any ideas please.


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Weight watchers bread? 1/2 point a slice
Crackerbreads - 3 for 1pt

If you make the vegetable no point soup, then 3 points on bread dosent seem to bad :)


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150g (cooked) of cous cous with whatever you want in. I like peppers cherry tomatoes and mushrooms.

Just frylight whatever it is you want in a pan and mixed with the cous cous. Eat cold or heat it up if you are preparting it before hand.

Or stuff a pepper or beef tomato with it and bake in the oven for 10mins. its yummy. If cous cous is your only points ingreadient it 2.5 points.


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I love the Pogen krisprolls and they are half a point each and have loevly crunch. Often have one with spread cheese when i get in if i am peckish. I had 4 one day this week for lunch (2.5 points) with WW spread cheese (1 point) and ham (1 point) and they kept me full for ages after.


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I have Ryvita's. I really like them. Let us know what you have :)


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ryvitas all the way! :D dark rye ones are the best at only 1/2 point each - spread with some philadelphia and top with sliced tomato and either alfalfa sprouts or mixed salad leaves..

for a change you could swap your bread for a different carb - how about a small jacket potato (150g-200g) with a handful of prawns or cooked chicken mixed with a little philadelphia light, and some salad leaves?

or if you like your bread, just go for nimble, danish, ww or crustless which works out less points per slice than regular bread does :) x


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thankyou all, im just struggleing at the mo probably not really anything to do with the diet .

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How about one of the WW meals with just loads of 0 point veg - its really filling and very low carb

Homemade veggie chilli is also very good and you don't need rice with it at lunchtime really

omelettes and salad