Anther new girl!


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I start on Tuesday, saw councellor before Christmas and then failed to get my GP to sign my forms. Fortunately councellor was able to give me a contact at another practice who I see tomorrow. Really anxious about how I'll cope, have 4 kids to seem to be surrounded by food all the time. I need to lose about 4 stone and have 'failed' pretty much every other diet I've done :)
Looking forward to getting to know you all and will no doubt be begging lots of support off you all
Hi lily,
Welcome to this site. Try and cut out the carbs now and drink lots of water. It will really help you to get through the first few days with the withdrawal. This diet is the best thing I have ever done. With regards to being surrounded by food with your four children. I wont lie to you but it will be hard but only for a short time. The weight will drop off quickly and you begin to look at food in a different way.
Just keep posting on here. Your not alone.
Lots of slimming luck!!
yup, its not easy, but its nowhere near as hard as I thought it would be!

I have never managed to stick to any other diets as well as I have managed this one.

Good Luck!

At the begining I found the evenings really quite difficult. I found myself going to bed early and avoided being around at meal times. But as the weeks passed things changed and I felt happier around food. Keep stong you can do it.
in the beginning I found evening really hard, and my husband was away so there was no one to keep an eye on me. I started doing jigsaws for a while. I know it doesn't sound exciting but it kept me out of mischief!

This IS the easiest way I've ever known so don't panic, its not going to be nearly as hard as you think!

Welcome Lily,

I'm sure you'll be fine you sound very motivated, keep that motivation and before you know it that weight will be falling off you. Good luck hun and keep us posted with your progress.....

Evenings are definately the hardest, so I come on here every evening and chat or go in the arcade.But soon I will be starting my open university course so wont have the time.