Any Meat eaters use Quorn?


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I am not a big meat eater ,I use quorn mince in bolo and cottage pies. I have also in the past made curry with the quorn pieces. The minted lamb style steaklets from the chiller are really lovely(have not had them for a while as not sure of current sin value ).
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Quorn sausages are nice and i find you only need a couple as i find them rich in taste. Really dont get on with the mince so i use extra lean mince which is free anyway of EE and original


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Oh I don't know about that - I've served BBQ quorn sausages and no-one knew theywere meat free. Also served up quorn cocktail sausages at a work do and again people didn't know until they were told.


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i love quorn and the monce is fabulous! just be careful not to over cook - I made a friend chilli on the weekend and she didn't know it wasn't meat! :) C xx


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I am a meat eater but love quorn, I use the mince & chicken pieces mainly, the OH doesn't seem to mind it either. I do like the Tesco meatfree lincolnshire sausages - they are free on any plan & I tried the new Sainsbury's meatfree balls last week, I can't remember how many syns they were but the whole pack was very low and they were really tasty, give it a go & see what you think, it isn't for everyone & I will eat the burgers - those I don't like at all.


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I think the Quorn mince is ok, but the meat chunks are pretty awful! Never tried the sauages, so cannot comment about them.


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Two of us in the household are on the SW diet and since we discovered Quorn we use it in all kinds of meals. The chicken style pieces are great for adding to curries (so you can have a realistic curry with rice on green day) and pasta dishes too. I think there will always be a place in my freezer for this product even when we're not dieting.


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i agree quorn is great! i had always been a meat eater but tried quorn once or twice not long before i started SW, and ever since i started SW it has been one of the foods i always buy when food shopping!

the quorn mince and chicken pieces are definately the most versatile :) and the best part is they are such good value! chicken or lean mince can be pretty expensive! quorn is a great substitute - low in fat, low cost and although a bit odd by itself tastes great in dishes! i use the mince for chilli or bolognese and the chicken pieces in curries, stirfry or pasta sauce

have fun experimenting!