cook another batch of muffins.

I will cook a chicken tonight for hubby and have some myself. What to have with it though I don't know. Maybe some fromage frais or yoghurt mixed with spices?


grammar police
Hi Antari and welcome. Sounds like you're off to a really good start on dukan. Your meals are looking good to me. I'm looking forward to reading more of your diary.
Good morning. I couldn't get to the computer yesterday so will write down my diary of food from Thursday.

Breakfast: Muffin and cup of tea with skimmed milk
Snack at work: Same as above
Lunch: Mixed fish (salmon, fish sticks, mackerel) yoghurt dressing with dill.
Dinner: Chicken fillet cut into strips and dry fried in a splash of soy sauce and chinese spices. A few King prawns added at the last moment.
Bedtime: 3rd muffin with chamomile tea

Snack: Usual!
Lunch: Smoked salmon and quark (wrapped and cut into bite size pieces) 4 fish sticks cut into bit size pieces.
Snack: Onken Fat free yoghurt with vanilla
Dinner: Steak cooked in the oven in foil with fromage frais dressing mixed with dijon mustard and black pepper.
Couldn't face any more food!

Breakfast: Trifle! ..........well muffin with the rest of the yoghurt from yesterday poured over it and it was delicious.

The diet has actually left me feeling slightly unwell and completely bloated. My body is crying out for anything other than protein. I was completely exhausted for the first two days in fact practically not being able to put one foot in front of the other. That feeling has now gone away but I still feel as if I have 3 days of food undigested.

I weighed myself yesterday morning and found that I had GAINED 4 1/2 pounds....great :confused:

I actually took some psyllium in some water last night before bed to see if that would help although I am not completely constipated (sorry too much information here)

I also had reflexology yesterday and she must have worked on my bladder as I was running to the loo most of last night.

Weighed myself this morning and I am 'only' 1 pound above my starting weight! This doesn't bode well but I am sticking with attack for 7 days until Wednesday and will go on to Cruise but the weight had better start shifting soon!
it may all of a sudden drop off hun stick with it your body is probably going through a major change some people get into a better routine when on cruise
Hi there, and welcome to the forum. Be careful with your yogurts - I think the Onken vanilla one has sugar in it.
Thanks for that. It was the only one I could get yesterday but I usually buy the 0% Greek yoghurt as it's so creamy and it feels like a treat. I managed to get some more today so I won't get Onken again.
Yesterdays food.

Breakfast: 'Trifle'. (Muffin plus yoghurt)
Lunch: Salmon slices with crab and fromage frais dressing with dill
Dinner: Tuna steaks cut into cubes and dryfried with soy sauce and spices. Rest of dressing from lunch.
Snacks: My other 2 muffins

2 litres water plus 1 cup of tea with skimmed milk and some calorie free ginger ale in the evening while hubby is having a G&T.

Weight this morning..........gained 2lbs! :confused:

Not a 'happy bunny'.
only thing i can think of is soy sauce salty salmon salty
the other thing i would say is your menu could be a bit light on protein ..... i see no chicken or eggs are you vegitarian , with the amount you have to lose on your ticker you need to up protien levels (Jo will tell you what it is lb for lb ) I remember at the start having to force myself to eat more but it worked xx
I remember that there's a section in the book on menopausal/post-menopausal women and the problems they face with losing weight. Might be worth a read, Antari, just in case there's anything there which could help? I know that hormones can be a bit of a nightmare.


** Chief WITCH **
Hello Antari - yes that must be frustrating indeed to be gaining instead of losing! Particularly in attack when we normally at least lose water. There has to be "something else" going on, and no TOTM could indeed mean the old menopause battle... (sorry to be personal!). I've online friends in the same situation, and they do lose in the end, so persevere and it should work.

Dissecting your menu - as Scrumps said - I'd lose the soy sauce for a while. It contains not only salt but usually sugar too and, although he allows it, I would typically exceed a reasonable dose. As someone else said, do you not like white meat at all? Eggs? Lastly, would you mind posting quantities for a while so that we can see how many grammes of protein you're eating. Again, as already said, the more we weigh, the more protein we need to be eating to lose. As it's not easy to eat lots of salmon, prawns, etc. as you're finding, chicken is more versatile and we have loads of interesting recipes to vary things somewhat.

If you're having errr "transitional" issues, that also will need sorting... we obviously eat less fibre than most, so output isn't as much as most, but still...

Might you be taking any medication which could affect your weight?

Doing any exercise?

Ref bloating and feeling full - try to have your oatbran earlier in the day. Going to bed on it is NOT a good idea! It swells!
Thank you all for your great advice.

I have followed this plan for 6 days now to the letter and at this mornings weigh in I had 'only' gained 3/4 lb.

This has actually changed my way of thinking and eating strangely enough. Firstly I realise that I don't miss the alcohol at the weekends and feel better for it when I wake up. I also haven't missed the occasional chocolate, or the cheese that I 'forgot' I had eaten. So Dr. Dukan you have certainly helped me in that way.

Unfortunately my body has missed the vegetables, the salad (yes I know I can have it this week) and especially the fresh fruit salad and 0% Greek yoghurt I used to have every morning for my breakfast.

You may not be surprised however that this plan has now sent me running for the hills because I won't miss the bloating, the constipation and all the protein that I have had to eat (not mentioning the amount of money I have spent :eek:) and not lost a single ounce.

I do believe however that this diet does work for many, many people, some of those who have been really kind and helpful to me since I started this diary and I thank you and wish you all well with your weight battles. I myself am going back to Slimming World where I can eat all these things and still lose 2 lb a week.

Thank you once again, you are a nice bunch of people who really care. :hug99:
aww bless hun , this diet isnt for everyone and if you had gone a bit longer you probably would of seen results and the bloating ect would go ...
It suits us that wouldnt cope with ww and sw i know i couldnt do those . Let us know how you get on xxxx

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