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Any one a veggie & on SS+?

Hi all,

I have been on SS for 6 weeks now and on the advice of my cdc just now i need to move up a plan. I have been very shattered and have never had the energy that ketosis is meant to bring. I have been following the plan and doing really well but feel knackered all the time and with two small children i can't carry on like that.

My cdc has just gotten off the phone with me having seeked advice from her sponser plus CD head quarters.

I have been told i should move up a plan but being a veggie..will it be weeks of quorn and tofu? Apparently its the protein i need so have been adviced eggs (so omlets etc) , almonds and pumkin seed. I am allowed to have no more than a 300cal meal, once a day.

Apparently feeling this shattered is quite rare but my cdc says she would rather have me slim and healthy than ill!

It maybe that this does the trick and i can go back on to ss after a week, as long as i have my energy back.

Just wondering if anyone has any veggie food ideas or any advice for me?

Many thanks
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is it worth going up to the 810 as you would get more in that?

No food idea's i'm afraid, i guess it must be really dull with tofu and quorn.....cottage cheese is always an option too hun!


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I'm veggie - well, specifically pescatarian, but most people don't know what that is so I say 'veggie and fish'. Am doing SS+. Fish is pretty pricey so I've had it only once or twice a week in truth - the rest of the time it's been Quorn and Tofu and creative use of cottage cheese within the calorie/gram allowance for SS+. I didn't think you could have eggs on SS+ - but perhaps your experience means your CDC and her advisors are making a change.

The Quorn and tofu can get a little dull, but here's what's helped me through it. I used to HATE Tofu - except the pieces that are already chunked up and coated and fried (bad on CD!)
. The trick with the tofu is to slice it into half inch wide strips off the block and pre-fry it (dry) until crispy on all sides. Then chunk it and toss it into a stir fry of permitted veg. I have also dusted it with Bouillon powder before the frying (makes it taste more 'savoury'). Smoked tofu is far nicer than plain.

Quorn has been a lifesaver. I havn't just had the 'chicken style chunks' - I would have died of boredom had I done that! I've avoided the crumbed or heavily coated Quorn products completely but have expanded the Quorn directive into beef style chunks, mince, fillets, plain burgers and sausages (the lowest carb, fat and sugar varieties you can get), those sarnie slices they do (great in salads), and even (where you can get them) the 'swedish style meatballs'. When you compare these nutritional lists with plain Quorn chunks, they're a little higher, but not so radically different or alarmingly high in the areas that matter.

Mushroom ketchup (strong mushroom stock, not sauce, in a bottle - available from Waitrose and health food shops) has been a godsend for something 'saucy' to slop the Quorn into. Small quantities, but makes a difference. And I have mixed my proteins without issue - making very sure not to exceed the calorie/gram allowance for the SS+ meal. This makes things a little more interesting - and remember you can blitz a measured amount of cottage cheese into a smoother creamy 'sauce' with a hand blender. Season with herbs or a little spice (spice not strictly a SS+ ingredient, but I have used Tabasco and paprika throughout without detriment - just very small quantities) and you've got something more interesting.

I've done this throughout, and have had great losses, and my CDC knows and has not been concerned. This is just how I've done it, and obviously I made reasoned choices here that felt right for me - but I hope this helps.



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Dry fry quorn pieces, sliced mushrooms and courgette, then add garam masala, cayenne pepper and black pepper and fry for a couple more minutes. I have had this for the last 5 days on my 810 week and i LOVE it!!!!!!!!!


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Not tried that with garam masala - and will! Have done similar with the same ingredients and thai/chinese spice - yum!


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S: 26st11lb C: 22st9lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 54.4 Loss: 4st2lb(15.47%)
Garam masala is so nice! It feels like your eating chicken tikka! x x
:) WOw ladies, thank you do much for replying. Being a veggie can be a bit lonely sometimes lol! My cdc is struggling to give me ideas too, bless her.

Thanks so much for those ideas. Eggs aren't listed in the book but the advice came from HO, i think my cdc was worried about me and i am allowed them for the extra protein. My dh made me a spring onion omlet yesterday and i had that with some celery and cucmber. And for lunch today i had some scrambled egg with peas in and again a v sm side sald. I am feeling better already! I am not too sure what the scales will do this week but it maybe that i just do this for a week, then go back down to SS. I feel like i am eating too much to loose but of course it is way less than i used to have!

I have three poacks of tofu in the fridge which are all 200g so will have a go with your suggestions tomorrow. Thanks so much.

I have been doing some research on low GI veggie food and have Rose Elliots book which looks quite good. I just need variety for when i am maintaining!

Any other meal ideas will be greatly received!

Thanks again xxx

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