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Any Meat eaters use Quorn?


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Going to start SW on Monday and was wondering what ppls opinions of Quorn regarding it's flavour and texture incomparison to meat.

I'm a real carnivor so will be mainly eating O days but would love to have green days for with chillis and spag bols.

Also i was wondering if i could slip it to the hubby w/o him realising:p
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SW know have the EE plan so you can have chillis and curries and rice etc all on the same day no need to use quorn if you don't want to.

I am not a huge meat eater but i do eat meat and also quite a lot of quorn these days.

I think the oly way to find out is to try as people's tastes are so different

I love quorn meatballs and chicken chunks

i hate quorn mince but I love store's own brand veggie mince (usually based on tvp)

Good luck



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I don't like quorn at all, or any meat alternative come to think of it. That's why EE is such a godsend because you don't have to have quorn when you can have real chicken! Have you considered trying Extra Easy?


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I only eat white meat, but I love Quorn too and eat a lot of it especially the mince, it is so versatile.
I am a real carnivore too, and don't really like the taste of any quorn products (I have found the swedish meatballs the best, but still not as good as real meat IMO) However, everyone is different, it would be worth trying quorn to see if you like it.

I agree with Honey OC and Derbynanny, EE would probably be the best way to go if you like chilli etc.

Alternatively, I did see a recipe in the recipe section to make "rice" out of grated cauliflower - this does work if you are making chilli or curry.


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Really the only thing for you to do is try it and try some of the Asda/Tesco meat free products to see what, if any, you like. You won't get a consensus here as those of us who eat it like it, and others won't and don't.

Yes you can have meat on EE but there is always the cost to consider and meat-free products often work out more economically. I know some people use quorn to bulk out meat dishes such as chilli or bolognese as extra lean mince can be expensive.
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I eat a lot of quorn, I particularly like the chicken style pieces, mince and bangers. Be careful not to overcook it and you might be surprised at how tasty it is.
I'm not vegetarian. I've never tried any Asda or Tesco own meat substitutes so can't compare them.


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Thanks for the replies! I guess the only way to know is to try so I've jusr added it into my trolley.
I have heard about the EE plan but from what i've read on the forums some ppl are doubtful of it, so i was just going to stear clear as i want to maximise my weight loss.


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There's absolutely no reason to avoid EE - it essentially just healthy eating and if you follow the guidelines, and in particular the requirement to have one third of each meal made up of fruit/veg, then there is no reason it should not work.


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I agree. EE works. That's all I do and I have lost at the same rate is red/green which I did previously. Red/green, to me, is far too restrictive. EE is healthy eating and easy to maintain.


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The book suggests EE is only for the first few weeks to help you to get used to the plan, then move onto O&G days. Have i understood that incorrectly?
Also there isn't as many choices of HEX's, i understand why they've cut it to 1a & 1b but the choise is also more limited. Can you still use the HEX from the O&G book?


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No, Extra Easy is now the main SW plan and as it's just healthy eating you can do it every day for the rest of your life if you want. It's not a short-term plan.

Yes you only get one HEXa and one HEXb but you can choose from any of the HEs from the red or green plans with the exception of cheese as a HEB and seeds/nuts.


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Thank you very much for clarifying that, i'm now looking at EE in a different light.
I love using quorn mince as a substitute for beef mince. It comes out the same texture when doing things like spag and chillis. I also like the bangers and meatballs. but I have to agree with others, its very much personal choice so give it a go (i'd recommend the mince first, more difficult to taste the difference if it's in a sauce etc). Let us know what you think!!
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I'm a real meat eater myself, red meat being my fave! I've tried the Quorn sausages and they are ok...there were free real sausages on the market im not sure if they are free anymore, I think they might be half a syn now? But I only bought them because they sell Quorn in all supermarkets, but the free sausages are only in Morrisons and I dont have one that near by!

Apart from that I always use real meat, and extra lean mince, extra lean steak etc., if I can then why not! xxx
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I like the quorn chicken pieces, really good in curry! Not too keen on the mince as I think you really have to flavour it and cook it longer to absorb all the flavours.

I do however LOVE the quorn mini scotch eggs! They are 1 syn on all plans and taste just like the real thing. Really good for adding to a packed lunch.

On the EE matter, I must admit I find it hard during the week as I use a HEx a and b just on my cereal!
EE is fab at the weekend when I can have a cooked breakfast and a proper roast :bliss:


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Hello, like you I am a real fan of my meat but I have to say quorn is now a fav in this house too with everyone, I use the mince, sausages and meatballs and sometimes the chicken pieces and the kids and hubby love it. I have not bought real sausages since finding the quorn ones and tesco had them on offer quorn products 2 for £3 so I stocked up


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Thanks again for all your wonderful replies! I don't start until next monday but im feeling confident already!
Loving the idea of a EE weekend:)
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I find myself using quorn even on red days as it's just so much easier and I just like the taste. I do really wanna do EE but I'm s little unsure of how it can possibly work. I did it for about 3 days last week and I felt really bloated so I've been doing red since. I was probably doing it wrong though :-s

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