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Any advice?


112lbs lost - 28 to go!
Does anyone know if there is a way of coming out of ketosis but staying on the 810 plan?

Basically I can't cope with being on anymore - it's driving me mad! I spoke to my CDC and she said it's a fairly common side effect of ketosis.

Any help or advice would be great appreciated because I can't deal with this anymore but still want to be on the diet to get to goal! Only 1st 12lbs to go...
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I can sympathise with you there , when I first started CD I was on continuously for 5 months !!!
810 is a pretty borderline plan , some people will be in ketosis and some wont so it shouldnt take much to push ourself out , maybe increase the amount of veg and monitor with ketosticks to check when you are out ! Just remember that without ketosis you may feel much hungrier .
Hope this helps
i would add some apple to your salad.

i eat a bag of salad with my tea, 300g of cottage cheese, as much as milk as i really need for my coffees plus my 3 shakes and i stay in ketosis.

so i would say add some apple, or get some veg that includes some veg outside the guidelines like carrots etc these are prob sweet enough to knock you out but you might find yourself hungry.

the other option is changing contraception, if you are on it, to depo injec. i'm on this and i have it every 10 weeks. i do occ have a breakthrough bleed - usually times of stress. most times i'm free from it.

why not go to the doc and see if there's anything they can do.


112lbs lost - 28 to go!
Thanks peeps. I'm actually on the depot injection and I have struggled with other kinds before so not that keen on changing. Will try adding a few different veg and see how that goes. I can cope with feeling hungry - I'm usually ok after a cup so that's not a problem. Thanks again and fingers crossed it'll work! Xx
can you not get your inj looked at and move it forward 2 weeks. it might help.


112lbs lost - 28 to go!
Hi Great Things. I have my injection every 10 weeks anyways and I only had my last one 3 works ago so this is down to the diet not the injection :( but thank you for the suggestion! :) x


112lbs lost - 28 to go!
Oo Oo! Just read somewhere that sugar-free cordial can block ketosis, now if my logic is right that shouldn't have much affect my losses (as it's low calorie) but may help keep me out of ketosis and maybe (fingers crossed) get rid of this damn side effect!

Anyone agree/disagree with the logic thee? I kinda get carried away by ideas once they pop into my head but don't want to screw this u completely! Xx
if u really want to come out of ketosis completely then yes, aim for orange (citrus) sugar free cordials as they i am sure will knock u out of ketosis due to the citric acid.


112lbs lost - 28 to go!
Thanks Cheryl. Unfortunately I just can't cope with being on anymore! I don't sleep well when I am and working 60 hour weeks and moving house and a few other life issues going on mean I need to get this sorted but want to stay on plan to lose my last bit. I'm so annoyed since I'm so close but I just can't cope. Hunger I can deal with, hot drinks & cold water and sticking to my routine that I'm fine with! Just gotta try something!

Hope I'm not judged too much :( feel like a bit of a quitter/failure because of this!
in my opinion anyone who would judge u because u r struggling shouldnt really be here.
we arent here to judge one another. we are here to help each other make our journeys as easy as possible.
i commend u for not walking away from the plan altogether.
u should be proud that u have the strength and willpower to adjust the plan slightly so that it works for u :D

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