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Anwen's diary

I've rejoined sw again today, I've lost count how many times I've rejoined but I'm back now and that's what counts :)
Well I've just graduated from university, been working through the summer in a tourist attraction and now I'm jobless and to make matters worst currys have lost my laptop lol. But all is good I've just finished 2 job applications tonight.
Well I'm more of a savoury person and love my White bread, but I've just found a bug in a loaf so I'm off bread ATM thank god lol.
Well even though I'm not going start back on sw properly until tomorrow I'd better note down what I've eaten today just incase I gain weight next week

Well I skipped breakfast and lunch and the first thing that passed my lips was a chilli con Carne sandwich after work
1x banana and a cup of tea

Chilli con Carne with rice
2x wholemeal bread

2x mug of tea
1x twirl finger

Tomorrow the fun begins :D
Please feel free to comment on my diary, feedback would be very much appreciated :D
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I've just started sw, doing extra easy and I've had an appalling day today, 27 syns!! My boss brought in Guinness cake :-(

Ps im too now off bread after i read about a man who found a mouse in his bread...ugh!
Haha Guinness cake that sounds interesting lol, 27 syns isn't that bad :) I remember when I joined for the first time and went for a macdonalds checked the syn value afterwards and it was in the 100s.
Omg a mouse!! And I thought a bug was bad enough lol. I'm going to stick to my alpen light bars
Wel today was random lol
Woke up at 10, seeing as this was my first day off in nearly two weeks I was slightly disappointed that my body clock didn't allow me a couple more hours in bed

I went for lunch with mum and had a chicken and crispy bacon salad with no dressing and diet coke
It was amazing and even had the will power to remove the fat from the bacon :)

I went to this welsh poetry thing tonight and as I hadn't a clue where the cricket club was I opted to start from home 5:30 which meant I wouldn't have my tea until about 10:30ish so I snacked on
1x alpen light bar
1xslice of wholemeal bread
1x cooked ham (no fat)
And the rest of last nights chilli and rice

I then had 2 cans of diet coke (designated driver) at the poetry thingy and I stopped myself from eating a packet of crisps my friend had bought for and then said no to a Indian takeaway on the way home.

But it was all worth it as I had a lovely roast in the microwave waiting for me when I arrived home.
Which consisted of
Lamp, roast potatoes, mashed potatoes, swede, peas, sweetcorn, cabbage, sprouts and gravy(3syns)
So all in all I only had 3 syns today :D
I can't get my head round sw :( eventhough I lost 3pm at my first weigh in I just feel a bit deprived as I've gone from eating whatever to 15syns a day.
I've done it before but I try and burn the candle at both ends so I'm starting this diet again and will note down everything I eat.
And I'm actually feeling a bit more motivated :D

Homemade tomato soup FREE
1x slice of wholemeal HEB
Homemade homous FREE (but not nice)

Beef in black bean sauce with fried rice 9syns
2 x diet coke FREE

Came home starving so ate 1/4 of what was left of my dad's chow mein 2.5syns
Packet of crisps 6.5 syns
Wacko bar 5 syns
Cup of tea (milk =HEA)

So all in all 23syns

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