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Any ex CDers LLers on CS????


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Yes I did CD a couple of years ago when I only had 2 stone to loose. Lost the weight in no time at all as well.

However not eating did not prepare me for returning to a healthy eating regime (nb i did not go through maintenance etc so not blaming the diet, just had a BAD CDC who wasnt really interested when there was not so much money involved).

So a combination of bad health and the related treatments, not being able to execrcise and comfort eating - here I am with 7 stone to loose.

CS is working well for me - i lost 9 pounds in my first week. I can still eat and I can snack but my calorie intake has been reduced along with adapting to low carbs - result is I am not hungry, I dont feel deprived and I am loosing weight.

Hope this helps



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Hi - well it's only day 1 on CS for me, so can't really comment from experience, however, I did do 12 weeks of LL foundation last summer with no lapses and lost close to 4 stone in that time. I didn't do development or route to management, I simply followed a healthy eating routine after our family holiday, until I hit December and put on around 10lbs! When I finished LL I did still had around a stone or so to lose to get to my goal of 25bmi, so now I've got around 2 stone to lose on CS.

I found LL easy and hard, I did get hungry (I think this happens on EVERY diet), so I'm prepared for days on CS where I'm hungry but at least with CS you can have a meal and snacks to curb the hunger pangs - I hope!

I firmly believe that if your mind is set and you're in the "zone" any and all diets will work - but if you're not, you've no hope of success - been there done that many, many times. I know I'm in the "zone" just now and totally focused on my CS journey ahead - so here goes!


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I did CD and I have to say i am finding this far easier. I like the shakes more and I like still being able to eat!
I think having food helps you cope when returning to food permanently.


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I really strugglec on CD & LL, the fact I wasn't 'allowed' food made me want it like a woman possessed!

This diet allows some food but still restricts my need to eat crap all the time.

I have my 1st weigh in tomorrow, so i will post the results



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HI I did LL last year and i lost 4st and i was ok because i knew tht food was not allowed and it was easy for me


thanks alot guys the 1st time I did Cd was great but then I did it 2 other times got to 2 stone lost the 2nd and 3rd and couldnt do it felt deprived?
I start CS tomorrow so feeling happy now =) xx
Good luck everyone xx:)


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S: 17st4lb C: 16st10lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 37.8 Loss: 0st8lb(3.31%)
Good luck for tomorrow hope you will enjoy at least here you can eat and have 3 snacks per day than nothing at all